Charlotte’s Web CBD Reviews & Ratings

Charlotte’s Web CBD reviews from real users. User reviews and ratings of Charlotte’s Web CBD oil products.

Charlotte’s Web products include CBD hemp oils, capsules, topicals and pet products featuring their proprietary CBD hemp oil extract.

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Charlotte’s Web CBD Reviews & Ratings
8.2 Total Score
35 reviews
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  1. Overall product rating

    I love the product. But it cost a lot and it is hard to measure. I like the old bottle. I really wish I can get the product faster in the mail. Always afraid I will run out. My granddaughter used it for her seizers and can’t be without it.

    + PROS: Love the product
    - CONS: Very slow shipping time Hard to measure Price
  2. Overall product rating

    Intractable Epilepsy. Charlotte’s Web saved my life. I am shocked at the complaints on taste! Grow Up! Also, like all Meds you must dose accurately and consistently!
    4 years LOVE CW and THE REALM OF CARING!

    + PROS: Saves lives
    - CONS: Can’t get locally.
  3. Overall product rating

    Two weeks after placing an order via the Charlotte’s Web CW website my order still shows online as being prepared for shipment. They have not notified me of any unexpected delay and have not responded to a message left one business day ago requesting order status.

    They did charge my credit card for the full amount when I placed my order two weeks ago.

    - CONS: Poor/non-existent customer service. I expect better for a product costing close to $300.
  4. Overall product rating

    I have:
    *Severe (bone deep pain) Restless Leg Syndrome
    *transient unexplained tic (uncontrollable tongue clicking)

    I tried 3 different brands before buying this. I had some successful with one previous brand but it did not contain THC and was cost prohibitive. THC was important for me because of the tic.

    I started out with one drop 3xs a day and worked my way up to 10 drops 3xs a day. After about 1.5 weeks, my tic went away. My anxiety diminished and my bad days of restless leg syndrome were fewer and less severe. CW Advanced gave me life back. I was m i s e r a b l e with my tic. Life altering miserable.

    At $150 for a 30ml bottle, this too is cost prohibitive for me as it lasts a little less than a month. Because of the cost, I decided to try a popular brand that’s half the price. My anxiety, RLS and all over body pain associated with fibromyalgia has returned. I’m miserable and can’t wait to buy CW again. I will never stray again.

    + PROS: Mint Chocolate flavor is palatable Worked for me and my body
    - CONS: Cost prohibitive for me and my budget
  5. Overall product rating

    Just bought Everyday advance upon the advice of a friend .. I have terribly bouts of fibromyalgia. They had no chocolate mint, but I thought ‘how bad can this be?’. Well, I can ‘take it’ if it’s a miracle worker, but this is the most rancid thing – not looking forward to Day 2. $150 regret.

    - CONS: Rancid
  6. Overall product rating

    I started out using every day plus and heard some relief, really bad fibromyalgia arthritis and disc pain also severe nerve damage in both hands and wrists. Switch to every day advance began noticing a floating feeling and having difficulty keeping focused on what I was doing this is very bad when somebody has to drive for a living and interact with people all day long.

    + PROS: Helps with pain sometimes
    - CONS: Wicked expensive, causes sleepiness and disorientation
  7. Overall product rating

    A bit of a mixed review from me on this one. I started my CBD journey with CW Everyday Advanced (the highest potency they offer). I used it at varying doses my first three weeks and didn’t see any symptom relief. One day I’d try 1/4 dropper, the next 1/2 a dropper. I read an article about a woman who used up to 2 dropper fulls at one time, so I tried a full dropper. Then I took it 2x per day or 3x per day – basically I was all over the map, which was a mistake on my part. During this time I started noticing relief of secondary symptoms, not the symptoms I was hoping to change the most but yet still changes. I also started to really enjoy the chocolate mint flavor. At first, it tasted like chocolate mint ashes to me… but later I found myself putting one drop on the tip of my tongue before using the rest sublingually.

    CW has become an emotional favorite of mine. I have a good association with it, I like the taste and it helps me with some minor symptoms, but it doesn’t really touch my main concern. So I use it as sort of a baseline, since my daily dose is higher than some others need. I take 1/4 to 1/2 of my daily needs in CW then the rest I use another product to vape up to levels where I can see symptom relief of the issue that’s primary to me. I’d recommend that CW is definitely worth a try.

    Make sure you request lab results for the batch you get. Then pay attention to the CBD mg/ml numbers. The label refers to “Hemp Extract” mg which is NOT the same as CBD mg. In my two batches, the CBD mg was about 60% of the “Hemp Extract” mg number listed on the label. LAB RESULTS RULE!

    + PROS: Good Quality Taste (Chocolate Mint) 100ml Everyday Advanced is only 5.5 cents per mg Good Value Lab Results available upon request
    - CONS: Shipping time
    • Another PRO
      You can buy at local compounding pharmacies or similar and skip the shipping time

      Another CON
      Confusing Label “Hemp Extract mg” is often mistaken for CBD mg

  8. It’s been 12 days and, according to the provided tracking number, my order isn’t even at the post office.
    I could have walked to Colorado in 12 days.
    I will not order from them again.

  9. Overall product rating

    We had to switch to capsules for my son because the dosage system was too hard on the drops. I wish the dropper had markers! If the capsules don’t work as well we’ll have to change brands.

    + PROS: My son sleeps better some nights.
    - CONS: Very difficult to dose. What is a dropper full? The dropper was filling up to the top at first, but as the bottle got close to half full the dropper doesn't fill up to the top any more and it is impossible to dose it.
  10. Overall product rating

    Very disappointed. Will not purchase from them again.

    + PROS: Good product
    - CONS: Terrible customer service Seriously slow shipping They charge your card before they ship Indequate website.
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