Pure Kana CBD Reviews & Ratings

Pure Kana CBD reviews from real users. User reviews and ratings of Pure Kana CBD oil products.

Pure Kana is an online seller of CBD hemp oil drops, capsules and gummies based in Scottsdale, Arizona.

If you’ve used CBD hemp oil products from Pure Kana, please take a few minutes to write your own review in the “leave a reply” section at the bottom of this page. Your review will help other users get informed and find the CBD oil products that are right for them. Thank you!

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Pure Kana CBD Reviews & Ratings
5.9 Total Score
95 reviews
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Overall product rating

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  1. Overall product rating

    Very good products. Clear and pure. Shipping is free. I have been on CBD oil for a year now. My health is so much better. My swelling has disappeared and pain level dropped tremendously. I have had rheumatoid arthritis for a over 20 years and this stuff is wonderful. I would recommend it to everyone. I sleep like a baby I get 8 to 10 hours sleep a night it’s wonderful.

    + PROS: Highest quality I have used. I am on 600 mg. Take half dropper twice daily. I have gotten products within 3-5 days. Free shipping. Coupon on holidays. I would recommend these products to everyone !
    - CONS: I have none.
  2. Overall product rating

    I haven’t noticed the product working. The product arrived two weeks after I ordered it. I ordered the 300mg mint oil. It leaked before I opened the container. The shipping box was stained with the leaking oil. I called the company during business hours but they didn’t answer and never returned my call. Anyway, I’m willing to overlook it if the product helped my anxiety, but it hasn’t at all. I notice zero impact, and I’ve been steadily increasing the dose. So I’m searching for a new company with better customer service and a product that is effective.

    + PROS: It arrived
    - CONS: Package leaked during shipping Customer service sucks Product doesn’t seem to work
  3. Overall product rating

    I ordered my first order dec 12 2018 . Did not arrive. Reordered Dec 27 2018. Did not arrive. Told the company to refund my money and Im still waiting for a refund to my credit card. January 13 2019.

  4. Overall product rating

    I’m 58 and have suffered from anxiety, depression and insomnia my whole life. I received in the mail yesterday my order of 300 mg vanilla cvs oil. An hour before going to bed, I took 1/2 dropper. I was amazed to awaken this morning having slept well all night for the first time ever! I slept deeply and dreamed. I awoke a few times to use the restroom but was able to drop easily back to sleep. So awesome! I did not take my usual unisom + klonipin for the first time ever, which only helped for part of the night and never gave me this restful sleep. I am so amazed that I experienced what most people take for granted: a really restful sleep! After one try, I experienced amazing results. Hoping for rest every night from now on. Many thanks to PureKana!

    + PROS: Amazing restful deep sleep using 1/2 dropper of vanilla 300mg oil on the first use!
  5. Overall product rating


    I too have serious neck pain. I bought PureKana CBD oil for the same reason and the results were less than rewarding. However, I have found it useful for anxiety, sleep aid and headache relief (not migraine). What I really wanted to pass down to you was I tried the cream on my neck as a sample in the shopping mall yesterday and had an immediate reduction in pain. Not entirely but such that I was able to move my neck with only slight pain. I am willing to try it again.

    + PROS: Tried the PureKana vanilla flavor - 600mg. Leaves an after taste as if I had just finished smoking weed. Not a complaint, just reporting. Works great for anxiety and sleep aid.
    - CONS: Bought it for neck pain, and had no relief.
  6. Overall product rating

    This company has been great with customer service and awesome products. They are expensive but well worth it. I wouldn’t change this CBD oil for anything.

    + PROS: Works great for anxiety and sleep. Tastes great!
    - CONS: Expensive
  7. Overall product rating

    PureKana website says they are based in Arizona, but are forced to use accounting firms in the UK and this causes US Banks to charge an International Transaction Fee for any purchases made from PureKana. This is not only fraudulent it’s also technically risky for customers due to these being international financial transactions.

    + PROS: Previous orders from PureKana arrived in a timely manner.
    - CONS: PureKana website says they are based in Arizona, but are forced to use accounting firms in the UK and this causes US Banks to charge an International Transaction Fee for any purchases made from PureKana. This is not only fraudulent it's also technically risky for customers due to these being international financial transactions.
  8. Overall product rating

    I ordered the 1000mg PureKana cbd oil Vanilla flavor on the Black Friday deal, which was a super price. Shipped to Canada with no problem other than a few day delay at customs. I have tried a few brands and have been finding that nothing really relieves my neck pain, maybe I’m just immune. I was hoping with the amazing reviews that this would help me but it did not plus I found the taste and smell of this oil overpoweringly sickening. I have loved the flavor of others with terpenes but maybe I had a bad batch as I don’t see anybody else having this problem. After two days I was unable to take it orally anymore due to the sickening flavor so I have tried to rub it into my neck and now the smell is following me around for the day.

    + PROS: Ships to Canada Fast shipping
    - CONS: Can't get over the taste of this
  9. Overall product rating

    I ordered the highest potency bottle of vanilla CBD oil from PureKana over a month ago. The product arrived in a reasonable amount of time, but arrived with the order slip/receipt of somebody else in a different state with a different order. Then I noticed on the label of the bottle that it says 1000mg, the highest potency, which is what I ordered and paid for. But on the back of the label the numbers on the nutrition facts conflict with the front. It says there is 7.5mg per serving and 40 servings in the container… 7.5*40=300mg! Not 1000 like the front says.

    I have been taking this daily for a month and have not experienced any positive side effects at all. If anything, it has given me negative effects.

    + PROS: It Arrived
    - CONS: Unable to communicate with company Conflicting info on label Arrived with someone else's packing slip No positive effects
  10. Overall product rating

    Some of these low ratings make no sense to me. I’ve never dealt with a more professional company.They acknowledged my order immediately, gave me shipping info., WITH A TRACKING NUMBER the next day,and delivered within the promised time frame And I am in Canada. So I will definitely be dealing with these people again!

  11. Overall product rating

    I ordered the tincture in 600mg and it has been a game changer for me. I feel so much better. I have seen a relief in my fibromyalgia pain, I am sleeping better, and I have more energy with less anxiety. I just order my second order and am excited that this product has changed my life.

    + PROS: Helped control my pain Dropper easy to use with measurments on it Taste good Easy to order and great customer service 3rd party tested and report on website Can see through the bottle to keep an eye on amount left
    - CONS: Takes a couple weeks for delivery but if you order so you know you won't run out each time it is not a problem
  12. Overall product rating

    I ordered the gummies for my anxiety with going back to school. They came within 1 day. They completely help me with my axiety for class. I also ordered the vanilla oil and it also came within a day. I prefer the gummies for being in class and the oil to help me with my anxiety through out the day. I’ve recommended this company to countless people and i don’t plan on stopping. My anxiety as well as depression and insomnia have reduced drastically. I love love love love this product and just ordered the vape pen as well. Awesome product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    + PROS: all the pros
    - CONS: no cons at all
  13. Overall product rating

    They took the money out of my acct when I ordered the product 8/31/18 but still haven’t sent it almost 3 weeks later. Not happy. After this I’ll order from Amazon where I have recourse. I have requested a refund; we’ll see if I get one. $73.00 is not chump change.

    - CONS: I ordered the vanilla 600 mg oil on 8/31/17. Still no product received. I have emailed them and first they said it was because of the hurricane and now no answer. The USPS hasn't received the product as yet but they took the money out of my acct first thing. Bad business. I'll never use them again. I have requested a refund.
  14. Overall product rating

    BULLSHIT COMPANY THAT IS APPATENTLY ALLOW TO STEAL PEOPLES’ MONEY!!!! I have called dozens of times and emailed a few times. I still do not have my order. They are quick to take your money though!!!

    + PROS: None, because they still have not received my order! They do NOT return calls IF you are even able to leave a message because of a full mailbox. They do NOT reply to emails. However, they DO take your money before they ship anything!!! SCAM and BOGUS company!!! The state of PA should be ashamed that this company uses their state name.
    - CONS: Shit company that steals peoples' money!!! DO NOT ORDER FROM THESE PEOPLE!
  15. Overall product rating

    PureKana is great, the oil, but it takes WAY TOO LONG TO GET THE PRODUCT. ordered 9/4 i have only received dog treats. I paid $184 for the oils, it is now 14 days later and no product.

    + PROS: awesome, sleep beautifully with the oils,
    - CONS: shipping. ridiculously long wait time for being local. I am waiting for an answer - I had to leave a voicemail which is also terrible CS
  16. Ordered the gummies 8/24 and are still waiting for them (9/7). Called the customer service twice. First call to them, they had a difficult time finding my order and promised to rectify and send. Second call on 9/6 after not receiving was told they were being shipped 9/7. They advised I would receive an email with shipping info on 9/7. Nothing
    I may have to request a refund. Also I find it odd that credit card is processed internationally and customer service is on Jersey. Hope I not being ripped off.

  17. PureKana has changed my life for the better. I am no longer burdened with general anxiety, social anxiety, or insomnia. The best part of the mint oil is my lack of stomach pain and inflammation from chronic diverticulitis. It has saved me from having my colon resected, in my honest opinion.

  18. Overall product rating

    Wow, some negative comments here! I am using Pure Kana with great results and no issues at all with customer service or delivery. Maybe they cleaned up their act because I haven’t experienced any problems.

    + PROS: Works for me and no issues with ordering or customer service.
  19. Overall product rating

    I have been taking 2 drops of 1000 mg oil in the morning and at night,full spectrum, for my degenerative disc disease and have had no pain in my neck and shoulder for over a month now. Mine is the mint flavor.

    + PROS: Love the mint flavor!
  20. Overall product rating

    Kana is my fourth brand of CBD oil I’ve tried and this stuff is bad. I have serious doubts whether this product is pure CBD oil as it gives me side effects that mimic being poisoned. It makes me extremely dizzy like I’ve consumed a bottle of alcohol, nauseating headaches and shooting pains down my back/kidney area after taking a small amount. Like I said, I’m a seasoned CBD oil experimenter and I’ll only order from CB Distillery. Best stuff ever!

    + PROS: none
    - CONS: Gives me a headache shooting pains down my kidney's after taking it makes me very dizzy
  21. Overall product rating

    I purchased CBD oil for neck and back pain but so far it hasn’t made a difference. I have been using it about a week. I also purchased the dog treats, chicken and blueberry, for my black lab who suffers from seizures. I have read on multiple sites that it has a calming effect on dogs. He is on a seizure diet and is kept out of the heat (which predisposes him to seizure activity) so I was excited for him to try the treats. He loves them, but they are so hard he has trouble chewing them. He is big so he gets 3 at a time. I have tried soaking them in water to soften them up but to no avail.

    + PROS: Pros: Dog treats are tasty to dogs. Oil for neck and back pain--still adjusting dosage.
    - CONS: Cons: Dog treats are too hard to chew.
  22. My wife and I have used the full bottle so we gave it plenty of time to experience results. We’ve found it to be NOT effective for minor discomfort, aches or pains, anxiety or stress. Compared to other brands Pure Kana is a waste of good money.

  23. Overall product rating

    My first experience was good. Gummies were backordered but they emailed a 20 % discount code for the inconvenience. Still got them in a couple weeks. I take one before bed. Only thing for me personally is I notice some acid reflux unless I eat something with it. But I sleep better and much less back and knee pain. Noticed I slept better first night and after a week not only less pain, but calmer and more relaxed. Just reordered a bottle along with some topical.

    + PROS: Seems to work
    - CONS: Pretty pricy but then all of this stuff is. Coupons are nice
  24. Overall product rating

    I have shoulder bursitis pain and had tried all OTC pain killers, prescription painkillers, steroids, icing and athletic wrapping. Only the steroids and wrapping gave me any relief, but the steroids had side effects. I tried PureKana 300 mg CBD oil, and after 3 days my pain was gone. I’ve been using the drops for about 3 months, and the pain is still gone. More than pleased with PureKana!!

    + PROS: Worked quickly for pain relief Tastes good Free shipping
    - CONS: I have no cons with this product
  25. Overall product rating

    I been taking this oil twice a day since April and it’s July now and it did not help me with my pain. I suffer with osteoarthritis and bursitis and I did not find that this oil help with my pain at all

    + PROS: No pros
    - CONS: Did not help me with my pain
  26. Overall product rating

    I was very skeptical to order from this company after reading about horrible customer service even though the product itself gets high ratings. I did order. There was a mix up in my order. I messaged the company. I quickly got a response from Macayla who promptly offered to rectify the problem. Although there was a mixup in products, she went above and beyond to set it right!
    I first started the oil today. If I have good results, I will definitely order from them again!

    + PROS: Went above and beyond to satisfy a mixed up order
    - CONS: Nothing as of now
  27. Overall product rating

    I recently had received a bottle of CBD 25mg capsules from PureKana and the capsules were stuck together in the bottle. When I separated them and counted, there were 29 instead of 30. I emailed the company and told them what I had received. They quickly responded back and told me that they want to know about any problems regarding their product and that they will remedy the problem. Today I received a package containing 2 bottles of CBD 25mg/30 count each FREE OF CHARGE! Also, a 20% coupon code. I love PureKana, their product is quality, and their customer service is great! If you have a problem, email them – don’t call.

    + PROS: Good for pain and anxiety.
  28. Overall product rating

    I take 1 PureKana 25mg capsules every day. It helps so much with easing my arthritis aches and pains. Also helps with anxiety. I take 2 capsules when I am really hurting and the pain goes away. I tried other CBD companies without success, but this product works very well for me. Been using PureKana for 8 months.

    + PROS: Really helps relieve pain and anxiety. They offer coupons with up to 20% discount.
    - CONS: Still an expensive product and they do not offer a discount on larger orders or senior discount.
  29. Overall product rating

    I love this company. I’ve always had great customer service and quick delivery. I use the 300 mg vanilla flavor and it’s helped with anxiety and trouble sleeping. A lot.
    I think some of these “horrible reviews” are trolls.

    + PROS: Love the vanilla flavored. Price is right. Good customer service.
    - CONS: None
  30. Overall product rating

    Love this company and will never order somewhere else. It helps me with my anxiety and sleeplessness.

    + PROS: It works so well and is a great company
  31. What a joke. PURE KANA won’t answer the phone and the voice mail box is full. I was able to leave a message before though. My call “is important” to them though. They will get back to me “as soon as possible”. Well it’s been almost 2 weeks since i left the first message.

    I also can’t get the story straight. I read that they are a California company getting their product from Colorado. I also read that they get their product from Europe. Their website shows their main office being in New Jersey. Evidently they do their billing through the UK. Ive read plenty of people complaining about getting charged right away yet no tracking or no product delivery for a long time. No communication. I figure no problem….. to find things out I’ll just call and ask them some questions.

    oh yeah….. the whole – we don’t answer our phones thing again-

  32. It’s been 10 days since i placed my order. No product & will not return my emails. I want full refund $139. If they refuse I have a brother who is an attorney. I will get my money back. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIE SHADY COMPANY SOMETHING IS FISHY WITH THIS COMPANY.

    • Hello, I had issues with them too, fortunately I got in contact with McKayla and she gave me a partial refund and I received my order. I don’t think I will ever order from here again tho. Not sure if I like the product

  33. Ordered CBD oil and was charged. Still have never recieved product or have recieved any email telling me where my product was at. Can’t call customer service because their voicemail is full. Don’t waste your money on this company…

  34. Overall product rating

    I’m my opinion I do not understand how PureKana got it’s number 1 rating. Been using Charllotes Web and have been having incredible results and can feel it working. Charllotes Web tastes like Marijuana and is made with cannabis from Colorado and you know it’s working. Purekana is supposedly made from European Hemp and from my experience does not work. Purekana total scam. Wasted $150.

    + PROS: None
    - CONS: No effect. Do not believe it works
  35. Overall product rating

    Oily with mild taste of vanilla. Had no medicinal effect due to low percentage of cbd. I wasted $54.00.

  36. VERY UNSATISFIED – they gave me the runaround for 2 weeks while they had my money and never processed my order. They are liars and a waste of time. I had to dispute the charges.

  37. Overall product rating

    I did my research and ordered Pure Kana 300mg. Using for anxiety, depression and insomnia. After using, I noticed a calmness that was sort of subtle … I just realized my body and mind were relaxed and my anxiety had subsided. I soon began to wean myself off Lexapro … dropping from 20mg daily to 5mg with a plan to be off of it in another week or so. Insomnia. I first tried 15 drops a couple of hours before bedtime but did not sleep great and felt “cloudy” the next day. Dropped dose to 7 drops and found my dose … sleeping well and stopped taking melatonin. Good product. I’m still experimenting a bit but I can say it’s working for me. I’m pleasantly surprised.

    + PROS: It works.
    - CONS: None.
  38. Overall product rating

    Very unsatisfied! The product came as described, that’s not the issue. I’ve had my email address for over 2 decades and now when I open it there is AT LEAST 8-10 CBD spam emails. “You’ve been selected to try” type crap! I turn them into spam and the next day it’s the same crap. I emailed Pure Kana asking to preserve my right to privacy and remove me from their email records… of which they ignored. Then on top of it, when I went to place my order, something went wrong with their server and I had to resubmit my information… well… that gave them the right to hit my card twice for a foreign transaction fee! I emailed them about that and they blamed me saying “I see where you tried entering your information twice”… NO KIDDING! Your web site asked me to! DO NOT give them your email address. In fact, to leave this reply, you’re requested to submit your email address…. YEAH RIGHT! I omitted it the first time and it wouldn’t let me post… so now I gave them a completely bogus one… Screw me once, shame on you. Screw me twice, shame on me. Buy local, support local folks! Find your nearest CBD shop and support them. No email required!

    + PROS: Product came as described
    - CONS: Poor customer service Crazy amount of CBD spam emails Ripped me off a foreign transaction fee
  39. Overall product rating

    I was supposed to receive email confirmation and I have not. I have been reading horrible comments and reviews. So will I be out $100 dollars.

    + PROS: Anxious to try product
    - CONS: Don’t like being in limbo!
  40. Overall product rating

    I have been using Pure Kana’s CBD drops, pillars and topical ointments formore than 6 months. I can move again! Rids me of joint paint from osteoarthritis. I take a pill in the am and the pm and a few drops midday. Before working out. I rub some on my joints I’m going to work out…Amazing. True a couple of months into ordering, there was a shortage and I had to wait a while for the pills, but since then, I receive my order a few days after I put it in. Great Product!

  41. Overall product rating

    Seriously don’t trust this company. There are so many great CBD products and companies available over the web. My story with PK; the first order came perfectly fine. Product worked great, took 50mg a day and helped with anxiety and inflammation.

    Went to place another order and after 5 days no delivery I noticed I hadn’t received a processing confirmation email. The first time I had ordered I received first a confirmation purchase email and then followed a few hours later by a processing confirmation email.

    So far it’s been 6 days with another weekend coming up now on which, Kana doesn’t do orders, or support. It’ll be at least 8 days from my initial order till I hear what happened. Not to mention until I receive my order (if I do). This is a company that doesn’t offer expedited shipping (one way to tell who’s legit about fulfilling.).

    When I went to contact the support number listed on their website, after ringing for a minute, it went to a voicemail box that was completely full. The most shoddy company I’ve dealt with in a super long time.

    + PROS: good product
    - CONS: absolutely terrible support/ shipping / logistics/ literally everything else besides the product.
  42. Overall product rating

    Tastes great. Email response and shipping were great! Maybe they have hired more people, but my order came quickly with no problems and they answered my emails as well. Small international charge is weird, but not much of an issue.

  43. Overall product rating

    Ordered close to $50.00 worth. They sent it uninsured mail. It was delivered to wrong address. Since it was uninsured the post office won’t help either. I get that this is not all on them but it should have been sent insured or given the option at least. Plus they were rude in response to asking for guidance.

    + PROS: Never got product
    - CONS: Customer service is poor
  44. Overall product rating

    I’ve tried their CBD oil, and a taking a few drops each day for a couple of weeks did absolutely nothing for my stress and anxiety, which led me to do a little research on CBD oil and the appropriate dosage to relieve anxiety. I came across a few scholarly studies that recommend anywhere between 300 mg and 600 mg, but based on what I’ve read, 300 mg is the recommended starting dose. I was surprised to learn this because PureKana suggests a few drops of their CBD oil to relieve stress and anxiety, which isn’t anywhere near what’s recommended by the studies. I emailed PureKana with my concerns more than once, but I only received a few emails with canned responses that did nothing to address my questions. It makes me think this company likes to package their product as a high quality offering, without actually understanding what it is they’re selling. Or if they do, they’re certainly not willing to share information with their consumers. I have to think it’s because 300 mg is an ENTIRE bottle of their product, and at $54 for 300 mg, the treatment is cost prohibitive. In some cases, it’s astronomically more than pharmaceuticals that treat stress and anxiety, which flies in the face of their marketing claims that CBD oil is an affordable treatment for anything.

    More than anything, I’m disappointed by their meager response to my concerns. I really want a natural treatment for my stress and anxiety, but it won’t be PureKana products. Before posting this review, I waited several months to hear from them, and they never got back to me. This only reinforces the notion they’re in it for the money, and have absolutely no desire to provide a quality product that does what it claims.

    + PROS: A few drops made me sleepy, which comes in handy on those nights when insomnia stops by.
    - CONS: Horrible customer service. They do not back up their claims with any actual research. They're more interested in the $ than providing a quality product that does what it advertises.
  45. Overall product rating

    I purchased the CBD gummies after reading a good review on marijuanabreak. When I received an international charge on my credit card, I decided to dig deeper to make sure this company was legit. This brought me to this page and my gut sank when I read all the negative reviews and lots of folks not getting their orders. I was ready to report them to my credit card and mentally cut them at a loss of $33, but I decided to give them a week or 2 to see what would happen. In the meantime, I found them on FB with similar issues with orders but at least someone was responding to the complaints. I asked about my international charge and was told it was due to regulations their processing center is in the UK. She responded fairly quickly and I felt a little at ease that at least someone was accessible w/ the co. And to my pleasant surprise, I rcvd my order w/in maybe less than 2 weeks from when I ordered–even received an email tracking. I hope this is a sign they are catching up to their order demands and are working improving customer relations. And so far the gummies have been working for me. Hope others have good luck as well–if not, contact them via their page on FB.

    + PROS: Was responsive on their FB page Product is working
    - CONS: Negative reviews, but personally did not encounter issues
  46. Overall product rating

    So a lot of complaints about communication. True. My order kept saying processing. Thought it was a problem with my card. I didn’t know they make the product when ordered. I eventually did hear from them with a tracking number. So yes, not Amazon, but I got the oil within a week of ordering and the mint tastes fantastic. Don’t fear the communication, PureKana is worth it. I am definitely ordering more.

    + PROS: Great taste. High Quality
    - CONS: Not Amazon. Meh
  47. Overall product rating

    I started out taking one whole gummy twice per day. The first day I took it, I got a massive migraine headache and had to take imitrex (sumatriptan) to make it go away. So the second day, I cut the gummy in half and only ate one half every 4-5 hours. But every day for 5 days straight, I got a horrible headache about an hour after taking the gummy. Then I ran an experiment and did not take a gummy in the morning. I was headache free, so I decided to try my luck and take half a gummy. Sure enough, an hour later I got a horrible headache. I’m so disappointed that I’m going to have to discontinue use due to this terrible side effect.

    I’m curious the reason it gives me headaches is because I read that cbd oil is a vasodilator. And the only medicine that takes my headaches away is a vasoconstrictor. I was taking the gummies for a mild case of tourettes syndrome. I have a blinking tic that bothers me. I couldn’t really tell if it was helping the tic or not.

    + PROS: arrived on time, gummies can be cut in half, easy to tell how much you are taking with the gummies as opposed to the oil, tasted okay
    - CONS: terrible headache an hour after taking the cbd gummy
  48. Overall product rating

    DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM! Ordered on May 16th and its now May 29th. Email after email unanswered!! Buyer beware!

    + PROS: None
    - CONS: Will not communicate or ship product in a timely manner
  49. Well, looks like they’ve got me too. It’s been a week since I’ve ordered and I’ve sent them 3 emails and got no response, there’s no number to contact them online, then I come on here to see a sea of other people saying the same thing. I feel like I got scammed out of my $54. Horrible feeling.

    • I ordered over a month ago, $88.00 worth, down to the drain!! What a scam!!! Never received order!! Do yourself a favor and don’t order from this company!!!!

  50. Overall product rating

    Well, this company came recommended to me by my Chiropractor. I guess had I read these reviews beforehand about their mailing problems I might not have ordered from PurrCana. But as it happened I was sitting in my car waiting for my grand-daughter to get out of school and took that opportunity to go ahead and place my order. Im sorry so many people had problems with the company. I did not. I ordered it on a Sat. They shipped on Mon. and I received it on Thurs. I’m fine with that. It’s not Amazon Prime you know. I ordered the 300mg which is what they recommended to start with. I would like to see something written about how often it can be taken and how long before it takes affect, but I guess everyone is dealing with different reasons for taking it. I’m hoping it will help me with the chronic pain in my lower back. I took a half dropper full as soon as I got it which was about a half hour ago and maybe it’s my imagination but I just ot up and walked around and my back really feels way better already. My boyfriend said no way. That it will take a week or so but I don’t think so. I might up the dose with the next bottle though. Maybe if some’s good, more’s better!

  51. PUREKANA the best ? You are JOKING right ? ? ?

    I ordered some, 5 days later they finally ship, but not without sending me an email asking how I liked everything. Well I told them. Maybe should have kept my mouth shut, because all I got 9 days later was an empty package !
    Repeated emails to them got me NO RESPONSE !!

    • Reply
      khalden james heidt May 24, 2018 at 2:33 pm

      This has been my experience exactly. No product / no reply to repeated emails – super frustrated right now!!! I want the product and had I low. It would be so long would’ve def gone w/ another supplier!!!

  52. Overall product rating

    I placed a large first-time order based on the recommendation of a friend. I had a coupon code and forgot to use it. When I couldn’t find a phone number on their website, I sent an email within an hour of placing the order asking them to apply the 15% discount. Their automated reply said I would hear from them within one business day. Never heard from them. I was not upset with them for my forgetfulness, but I was upset with no reply. The courteous thing to do was to let me know it was too late to apply the discount. They shipped within one or two days so that was good, but I don’t think I will buy from them again. My decision is partly based on my experience with poor customer service and no way to contact them; and partly based on the other reviews of similar shortcomings in their customer service. They not only lost my business, but my sister’s as well (based on my experience with CBD oil she is going to try it), and the friend who recommended PureKana to me. I’m sure there are other companies who do give their phone number and do give good customer service.

    + PROS: fast shipping, but no matter how fast shipment was it doesn't make up for no customer service
    - CONS: no contact phone number no response to email which adds up to no customer service
  53. Overall product rating

    I didn’t have any shipping issues. It took a couple weeks but it came. Seems to be helping m anxiety so far. Unless it’s in my head this is legit and helping me

  54. Overall product rating

    I Like this product, but not happy with the fact their website states they take AX, but it never goes through. I’ve sent an email and they responded that it must be my credit card company blocking an out of country purchase. I called my cc company and they said no transaction attempt from Pure Kana. I give up. Too bad, I think the product is a good one.

    + PROS: Tastes good, seems to work for my needs.
    - CONS: tgey need to take the credit cards they must. It would be nice to be offered discounts when buying multiple bottles.
  55. Overall product rating

    Placed an order four days ago. Asked for a order update, no reply. Asked for a refund, no reply. Looks like i got burned along with a lot of other people. Fuck purekana…. purebullshit. Don’t order from them

    + PROS: zero
    - CONS: scam
  56. Overall product rating

    This company came highly recommended through online forums. $50 later myoil came in the mail with no issues. Communication was a little iffy, but otherwise good.

    + PROS: Good flavor Sleeping better
    - CONS: Price Communication
  57. Overall product rating

    I ordered the Vanilla CDB oil last Friday, got my delivery today. I had no issues with ordering or delivery. I did email PureKana today to get their 3rd party lab. Marijuana Break claims PuraKana the best and purest oils around… And Marijuana Break also warns about companies that do not advertise their lab results online. I could not find lab results on PureKanas website anywhere. I tried my first dose today. The flavor is awesome. Probably too soon to tell if it helps with my chronic pain.

    + PROS: Great taste, prompt delivery
    - CONS: Website doesn't show 3rd party lab results. Wondering if Marijuana Break is just a paid advertising for PureKana.
  58. Overall product rating


  59. Overall product rating

    I ordered from pure kana, I did not get a shipping notice, never received my product but was charged anyway. I am super disappointed in my first attempt to try cbd.

  60. I just reported this company to my bank and told them it is an illegal transaction! They refused to cancel my order! Jeff Yauck is a lying, manipulative, no good, thief! They had ample time to cancel and yet they contacted right before it was shipped! Their website was not operating properly so their orders did not go through. They lied to me! They claim they sent the item and now I must talk to them about return! I have never encountered suck unscrupulous vendors in MY LIFE and I am 63 years old! WHO DOES JEFF WHATEVER HIS NAME THINK HE IS? This will not end well. Contacted the BBB even though they are not a member. But they messed and stole money from the wrong person!

  61. Overall product rating

    Another victim of them taking my money for my order but not ever shipping the order. No reply to 3 emails or Facebook message.

    + PROS: Wouldn't know. They haven't shipped my order but were sure quick to take my money
    - CONS: No customer service. At all.
  62. Overall product rating


    + PROS: None
    - CONS: Took my money Not answering emails or phones SCAM Disputing charges with Credit Card
  63. Overall product rating

    I purchased this to help me relax in order to sleep better. This product had zero relaxing effect when I used it. I made the mistake of checking the return policy after I had purchase and tried the product. You can’t return the product if you’ve opened it and if its unopened you can return it with a 35% restocking fee and you pay all shipping costs.

    I would definitely not recommend this product or business.

    + PROS: None
    - CONS: Expensive and terrible return policy
  64. Never received product ordered 4 ottles of gummies package was cut into contents stolen.went to post office with tracking number no results.tried contacting PureKana impossible.out 140 bucks terrible experience

  65. Overall product rating

    First order arrived ok though not timely. Second shipment- major problems. First- was sent tracking emails with dead links. Then- supposedly my $184 worth of product was already delivered- but I never got it. Now they’ve ignored my last 2 emails about insurance or other recourse. Looks like I’m out my $184. If they are able to use Priority Mail, at least then it would get to my mailbox instead of supposedly being placed near my mailbox (inside a gated porch).

  66. Overall product rating

    PureKana does not honor their own discount codes they sent out, they sent me a 10OFFCBD1 10% discount code, I placed a 280$ order and they didn’t apply their own discount code, when I enquired to why they did not honor their own discount code they don’t reply to why and pretend that I never even asked! Poor customer service!

    + PROS: Good product
    - CONS: Poor customer service
  67. Overall product rating

    After reading some really bad online reviews about PureKana, I figured I just kissed my $52 goodbye. I was so happy today that I actually received the vanilla tincture and the shipping time was good since I received the product in about a week. The taste of the vanilla tincture is nice too, but considering all the bad online reviews, I won’t order again.

    + PROS: Nice taste of the vanilla tincture. That I actually received the product. Shipping time.
  68. Overall product rating

    I ordered my 600mg bottle after doing much research on cbd oil. There had been such great articles on this particular company. My husband deals with severe arthritis in his shoulders, and was always taking Advil. So kinda skeptical we decided to try. Ordered it on a Wednesday, and received it by the next Tuesday (definitely not amazon speed but not bad either). We both tried it as soon as it arrived. We both noticed the instant relaxed feeling in our bodies. I stopped using it after two days just because my husband needs it more than I. He hasn’t had to take Advil since beginning cbd, and we are firm believers now.

    + PROS: Works great for relaxation and pain Delivery on time Text to keep me up to date on arrival day.
    - CONS: Price Runs out quickly lol
  69. I think the absence of any phone number should be a tip that this company is less than kosher. Multipole emails have not been responded to and I’m out $48 it appears. I would strongly suggest you find a different vendor. AVOID PURE KANA

  70. It is a fly by night company. The CBD oil is worthless.

  71. Ordered April 17, 2018 still haven’t gotten a tracking number and today is April 25th, their website
    Purekana.com is unavailable, and nobody has contacted me. I feel I’ve been ripped off! I rate Pure Kana company a BIG ZERO!

  72. Overall product rating

    First CBD product I ever tried were the Pure Kana Gummy bears. I love them. I just ordered a couple of bottles so I don’t run out. They are a little pricey but I used the 4/20 sale to stock up.

    + PROS: Great flavor, fast acting, I feel all over relaxed and awake. Amazing stuff!
    - CONS: Shipping is slow if you’re used to Amazon Prime
  73. Overall product rating

    In the past I have purchased CBD oil from many companies. I purchased the 300 mg vanilla CBD oil from Pure Kana. This CBD oil tastes amazing. Other then that there are little to no positives. The shipping took 2 weeks. The oil itself barely worked, if at all. I would not recommend this CBD oil to anyone.

    + PROS: Taste
    - CONS: Does not work well Expensive
  74. Overall product rating

    My order arrived 9 days after I ordered it.

    I ordered the 600 mg Vanilla in hopes it would provide relief for intense continuous shoulder (both) and hip pain. I started with one half dropper a day without effect. I switched to two x half dropper a day that was also ineffective.

    I had so hoped that CBD oil would help, but it appears to be useless. I will use it until it’s gone, but after a week I have no reason to believe it will get any better. This is very discouraging.

    + PROS: The vanilla flavor is very pleasant
    - CONS: The Pure Kana 600 mg CBD Oil is utterly useless in my experience.
  75. Overall product rating

    6.2? Let me tell you what i know. The Purekana I buy is 140$ for 1 fluid oz.
    It is 1000mg pure cbd.
    When i put 15 drops under my tongue i can feel it literally making my mouth dry put in real time and my muscles relax. In real time i can feel it work. I have tried Bluebird botanicals. Elixinol. Along with a host of very expensive but far lesser products. Bluebird is amazing too. Its just far less cbd per bottle, and also a lot cheaper. The elixinol was capsules and i literally could not tell it was working and it was very expensive.
    I have Charlottes Web cbd on the way, (i think? To be honest, they haven’t kept me informed, another problem i do not have ever with purekana) along with 2 bottle of 1000mg Purekana cbd.
    If you are using cbd to treat ms or shaking or pain.. Purekana can be felt to work as you hold it under your tongue. (Granted i hold it for like 5 minutes to get more out of it).
    PureKana is at the top of the cbd pyramid friends. Yes it takes them a few days to get the order out. Yes they use usps. So make sure you order at LEAST 10 days before you run out. Lol
    But you get what you pay for with the more expensive 1000mg bottle. It only takes like 5 drops but you can take more if you need it.
    For the record i have a condition that causes moderate to severe shaking in the face hands and legs. Muscle weakness. Muscle wasting. Trouble with vision, balance and reflexs as well as understandable depression.

    + PROS: Pure cbd oil. No olive oil or mct. Noticably strong. Legal. Effective against anxiety, shaking in the hands and legs, panic disorder, pain, muscle weakness.
    - CONS: They have to prepare it for you fresh. So it is several days after you pay before your order even gets ready to be processed. And it is extremely costly for the dosages necessary for the treatment of disease. But this is due to it being that high a quality and how much it cost to make. Other than that. No con except that it runs out and i have to order more! Hahaha.
  76. Overall product rating

    It says you can return if you’re not happy. I returned a bottle but never got the money and no one will answer my emails about it.

    • I am having the same problem. I sent back a unopened order of their cure all oil and cannot get a refund. I was warned before the package was opened. It is a fly by night company. If you are in real pain, the oil has no pain relief qualities.

  77. Overall product rating

    I ordered the 300 mg bottle of vanilla CBD oil from PureKana. Took a longer time to get than advertised. When I sent an email requesting the status of my order they said that they were out of stock and waiting for replacement. Interesting that they sent it out the very next day. When I received it I was very concerned that it was a completely clear liquid……no color whatsoever. I have used another brand and and it was golden color as it should be. I thought I would take a chance on PureKana but I am sorry I did. Their product has not done anything for me. I think they are just sending hemp oil and labeling it as CBD. Sorry but this company is a scam. Don’t order from them….save your money or at least buy from a legitimate company.

    + PROS: There are none.
    - CONS: Not receiving the real thing.
    • Barbara, this is exactly what happened to me. I used a brand I purchased at the health store in town and it worked great, but the pure PureKana was a waste. I was however very fortunate as I emailed them and complained requesting a refund. they refunded all of the money. I ask for an address to send their oil back to but they said to jus keep it. It didn’t do me any good so a friend ask fort and I let her have it. I will not ever buy from them again and I also received a liquid that poured like water and was as clear as could be. Good luck on finding a good product.

  78. Overall product rating

    Ordered this last week, 300 mg strength bottle. For the first couple of days I felt it was helping my sleep and anxiety issues. I felt calmer after taking a dose, I wasn’t as hurried and stressed as usual so that’s a definite plus. Then I noticed some minty indigestion. After the indigestion came cramps and diarrhea. For 3 nights I’ve woken up in the early hours of the morning with this. This is the only new addition to my routine. I’m trying to give it a chance but if the stomach issues persist sadly I may have to find an alternate cbd product. If tolerable the benefits are there, but with a sensitive stomach perhaps better off with a tincture instead of an oil.

    + PROS: Tastes good, works quickly, and effectively.
    - CONS: Oil maybe causes a little too much GI upset for daily use.
  79. Overall product rating

    I got 2 bottles of 300mg for my mom to try.Slight delay in receiving but once it arrived my mom feels much better in only 2-3 days of using it.Right now she`s using it twice a day.Doctor had her on different medications and doses for awhile and making her feel terrible.Thanks Pure Kana!

    + PROS: Worked quickly
    - CONS: No multi bottle package to ease the price.
  80. Overall product rating

    The PureKana gummies come in a small bottle with only 20 gummies in it, which is a ten day supply. At $33.00 a bottle that is $8.00 a day, which is $240.00 a month. Please do not purchase this item. It is definately a rip off.

    + PROS: I am sorry I could not find anything positive to say about this product.
    - CONS: The Purekana gummies come in a small bottle with only 20 gummies in it which is 10 daysworth. That is a cost of $8.00 a day, that is $240.00 a month. A rip off. Definitely not worth the price and that is an understatement.
  81. Overall product rating

    I was skeptical even though cbd stopped my dog from having seizures. I was in massive daily pain from arthritis in my spine and thought what the heck. By day 3 I noticed a reduction in discomfort. By day 10 I felt like I never thought I would feel again. At the age of 57 I now feel a few years, hard years, have been taken off.

    + PROS: Easy to use, pleasant taste, good prices and expediency of shipping
    - CONS: None
  82. Overall product rating

    Been waiting for this for 3 weeks getting the run around , left several messages , of course you dont want to reemburse me i get it , but if you dont have product maybe you should give me a full refund! . Then they give me 27 bucks back from 140 to keep me quiet …to no avail, yea it’s on the way , never again will I buy a product from here
    There’s a million other companies with more potent product
    You might want to give purchasers option to overnite package !

  83. Overall product rating

    I buy cbd drops in ny state medical marijuana program. This stuff does not work. I don’t think it has any cbd in it. Purekana does not work. Taste’s good, but does not work.

  84. Overall product rating

    I ordered Pure Kana on March 7th and received it today – zero problems ordering or receiving this product! Like I said just received it , excited to get started ! Thank you pure kana

    + PROS: Received right on time - no problems ordering or receiving
    - CONS: None
  85. Overall product rating

    I ordered a 300mg bottle on 2/26/18 and received it in tact and as expected on 3/10/18. That’s two business weeks which is longer than we’ve come to expect in this world of Amazon Prime shipping, but isn’t all that bad in the grand scheme of things.
    I have taken 2 sublingual doses so far and haven’t noticed if the effects are the same as the other brand I have been using. I take about 4mg sublingually 3x a day for anxiety. If I notice any change in effectiveness I will update my review, but so far so good. I wonder if the company had a surge in order volume and is having trouble keeping up? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    + PROS: Ease of online ordering; clear bottle so you can see how much is left; few apparent additives or unnecessary ingredients; discount codes; helpful newsletter
    - CONS: Length of delivery time; childproof dropper is an unnecessary pain in the butt; I wish they had a spray option
  86. Overall product rating

    Ordered product two weeks ago and did not recieve it. Guess I wont be ordering from them again since Im out 80 bucks. Customer service is horrible. I would not recommend this company at all.

    + PROS: None
    - CONS: Bad customer service, product did not arrive, Lost product and money.
  87. Overall product rating

    I bought the 300mg CBD oil first. It worked fine. So when I received a very good offer on the 1000mg oil, I ordered it immediately. I finished up the 300mg and tried the 1000mg (but with the same dosage. It had NONE of the CBD benefits of the first purchase. Tried to return it but they said it was past their 30 day cutoff. Of course it was – I was using their other product for those 30 days. In closing: Beware of PureKana 1000mg CBD oil product. I bought it and tried it – worthless! Colored flavored liquid! NO CBD benefits. And PureKana wouldn’t refund my $100+ payment! TOTAL RIP-OFF!

    + PROS: relatively quick shipping
  88. Overall product rating

    I ordered 2 bottles of the Mint and Vanilla 600 mg cbd oil from PureKana and the first bottle arrived very quickly. I’ve had several questions answered by their exceptional customer service and I am very optimistic that this product will help with my wife’s migraines and my daughter in laws anxiety. Great company! I’ll be buying a lot of cbd from PureKana!

    + PROS: Great customer service. Product arrived very quickly. This is an awesome product.
    - CONS: This product is pretty expensive but I guess you get what you pay for.
  89. This may be completely coincidental but the very same day of making my purchase fraudulent charges started to appear on my credit card. I’ve made other online purchases in the past and have never had an issue until the day I purchased from this company. WATCH YOUR CREDIT CARD STATEMENTS! Charges are coming from what looks like hotels in Italy. Just a fair warning for anyone who has already or may plan to give these folks their credit card info

  90. Overall product rating

    I don’t understand why people are leaving negative reviews. I ordered from this company multiple times and got my product within 3 to 4 days. It’s extremely potent too. I use the 1000mg tincture 3 to 4 times a day. I have anxiety so I feel I need to use it more often than twice a day. Purekana has helped me more than anything else I’ve tried. That includes prescribed medication. It’s a life saver.

    + PROS: Extremely calming. Reduces inflammation. Workouts are easier. I sleep like a rock.
    - CONS: none that I can think of.
  91. Ordered over two weeks ago and still no CDB oil. The one item I did receive (topical) was packaged terrible and falling out of the envelope. Customer service is awful. Their phone number doesn’t work and when emailing I never get a proper/professional correspondence – no name of the rep, run-on sentences, and they are stating things that are opposite of what their website states. I asked for refund and they say they are unable to refund me and keep offering free products and coupons. They say they are based in CA but they ship from NJ. They also say they are the manufacturer but they are waiting on their shipments of the product. I feel this company is very shady and will never order from them again.

    • I’m experiencing the same but I am not waiting 2 weeks for this, that’s too much money to be tied up. I called my bank & filed a claim so I can get my money back. I get No product, they get No money. My bank gladly filed my claim & will debit my account back. I don’t have the time to wait & they couldn’t give me a ship date.

  92. Overall product rating

    I ordered my oil 2 weeks ago and it still hasn’t shipped.

    + PROS: I have no idea
    - CONS: still waiting for it
  93. Overall product rating

    Paid $80.00… received in mail… this is my results….. purchased a different brand at a gas station 100mg $30.00…worked in 15 minutes….pure kana 600mg..$80.00..nothing!!!!no effect at all!!!!….. product fail!!!! waist of money!!!!!!! I GOT SCAMMED!!!

    + PROS: None
    - CONS: Product failure
    • Same here with same strength. Only on day two so need more time to say for sure but, I think my experience will match yours. Also, mine has MCT oil.

  94. Overall product rating

    Trying this to stop taking prescription medication for rheumatoid arthritis.

    + PROS: Bought this product , it was recommended by a friend that uses it. I've got RA. I've been using it for 4 days now not a lot of relief yet.
    - CONS: Shipping , needs different packaging, Cap was broken
  95. Overall product rating

    This seems like a mint flavored placebo oil to me. I have experienced no positive benefits from the 300 mg oil, and it has given me stomach issues. My pain is still through the roof, so I am frustrated that I have to spend more money in search of something else. I am glad this has helped others, but it definitely is not working for me.

    + PROS: Mint taste
    - CONS: Not helping my pain
  96. Overall product rating

    I’m 55 in the health care business, on my feet all day. I ordered my 2nd bottle and usps sent it totally crushed. I emailed customer service and they were very helpful. I got my replacement bottle in 4 days. This cbd so far has been the best.

    + PROS: Works great for pain
    - CONS: Kind of expensive but worth it
  97. Overall product rating

    I have tried taking this 300mg mint oil multiple times, and everytime I end up very sick to my stomach with cramps and diarrhea. Also, I did not experience any of the advertised benefits of its use. Nothing at all.

    + PROS: i got free shipping and a discount during holidays.
    - CONS: makes me terribly sick, can take it. When I did take it I did not notice anything at all.
  98. Overall product rating

    Helpful company, good tasting product, didn’t work. Three stars for great customer service.

    + PROS: Tried the 300mg mint oil. Taste was good. The customer service was exceptional. Might try a larger dose from this company.
    - CONS: Unfortunately did not help my anxiety (PTSD) or lessen pain (multiple hip surgeries, incl RTHR and RTHR replacement).
  99. Overall product rating

    I decide to try the CBD capsules. 25mg a pill. I have lupus, so you can imagine what kind of crap I go through. My main problem is insomnia. I have horrible insomnia. Early last year (2017) I started using medical marijuana to help my insomnia. Even though it’s legal in California. It’s still illegal in federal. if I get tested for THC I could lose my job or not be able to get a job. So I start looking for another solution. I came across this product online and decide to try it out. Well I love it. Been only using for 3 days only. Whenever I want to sleep. I just pop it and within an hour or two I’m tired and ready for bed. I only take it at night because it make me sleepy. Anyway I use the 20% discount. So I think the price I pay for it was good. 60 for a month worth of pills. Not bad compare to a vape pen that only might last a week for the same price. I have no issues with the shipment even thought I order mine on New Year’s Eve. I guess I got luck. It arrive a day earlier then it said it will. Overall I’m happy with this product.

    + PROS: Help with my insomnia. Knock out with an hour or two.
  100. I followed the directions on the bottle..it says 15drops a day, and that threw me into a horrible migraine for 48 hours. I just found out that I should only do 5 drops a day, then work my way up..I can’t believe that this company would allow someone to go through what I went through..I hate leaving bad reviews, however if I can save someone from the pain I went through..

    I would never recommend this company.
    I tried to email the company, and they would never respond to any of my emails.

  101. Overall product rating

    I’ve been using the oil for 3 weeks now and have noticed an improvement in my pain levels. I have been diagnosed with RA and do not want to use opiates for pain relief. I highly recommend trying this oil.

    + PROS: Tasty and easy to administer.
    - CONS: None
  102. I ordered from there and they still have yet to process my order. Their response time is horrible.

  103. Overall product rating

    have suffered from Fibromyalgia, Degenerative Hip Disease and Osteoarthritis for the past 45 years. I discovered CBD and the relief it offers people that suffer from chronic pain. I did my research and decided on PureKana due to the fact the company uses a solvent free extraction process, it’s Non-GMO and Organic. I started with the Natural Flavor, at a lower dose, and when reordering I ordered the Peppermint at 1000mg along with the Gummies. My pain has decreased from a perscription medicated pain management of 4-5 down to the CBD with a range of 2-3. I never expected to be pain free, and the added relief I receive from CBD, and not a pharmaceutical, is worth it. PureKana is amazing and I highly suggest giving it a try.

    + PROS: have suffered from Fibromyalgia, Degenerative Hip Disease and Osteoarthritis for the past 45 years. I discovered CBD and the relief it offers people that suffer from chronic pain. I did my research and decided on PureKana due to the fact the company uses a solvent free extraction process, it's Non-GMO and Organic. I started with the Natural Flavor, at a lower dose, and when reordering I ordered the Peppermint at 1000mg along with the Gummies. My pain has decreased from a perscription medicated pain management of 4-5 down to the CBD with a range of 2-3. I never expected to be pain free, and the added relief I receive from CBD, and not a pharmaceutical, is worth it. PureKana is amazing and I highly suggest giving it a try.
    - CONS: None
  104. I have paid by bill and still to receive my shipment. I contatced the company who “appreciated” my patience in continuing to await my order 10 days later. I requested a cancelation of my order stating that I would take my business elsewhere. I was informed that my order way too far in the process and could not be canceled. However, the next day I received a shipment traking number which is nothing more than a created lable that has never reached the post office. I doubt they offered black friday specials which is what caused a delay in my order a week later. My sister placed an order minutes before me and she has received her order a couple days ago but mine still has yet to arrive at the post office. Their policy is clearly stated on their website that “items ship within 1-5 days” yet mine has not shipped in nearly 2 weeks. I was offered a 20% discount which I have not seen yet either!

    Very bad business!!!

  105. Overall product rating

    I just placed an order and there was an error in billing shippung. Called and emailed a few times with no response. Not sure how it will go but so far a bit hesitant with a comoany that doesnt answer their phone or respind to emaiks. Not a good sign. We’ll see.

    + PROS: Non yet.
    - CONS: Poor customer service
  106. Overall product rating

    I do like the cbd oil. However, I received the bottle opened, and was charged for an item I never received…. I have sent four emails in the past two weeks, with no response. I now have to contact my credit card to file a claim. Not very happy with this company. Will not buy from again….. be aware of a company that you can only reach threw email!

    + PROS: Good product
    - CONS: Horrible customer service. No response from company, and charges for items that I never received....
  107. Overall product rating

    PureKana has helped me tremendously with my anxiety. I feel like a new person inside and out. I use the 1000mg and i just recently ordered more. Its pricey but its worth every penny!

    + PROS: Helped control and eliminate my anxiety. I feel like I can talk to people more freely and it makes me feel confident.
    - CONS: Price.
  108. Overall product rating

    I use the 1000 mg for chronic pain and have finally gotten some relief. I was desperate for help and had researched cbd oil for a while. There are so many brands and didn’t know which to choose. So I googled the best cbd oil and purekana was one of the suggested oils. Glad it works for me!

    + PROS: Taste Works for my chronic pain
    - CONS: A little pricey but worth it
  109. Overall product rating

    I use the 25mg pills and my two adult children use the 25mg gummies. Being a type A personality and having anxiety this companies products have made me less anxious and much more relaxed and happy and has done the same for my two children ( one with stressful job and other busy college student )

    + PROS: I use the 25mg pills and my two adult children use the 25mg gummies. Being a type A personality and having anxiety this companies products have made me less anxious and much more relaxed and happy and has done the same for my two children ( one with stressful job and other busy college student ) Very easy to use product!!!
    - CONS: Expensive but worth it. Can google discount codes that help!
  110. Overall product rating
    + PROS: Does a great job of controlling my pain from RA, OA, and fibromyalgia. THC content is 0.5 and it does make a difference; being retired, I don’t worry about drug testing. I like the light, clean peppermint taste of this product better than any of the other oils I’ve tried. After placing my order, Pure Kana notified me that delivery would be delayed due to increased orders, giving me the option to cancel my order and get a refund, work out an alternative plan with them, or keep my order, which I did. I received two updates from them, and my order arrived just when they said it would. Excellent customer service!
    - CONS: This is not really a con, but...I could smell peppermint as soon as I opened my mailbox. The bottle was safely packaged in a bubble wrap envelope. While the seal on the bottle wasn’t broken, it didn’t completely cover the cap, no leakage. I relayed this to them in a reply to the delivery notification and received a thank you email from them, letting me know that they would soon be packing their product in boxes and they would work with the manufacturer to correct the seal. So unexpected and greatly appreciated. I love this company!
  111. Overall product rating

    Pure kana has helped tremendously with my anxiety and my boyfriends crohns. We take the 1000mg cbd and enjoy all flavors. It is a bit on the pricey side but totally worth it in my opinion. I would definitely, and have, recommend it to friends.

    + PROS: Taste great, super effective
    - CONS: Pricey
  112. Overall product rating

    Pure Kana has helped my arthritis pain. I started with the 300 mg bottle of Mint (15 drops twice a day sublingually) and graduated to the 1000 mg bottle of Mint (5 drops twice a day sublingually) to get a little more CBD bang for my buck. The mint flavor is very mild but does a good job of masking any unpleasant hemp flavor. Pure Kana is not inexpensive but I am willing to pay for the pleasant taste and expect to pay more for being non-GMO, organic and a solvent free extraction.

    + PROS: Effectiveness, quality, purity, taste
    - CONS: Expensive
    • Couldn’t figure out how to edit or add to my review so I am commenting. I started using Pure Kana’s CBD ointment upon waking for my neck arthritis and the pain relief is nearly immediate.

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