Lazarus Naturals CBD Reviews & Ratings

Lazarus Naturals CBD reviews from real users. User reviews and ratings of Lazarus Naturals CBD hemp oil products.

Lazarus Naturals is a highly reputable seller of full spectrum and isolate CBD oil products made from industrial hemp. They ship to all 50 U.S. states and many international countries (excluding Canada, UK and Australia).

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Lazarus Naturals CBD Reviews & Ratings
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  1. Overall product rating

    Ordered the standard potency tincture as a first time user, along with one from another company. Unfortunately, I’ve tried twice to take it and the taste is so bad, I almost wretch! I emailed the company for advice on what to use to make it go down better. They replied very quickly, but the only suggestion was to take it with a drink. Ummm, yeah, first thing I tried. Hopefully, in this group, I’ll get some tips on a better way to get it down. I’d love to see how well it works, just can’t do that taste!
    I also ordered the coconut oil with CBD in it and use that topically. It does work well on sore areas. The smell is one I would save for at home. It’s coconut oil and a grassy smell that’s not horrible, but not pleasant either and definitely noticeable.

    + PROS: Excellent value. Customer service responded quickly. CBD coconut oil topically works well.
    - CONS: Shipping very slow! Taste of tincture is horrible and can't get it down. Coconut oil with CBD has odd odor.
  2. Overall product rating

    I have tried six or so CBD oils, and Lazarus is by far my favorite. It is what I take in the evening (Lazarus High Potency). Helps with anxiety, fibro pain, and RA pain. Also helps me sleep at night. The taste bothers some–does not bother me. I also take the RSO and have started using the pet oil for my pup.

    + PROS: Best product for anxiety, fibro and RA pain, and sleep aide.
    - CONS: Shipping is my only complaint--much longer than others for shipping time.
  3. Overall product rating

    I truly believe in Lazarus Naturals products. I take a 10 mg capsules before bedtime and sleep great! It helps with anxiety and I occasionally take a 1/2 dropper of regular potency tincture for anxiety. It has eased my anxiety a lot. I use the coconut oil with CBD as a rub on for sore joints, tendonitis in my shoulders and it really helps. Put on bruises and they never come to the surface. Helps with healing.

    + PROS: Takes care of many health problems. A great natural remedy.
    - CONS: None
  4. Overall product rating

    I am so glad to have found Lazarus products, after try 20 different CBD oils, as it has made the biggest difference in my health. Nothing else has come close.

    + PROS: Has a pronounced effect on my Lyme.
    - CONS: Cost of shipping overseas but now they have managed to bring the cost down to a reasonable amount.
  5. Overall product rating

    High potency full spectrum 750 mg helps me with my pain and sleep. love it!!

  6. Overall product rating

    have tried literally everything for my shoulder pain (bilateral rotator cuff tears, bicep tendon tear on right , and SLAP tear on left ). I take care of my mother who is full assist and cannot get surgery for that reason. I’ve tried every over the counter cream and oil, roll ones , and even have prescription lidocaine patches. Tylenol. No NSAIDs. I tried turmeric pills and tea. One day I gave in and thought I’d try the CBD oil. I wanted the 0 % THC as I also work as an RN. I tried the Lazarus Naturals 750mg at half a dropper and was AMAZED that it really worked. When I went to go buy more, the shipment wasn’t in yet so they talked me into something else locally sourced (in Portland ) called Urban Elixirs. It’s 900mg in 30 ml and DOES NOTHING for me. I tried to research the company after the fact and find little info.

    I also discovered that by buying online direct from Lazarus Naturals I pay more than HALF the price of the store. And I absolutely love the earthy taste! I even gave some to my mom who has Parkinson’s and is stiff and has a lot of pain—it helped her too. Amazing stuff

    + PROS: -worked GREAT for my shoulder pain, also worked for my general aches and pains - Helped my mother's Parkinson pain -I loved the earthy taste -High quality and reasonable price -3rd party lab tested with results on their website -locally sourced in Washington state
    - CONS: -none
  7. Overall product rating

    Wow! After trying over priced cbd oils,I like lazarus the best.Great natural flavor.Excellent relief for nausea and anxiety! I use half a dropper twice daily. Glad I did the research. Thanks.

  8. Overall product rating

    Very difficult company to deal with. Excessive shipping costs! Non-responsive to phone calls plus voicemail is always full and can’t leave a message. No response to multiple emails. I would never do business with them ever again!

    + PROS: None. Just another company selling the same stuff.
    - CONS: Doesn’t answer phones. Voicemail is full so can’t leave messages. Doesn’t respond to email.
    • I can’t imagine why you had an experience like this. They have replied to every one of my inquiries although it took a couple days, but I did get answers. Good quality stuff with FREE shipping if you order over $50 and a big discount for disabled, military and low income people.. What other company does this?????

  9. Overall product rating

    When I first started product i had instant results with sleeping. For my anxiety I started using a quarter of a dropper morning, noon, and night it seemed to really help.I would give a higher score if the quality of the product I purchased was better. I was so grossed out!

    + PROS: 225mg worked great for helping me sleep and calm my anxiety.
    - CONS: Had product for one month and it had to be mold that came up into my dropper! Very disappointing to think I was adding mold to my body.
  10. Overall product rating

    Ordered the 3000 ml High Potency CBD Ticture to help treat my severe Fibromyalgia, ME/CFS and chronic mixed headaches along with some tension symptoms… Was anxious to get it so opted to pay for expedited shipping… and glad I did —Received it FAST! Started by shaking formula thoroughly and dropped 1ml (50mg) under my tongue and held for ~30 secs before washing down with water. Tastes strongly of “weed” but isn’t unbearable, although I feel like anybody near me must be able to smell it and think I’ve been smoking pot. But the dozen or so people I’ve come into contact with after ingesting it say they can’t smell anything. So must be because it’s in my own bloodstream. Anyway I experienced FANTASTIC results from the first time I used it! Most of the Research I’ve read suggests you shouldn’t get euphoric effects from CBD oil, but guess I’m an exception. Not only do I get excellent pain relief, but it totally relaxes me and I get a really nice “mellow” and “everything is beautiful” feeling without experiencing a crash later. I do get a case of the munchies – but a small price to pay and is probably easy to control if necessary.
    I’m super excited to keep using this and must make sure I don’t run out. I highly recommend this product.

    + PROS: - Felt Results after first dose - Excellent pain relief - Nice euphoria without crash
    - CONS: - Strong weed flavor, but tolerable - I personally get the munchies (but able to control)
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