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Medterra CBD Reviews & Ratings
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13 reviews
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  1. Overall product rating

    Started the oil over a week ago & have noticed a big difference in how many & how strong my Hot flashes are… No more night sweats, sleeping better & just all around feeling better. Hot flashes are no joke for us women & after being on harmones for years & then stoping them, I still needed something & the CBD oil is the answer for me. YEAY!!!

    + PROS: Relieved my hot flashes 90% & eased my body inflammation...
    - CONS: Diarrhea after 1st dose... I took a whole dropper... Reduced to 1/2 a dropper next day & that works better.
  2. Overall product rating

    Second day using 500mg tincture for pain. I am also a diabetic. Been experiencing shoulder, knee and joint pain this past yr and hate taking nsaids or other ibuprofen meds as they are so hard on your liver. Taking half dropper after buying the bottle, I drove home 15 mins away and realized my pain was reduced to almost gone by the time i got home. Today After waking up I checked my sugars and it was way better than what I had been experiencing. Through out the day I took another dose in the morning and one tonight and again my sugars are way better than what I normally experience. My pain was gone all day and I feel much more at ease. I can definitely tell that this cbd oil works. I was so skeptical as I bought it at a vape shop. I didn’t expect it to be the real deal. I am buying a bottle to send my mom.

    + PROS: Works as expected and quickly No taste no color and mixes in food too if need be.
    - CONS: None so far
  3. Overall product rating

    Wow, I wish I could leave a positive review, but I felt absolutely no pain relief. My pain is five shoulder surgeries, three blown discs in my neck, a botched foot sorgery and right-sided sciatica. I took it all dutifully and couldn’t tell any difference. I ordered the 1000 mg tincture. It was tasteless.

    + PROS: Tasteless.
    - CONS: A waste of a lot of money. Absolutely no pain relief.
  4. Overall product rating

    We are using the tincture for my daughter’s Tourette’s and it has been working well so far. Tics are way down, mood is better, anxiety is down. She is doing better on this than any of the meds the doctors gave her. My husband also likes the 250mg cream for his joint pain. So glad I found this product!

    + PROS: No taste, no smell which is great for folks with sensory issues.
    - CONS: Would be nice to have a wider variety of strengths to choose from.
  5. Overall product rating

    One of the first CBD tinctures I have tried. Seems to be working quite well. Just ordered my second bottle, a higher dosage and the topical cream. So far I have been very happy with the company.

    + PROS: One of two first time CBD tinctures I have tried. Oil has no taste at all. I do get relief from it, but am up to 1ml twice a day, so ordered the next higher dose bottle. Shipping is very fast. They offer reward points that give you money off products. Shipping is free over a certain amount.
    - CONS: Credit card payments are processed thru a UK based processor. That always flags as a fraudulent charge with my credit card company. So, then I have to tell them, yes, it was me. You also get charged an international transaction fee, but if you tell Medterra, they kindly refund it.
  6. Overall product rating

    My father has al amyloidosis which there is no cure for. His body cannot handle chemo therefore he is striving for quality of life I was told about cbd oil from a cancer survivor and said what the he’ll let’s try it. Not only is it helping with the pain (no more pain meds) his appetite has increased drastically I want to thank evalynn owens of medterra for her help and compassion her thoughtfull,caring, kind words I wish I spoke with more people along this sad journey like evalynn owens thank you for your empathy

  7. Overall product rating

    I have tried Medterra’s CBD cream, both the 250 and the 750. The 250 cleared up my fibro brain fog. The scent was pleasant, a bit menthol-y smelling. I like that smell. I just got the 750 yesterday, and am not nearly as happy with it. There are more other ingredients in it, and the smell is not pleasant to me. The tea tree oil smell is fairly strong (and I don’t like that smell.) The cream is runnier, more of a lotion. I have nerve pain in my leg that neither touches. Glad it helped the fibro fog, though!

    + PROS: CBD cream cleared my brain fog!
    - CONS: Didn't help with my nerve pain in my leg.
  8. Overall product rating

    Didn’t work on my pain at all…even with the 3000mg tincture at 50mg, 75mg, and 100mg per dropper trials repeatedly I received absolutely zero relief. Not worth the money and leaves a really awful oily feel after you swallow it. Yuck!

    + PROS: None
    - CONS: Doesn't work leaves your mouth really really oily
  9. Overall product rating

    This product really Works. I cant say enough about this. To me it is the best on the Market

    + PROS: It WORKS, no more knee pain, sleeping like a baby now, also my wife says I dont snore no more. Also i get leg pain when I drive along time, that is also gone. Also this product has been lab tested..... Again this product Works
    - CONS: none
  10. Overall product rating

    I didn’t think I would be posting this soon about our experience with the Medterra. My husband has been on a prescritption drug for hand tumors associated with early onset Parkinsons for almost 18 months. The drug never worked. 1 hour after taking his first dose of Medterra 500 the tremor was GONE. Can’t wait to see what the next few weeks bring.

    + PROS: Fast acting
    - CONS: None
  11. Overall product rating

    I like this CBD OIL it really works great.

    + PROS: It stops all my pain. I sleep great.
    - CONS: No cons
  12. Overall product rating

    Love the Medterra Gel Capsules – easiest way to take CBD!

    + PROS: Very easy to take and works better than expected!
    - CONS: The 50mg's are a little expensive
  13. Overall product rating

    I’ve been very happy with the Medterra tinctures! They even have a high potency that’s 100mg/ml. Their shipping is super-quick, and customer service is top-notch! No complaints here!

    + PROS: Reasonably priced, tasteless, fast shipping, excellent communication regarding order status, great customer service.
    - CONS: No cons!

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