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Lazarus Naturals CBD Reviews & Ratings
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  1. Overall product rating

    I buy this sample pack every month. I love it.

    + PROS: Love all these products.
  2. Overall product rating

    Good overall price and product.

    + PROS: Great price! I like that the dropper has the 1ML marked on it so you know how much to take. Good customer service.
    - CONS: Shipping is a problem so slow to receive product . And they changed their shipping recently that the standard mail option the cheap option is not there anymore. Should get back the usps option again.
  3. Overall product rating

    I am using the high potency flavorless tincture. I am attempting to improve anxiety, chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic pain, and insomnia.
    I will go so far as to say that this product has almost fully resolved my panic attacks. It has also lessened my chronic pain. I wouldn’t say my pain has vanished, but it’s definitely less than it was. I didn’t realize how much it had helped until I accidentally left my bottle at work over the weekend.
    Unfortunately my insomnia and my CFS have not changed.

    + PROS: Excellent customer service, friendly people. High potency flavorless is mostly flavorless, has a light hint of coconut to it which I like.
  4. Overall product rating

    I love Lazarus! I use the high potency 3000. This is my third brand and by far the best. The disability discount is wonderful and customer service seems to be very responsive

    - CONS: The taste is “weedy” 😄
  5. Overall product rating

    It’s helped me with my Fibromyalgia and Neuropathy
    The only downside it takes forever to get it, I ordered a lot on March 3rd and when I checked on the shipment today it said that label had been printed and will be shipped out when they get it
    It’s really frustrating when you really need it. Also I sent a email and no one has replied back

    + PROS: It's helped me so much with my Fibromyalgia and Neuropathy
    - CONS: It takes forever to get your order, I ordered March 3 and it's still not shipped out, why I don't it's really frustrating when you really need it.
  6. Overall product rating

    Outstanding customer service and by far the best product out there that’s legal in all 50 states. Everyone in my family uses Lazarus products. Highly recommend.

    + PROS: Very effective
    - CONS: Tastes like cannabis, but we understand that’s what it’s supposed to taste like when it’s pure and organic, it’s not cotton candy.
  7. Overall product rating

    I like the full spectrum – I have been getting good pain relief for osteoarthritis (hip) pain. I used to use their RSO and also had good results with this.

  8. Overall product rating

    I have been using Lazarus 3000mg full spectrum oil and have been very pleased. It has given me a feeling of well being and has provided pain relief for my headaches and back pain. It also has provided much needed energy!

  9. Overall product rating

    I do 1ml (50mg) high potency tincture in the morning and I feel very relaxed for about 5 hrs and then I take .5ml (25mg ) and it glides me through the rest of the work day. I love the fact that it’s natural and non-toxic to the body.

    + PROS: Works great for anxiety and relaxation.
    - CONS: None so far.
  10. Overall product rating

    The company is empathic offering a 40% discount forever to vets & the disabled. It’s already one of the lowest priced products in the vetted companies.

    I began to use Lazarus Full Spectrum High Potency in the 6000 mg bottle the evening of 12/23/17. My first full day was the 24th which was an uncomfortable day because I needed to determine how often to take it & the only way I knew to find out was to take drops & wait for pain. Pain broke through roughly every 6.5 hours, so I determined to take it at 12/6/12/6 each day. I was weaning off 18 years of opiate usage for CFS joint pain & extensive arthritis. I was cutting out 4 pills & decided to wean off as quickly as possible. My THC receptors picked up within 24 hours. Each Monday was cut day & I reached my 4th Monday, the last pill to cut, very ill from a severe flare up of Orthostatic Intolerance I think was precipitated by weaning too fast. I was using 50 ml (50 mg) every 6 hours. The only breakthrough pain I ever experienced was on the 26th when I forgot my 6 pm dose. 2 hours later I was hit hard & fast by 8-9 level pain. The 1st week I was cutting 1 pill in the last of the 4 quadrants. That missed dose required I take a 4th pill, but that is the only breakthrough I’ve experienced as of 1/22/18. Each subsequent Monday I cut out the next pill working backwards from the end of the day so as to have more CBD in me at the time the pill was cut.

    Because Full Spectrum is currently illegal in my state & I’m subject to quarterly urine screens, I decided 1) I had to add back one pill to calm my OI, & I cut back my 4 doses to 25 ml of oil. My original routine equaled 2 ml of oil each day which gave me diarrhea.

    I was astonished by the effectiveness of the CBD Oil. That 25 or 50 ml of the oil could replace an opiate pill still is amazing to me. I weaned off a pill each week because I could. Each Monday after deleting a pill & was functioning increasingly on just CBD Oil, I saw no reason not to do so despite warnings I was going too fast.

    This past week I’ve had zero breakthrough & am entirely comfortable taking one opiate morning & night with 4 25 ml oil doses supplementing the other 2 pills I decided not to add back additional pills since my OI flare subsided.

    I’ve not used any brand but Lazarus. I can say my experience proved to me that 50 mg (High Potency) of Lazarus CBD Oil definitely stopped pain as effectively as an opiate pill. I’m waiting to see if a bill to legalize Full Spectrum CBD Oils is passed before cutting out the last 2 pills. If it becomes legal, I plan to use Lazarus FS HP alone permanently. With Lazarus working so effectively do quickly I have no interest in trying other brands. I hope to add Lazarus RSO for extra strength on bad days which will continue to happen regardless of treatment.

    + PROS: Works quickly & effectively.
    - CONS: None.
  11. Overall product rating

    I have been using Lazarus Naturals tincture for 3 months. I used to purchase from a 3rd party, now direct from LN website. I need to walk for 4 hrs a day ( retail big box home improvement) and was in alot of knee pain with braces after miniscus surgery. Now I don’t require any braces or other pain relief. I also can go to sleep easier. A true God-send.

    + PROS: Totally works
    - CONS: None found
  12. Overall product rating

    I love your product, I love the people there. They’ve been very helpful to me! Please don’t put my last name. Or email address. Thank you.

    + PROS: I love their High potency, flavorless CBD oil. I've only been trying it for about 4 days now, and I love it so far. Really seems to relax me, and help with anxiety. They're very fast to get here and I've called them every time I've made an order and they've talked me through it each time. They've been very courteous and nice to me even though I've had to call him quite a few times. The orders were perfect. They have good prices. I'm really impressed!
    - CONS: So far I haven't found any things wrong with them.
  13. Overall product rating

    Full Spectrum, priced right

    + PROS: Full spectrum & Isolate, good prices, discounts for veterans and disabled, high potency available, sample packs available
    - CONS: Tastes earthy, slow shipping
  14. Overall product rating

    I tried Several CBD oils listed on the pinned post. I finally settled on Lazarus 750 mg. The tastes isn’t the best but for me, it worked incredibly on my severe panic attacks, anxiety and chronic insomnia! I just felt better! After three spinal surgeries I wasn’t in as much pain either. Highly recommend it!5 stars!

    + PROS: Good price! Worked like a charm! I want to start vaping too, especially at night. I’m not sure they carry vaping CBD.
    - CONS: The taste was a little narly but nothing too terrible!
  15. Reply
    Tambra (Tammy) Niedwick December 11, 2017 at 9:41 am
    Overall product rating

    I am so happy to receive the new wintermint flavored CBD high potency tincture with my Black Friday purchase! That stuff tastes amazing!!!
    I am bummed however to hear that is not being sold!!! 😖
    I am using 2 sqirts of the unflavored CBD high potency oil/tincture and 1 sqirt (1 ml) wintermint CBD with each dosing…to make the wintermint hopefully last longer.
    Kudos for making the unflavored and wintermint flavors. It is so much better than the original flavor!
    Regardless of the taste…Lazarus Naturals CBD has made a BIG difference in my physical and mental health! (I won’t go into the gorey details…to spare you!)
    Thank you Lazarus naturals for making such a high quality CBD oil/tincture, and at such a reasonable price!!! 😎
    (*oh…and how about considering selling T-shirts? It would be a way for me to tell people about your wonderful products!)

    -please personally advise me if the wintermint flavor comes available. I’m afraid I may miss the public announcement! Don’t wanna do that!!!

    + PROS: *new, palatable flavors (unflavored & wintermint *VERY reasonable pricing!
    - CONS: *wintermint flavor only came in a 15 ml bottle. If it will be sold, I only hope it would be sold in the 2 oz size! Ideally...because of my high usage...a big 4 oz bottle would be the best! I would even consider paying more for the wintermint flavor. That is saying a lot because I need to pinch pennies!
  16. Overall product rating

    I use their 900mg tincture and it is incredible for sleep! Had to use a different brand for the daytime because it makes me so tired!

    + PROS: Sleep inducing Calming properties Price for bottle size
    - CONS: Taste Did not reduce my pain
  17. I have tired the RSO which is 100mg/ml, it is a non filtered version of their tincture. I really like that it is so concentrated so a couple drops go along way. I also have the 6000mg 100ml bottle very mild floral weed taste. Keeps me nice and relaxed.

  18. Reply
    Blakeley Johnson-Taylor November 20, 2017 at 8:46 pm
    Overall product rating

    The jury’s out still. I bought the 7000 whichever is the highest and take three dropperfuls a day. It does help with sleep, but I am not sure about pain. Some say it takes 3 to 4 weeks, so I will see.

    + PROS: Helps with sleep, does not leave a bad taste.
    - CONS: Still waiting on help with pain. Hopefully that will change and I can change my rating
  19. Overall product rating

    I was very happy to find out that this product at a very good price range and I was at first skeptical because of that but once I tried it I was very happy it helps my sleep and helps my husband sleep and my daughter and my oldest son I think we found the oil that we would stick with her now on and then I found out that they have a program to help for people who are disabled which is very caring and makes me feel like they care about their customers it’s very hard to pay for this because not everybody has this type of money but I cannot complain about anything about this product taste of it Fine it works within minutes, and I do not use it during the day only for the night I am excited to try the other product and also a higher dosage thank you so much for the customer service!

    + PROS: Helps with sleep good tasting overall good feeling restful sleep all night long everyone's happy in the home thank you
    - CONS: It wore off pretty fast having to redose after a few hours
  20. Overall product rating

    I use the High Potency and it is amazing. I have not used any other pain medication since I started which was 8/17. I am able to sleep without pain and take care of my daily tasks, it has helped me be able to go for walks again.

    + PROS: Taste is not too bad at all
  21. Overall product rating

    We are using high potency tincture. My son has Diffuse Amplified Musculoskeletal Pain and we were previously unable to manage it with supplements, Rx, or OTC meds. Lazarus tincture immediately brought his baseline pain down to zero. He is now running laps at school, and completed two major hikes in the past week. His pain still flairs, but returns to zero within days. I am using it for a whiplash injury and I’m able to sleep better and tolerate the daily pain much better. We just got the go-ahead from my older son’s medicating psychiatrist to transition him onto CBD and off his meds (her clients have done so with great success)! Very thankful for Lazarus in our home!!

  22. Overall product rating

    Good quality, great prices and customer service.

    + PROS: Good customer service, prices and offer a excellent discount for disabilities
    - CONS: Doesn't taste the best

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