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cbdMD Brand Review

cbdMD uses a proprietary process to create broad spectrum products that contain 0% THC. As a result, their products can be expected to have many of the same benefits of full spectrum CBD oil without the THC. 

The flavor options for their tinctures and vape liquids are very popular among their customers. Especially those who don’t like the “earthy” taste of traditional CBD oil products.

We have been extremely impressed with the professionalism of cbdMD in all areas of their operation. They operate their own farms in Kentucky and Colorado, and their own lab and production facilities. They also have a strong dedication to customer service and they go above and beyond to ensure that their customers are satisfied. Their 30-day money back guarantee is proof of their commitment to product quality and customer service.

cbdMD’s prices are on the lower end of the market and they also offer free shipping on all orders to all 50 U.S. states. This means an exceptional value for the high-quality products and exceptional customer experience that they deliver.

  • Popular products: Broad spectrum CBD oil drops, vape oil, capsules, topicals, bath bombs and pet tinctures
  • Source of hemp: Organically-grown in Colorado and Kentucky
  • Extraction method: CO2
  • Tincture carrier oil: MCT oil (fractionated coconut oil)
  • Prices: Low (as low as $0.05 per mg of CBD)
  • Shipping cost: Free shipping on all orders
  • Countries served: U.S. only (all 50 states)

Click Here to Visit the cbdMD Website [15% Off Coupon: cbdoilusers]


Includes free shipping to all 50 U.S. states and 30-day money back guarantee

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cbdMD User Reviews

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cbdMD Reviews & Coupon Code for 2019
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  1. Overall product rating

    I’ve used the capsules and mint flavored oil from cbdmd, as well as the peanut butter oil for my dog. Their products are high quality and work well, and the prices with free shipping are great. I’ve been combining the capsule every morning with my Zoloft and it’s greatly helped my anxiety. The oil I use for myself at night to help me sleep. I can’t say enough good things about CBD and what it has done for myself and my dog.

    + PROS: Great flavors, convenient, excellent variety of products, free shipping, reasonable prices
    - CONS: None
  2. Overall product rating

    I just started with the 750mg bottle and I can tell it’s helping with my anxiety. My pain level is still bad so I ordered the 1500mg bottle to try to help. I know it’s been only a week since I started the oil and I have read it can take up to a month for some people to help the pain but I feel that it will work. I have been on oxycodone, hydrocodone, and morphine for 21 years and I have had enough. I really hope like hell this helps!!! Again I truly believe it will. As for the taste of this product is really good. I have gotten the berry flavoured. Again its helped my anxiety and it’s only been a week. I tried not taking my oxycodone for 3 days and never came close to the withdrawals so if you want off pain killers this product will help!!! Again as for my pain it has helped a little. I am already down to 3 pills a day instead of 4. So if anyone reads this PLEASE try this product. It really seems to help. Next month at this time I will tell you if it has helped my pain to the point I don’t need the pills. I really believe by me using this product I will be off of them and just using CBDMD oil for my pain needs.

    + PROS: It works!! Taste good!! And price is really good!!
    - CONS: None
  3. Overall product rating

    Just purchased gummies 750 mg and recieved then quickly and was packaged well!! Tastes good and they work!! 🙂

    + PROS: These gummies work! 750 mg broad-spectrum, will buy again!
    - CONS: would love to see less sugar coating on gummies.
  4. Overall product rating

    I have been using this product for over a month now and anxiety is gone. Love this product and the customer service is wonderful.

    + PROS: Excellent Taste Works great
    - CONS: None
  5. Overall product rating

    Have not used a narcotic pain pill since starting to use CBD oil July 10, 2018 after using them regularly for over 25 years because of back, neck, and knee pain. My pain doctor is so proud she’s telling other patients about CBD oil.

    + PROS: Taste is much more palatable than my previous one. Thinner viscosity allows the drops to be absorbed more quickly than the other one I used. Less expensive. Seems to be more effective for me and at a smaller dose.
    - CONS: None so far.
  6. Overall product rating

    I have tried about six different brands and loved the results from cbdMD the best. I have Fibromyalgia, MS, Osteoporosis and Chronic fatigue. My ONLY reason for not continuing with it was the cost. I am on Social Security. Wish they would offer an assistance program like some other brands do. Love that they are a Broad Spectrum also because thc makes me very sleepy.

    + PROS: Pain relief Taste
    - CONS: Cost
  7. Overall product rating

    I’ve suffered from anxiety/ panic attacks since I was a child.
    I’ve tried a half dozen anti anxiety meds/ depression meds…nothing worked.
    Finally, I came across a post on fb about cbd oil. I decided I had nothing to lose. I tried two different brands before I fell in love with cbdmd.
    There was a point in my life that I thought I couldn’t drive anymore. I was unable to sit at red lights without having a panic attack. I wasn’t able to go shopping without feeling like I was going to pass out from my social anxiety.
    I started with the 100mg sublingual drops and I am now taking the 300mg mint flavored cbd oil 5 drops in the am and 5 drops at bedtime.
    My anxiety is Gone!! I can go shopping. I can sit at a traffic light. I actually caught myself singing at Home Depot today ????
    I’m a 35 year old mother and wife. I feel the happiest and healthiest I have in years. I’m so incredibly grateful for cbdmd.

    + PROS: Cost-flavor- how quickly it works!
    - CONS: Nothing!
  8. Overall product rating

    My husband has arthritis in both knees, he broke both knees in his 20’s & 30’s, and has been using cbdmd 1500 mg since May. He said his arthritis pain is much more manageable with the cbdmd oil. I am ordering for the second time today. I recommend this to anyone with arthritis pain.

  9. Overall product rating

    Update: finished week 2 of using CBDmd oil for my high functioning ASD /Anxiety / Depression 13 year old. Already seeing a notable decrease in his generalized anxiety as well as an increase in his sensory tolerance. Today was an unbelievable day. Hanging out with friends and participating and enjoying himself. So grateful to see him get some relief.

    + PROS: Good results Palatable taste for my sensory avoidant son
    - CONS: Slightly pricey
  10. Overall product rating

    I suffer from anxiety and migraines and started using cbd products when I wanted to focus on natural pain relief and not feel the side effects from narcotic based medications. I tried a number of different cbd brands and didn’t like the feeling they gave mostly floating or even harsher headaches. I tried cbdMD as a suggestion from a friend and have been loyal for about 6 months now. It’s the first brand where it actually helped with relief of my headaches and anxiety. I currently use the tincture oil 1500mg as well as the vape oil. My mother has fibromyalgia and sciatica and I purchased the freeze roll on and she loves it.

    + PROS: great price wonderful customer service provided relief light taste
    - CONS: would love to be able to pack items together in a bundle.
  11. Overall product rating

    This stuff’s amazing!!!

    + PROS: Great taste. Delivers CBD quality as promised. Zero THC as promised! Fast delivery. This stuff’s the bomb!
    - CONS: I can’t think of any!
  12. Overall product rating

    I bought the oil for one of my daughters for her anxiety and depression and the pills for my other daughter for her anxiety as well as the bath bombs and Dog treats for our 16yr old Pomeranian who is blind and has been moving slower. The dog treats work very well for her she moves better and she has better perception of where she is and going. Both the oil and pills work great for the girls, I can see a difference when they are on the CBD and when they haven’t used for awhile. The bath bombs are so relaxing. I have started using the CBD for my Sciatica and for more focus at work and Its great. We continue to Purchase from CBDMD and have referred alot of people to use the company as well.

    + PROS: see above Great Products
    - CONS: NO cons
  13. Overall product rating

    I totally lucked out and won this from the CBD Oil Users contest. Being a liquid, it sat on my dresser for weeks before I got the courage to try it, simply because I’ve read so many posts about how tincture tastes worse than dirt. NOT THIS BRAND. I ordered the berry, it is most palatable and pleasant tasting. NO GAGGING WHATSOEVER. More importantly, it targets the pain almost immediately. Customer service is excellent; the agent who helped me choose the correct product was most helpful. Product arrived in timely fashion and very carefully wrapped. I’m on 1500 mg. twice daily, but find I need more throughout the day. Perhaps I incorrectly assessed my pain levels? Yes, it is pricey, but I’ll cut something else out in order to afford this. Appreciate the 15% off coupons.

    + PROS: It's an excellent product that delivers immediate pain relief.
    - CONS: A bit pricey.
  14. Overall product rating

    Firs time user purchased for back pain after second dose noticed relief of back pain. After 8 days also noticed it was also reducing the level of burning feet due to neuropathy.

    + PROS: Quick relief
    - CONS: Taste, my fault, should have ordered flavored
  15. Overall product rating

    I suffer from chronic dibilating neck pain from my c spine c1 -T1. I have multiple issues with my joints in my neck, bulging discs, and central canal stenosis. Most of my pain stems from root nerves and the occipital nerves, and migraines. I also have anxiety. I’ve started taking the 1000mg in pill form. I noticed a difference inmediately. I am able to sleep at night and for longer than 4 hours. My pain is gone. My anxiety is gone. I no longer want to kill myself. I would recommend this to anyone.

    + PROS: Easy dosaging Easily portable
    - CONS: I wish it didn't cost as much, and the company offered discounts or had sales.
  16. Overall product rating

    I absolutely love this product. I have chronic migraines and CBDmd had reduce my pain. I am very happy!!

  17. Overall product rating

    I think it is a wonderful product. I think it has helped my neuropathy. The feeling and pain of neuropathy is a lot more tolerable.

    + PROS: I have bad neuropathy pain. 1500mg has really help the pain. It also makes the numbness not so noticeable. I think it is really helping me.
    - CONS: I wish it was a little cheaper so I can afford it better. Will use as long as I can.
  18. Overall product rating

    I can now dry my own back after a shower ,remove a t-shirt over my head and put my hair in a ponytail and any number of things I could no longer do without pain .Thinking of upping my dosage to see what else is
    possible .Thank you thank you thank you !!!!!!

    + PROS: It works
    - CONS: a bit pricey
  19. Overall product rating

    The best product.

    + PROS: Got off 3600 milgram Gabapinten and controlled Migraines. All gone. And no sideffects. Helped with ED too.
    - CONS: None
  20. Overall product rating

    I have been using the pet drops for about 4 months. My dog had a issue grieving for his sister. The pet drops have calmed him and there is an added benefit of some pain relief for his hip dysplasia. It has been a great relief for him.

    + PROS: The multiple benefits of the oil and it's peanut butter flavor is pleasing. Also it ships really fast.
    - CONS: While it ships very fast and I am very pleased with the service, I would prefer to be able to get it at my local pet supplier.
  21. Overall product rating

    I have 2 bulged disc’s in my lower back and have been living with horrible back pain for almost 4 years. I started using the 1500mg oil with a dose in the morning and evening. Seriously, this oil has changed my life! What a difference! Great product.

    + PROS: Real pain relief!
    - CONS: None
  22. Overall product rating

    I love the Recover cream 750 mg. The best I have tried for arthritis and muscle pain.

  23. Overall product rating

    I won a sweepstakes with several of their products. I just love the inflammation formula cream. It smells amazing so has an aromatherapy effect, goes on so smooth and helps with achy muscles. Great product!

  24. Reply
    Kathy Pszczolkowski June 4, 2018 at 2:23 pm
    Overall product rating

    I just started taking the 100mg berry flavor. I use anothe brand that I take at night. It has a horrible taste, but the CBDMD is fine. A pleasant taste. It helps with my arthritis pain and back pain too. I think that I have found my gold.

    + PROS: Good taste Pain relief
  25. I’ve tried several different brands and based on quality, price and customer service these guys are my go to without question.

  26. Overall product rating

    I love it. I’ve been taking the 3 drops of the 1000 ml in the morning and 1 drop at night. My knees don’t hurt any more and I’ve started back at the gym.

    + PROS: My knees don't hurt and it's easy to take.
    - CONS: I had to experiment with the 300 and 1000 ml to see what worked. It would b nice to have some guidance with dosage.
  27. Overall product rating

    I started using this oil about 4 weeks ago. I originally bought the 300 mg bottle, but it did little to help my chronic hip and back pain. My husband suggesting doubling up, which I did, and it made quite a difference with my hip pain, but not my back pain. I received my 1,000 mg bottle on Friday and I have been taking a dose in the morning and in the evening. Not only has it helped even more with my hip pain, I now have no back pain. It has been so long since I have been virtually pain free, I still cannot believe it. My husband described me as “spry” in the morning, when I used to be able to barely crawl out of bed. I am SO grateful for the relief from pain. Thank you cbdMD!!

  28. Overall product rating

    This is the Best CBD oil I’ve Ever used!! It’s the Only oil that Allows me to sleep through the night w/o back pain!!!

    + PROS: This is The BEST CBD oil of used!!! I've tried 4 other brand's that were organic and still had back pain at night. I have arthritis in my back, knee, angle and tendinitis on both hands. I ran out and tried a different brand that I had and had back pain for a whole week. I ordered my CBDMD and started taking it again yesterday and slept Amazing w/o any back pain!! Thank you so much for such an Amazing Oil!!
    - CONS: None it's perfect
  29. Overall product rating

    Customer service is top notch. Just purchased the Peanut Butter CBD oil for dogs for the first time to treat my dog’s severe anxiety. When calculating which strength to purchase, I made a mistake on my part. Becca from customer support went above and beyond to correct my order. This is a company I’m glad to continue purchasing from.

    + PROS: Great customer support
  30. Overall product rating

    Currently using 3000 mg strength from here. Had previously used 750 mg and 2500 mg from another company, but didn’t have any noticeable pain relief. Switched to the 3000 mg unflavored CBD OIL from here. Felt relief from my knee pain by the third day! My knee is in bad shape and it needs to be replaced, but have put off that step. Get a cortisone shot every three months, which usually gives me some relief for about 3 weeks. I started taking the 3000 mg CBD OIL about a week before my shot was due. I was amazed at the pain relief. I almost did not get my cortisone shot because the pain was almost gone, but I went ahead and got the shot, just in case. The 3000 mg CBD OIL is amazing! I will definitely order it again.

    + PROS: Pain relief and no side effects.
    - CONS: None
  31. Overall product rating

    As promised. I am using the 1500 mg CBD Oil in orange flavor. Sleeping better and anxiety is getting under control. Most noticeable is the neuropathy is all most completely gone in my feet. No pain.

    + PROS: Great taste , works very quickly with results!
    - CONS: None so far
  32. Overall product rating

    This may have cured my disease. I have been diagnosed with Idiopathic Livedoid vasculopathy about 4.5 years ago. I have been through the ropes and have tried all kinds of prescription medications. The only one that seems to manage the disease is the wonder drug prednisone. But for you that know of prednisone, it is a miracle drug for short time usage and not long term. Well I have been on it for about 4 years and it has taken a toll on my body. So I started taking CBD oil about 1.5 months and it is amazing. Today was the first day that I didn’t take Prednisone and hope I never again.

  33. Overall product rating

    Think I’ve finally found my pot of gold! The oil works better than all of big Pharmas and hated the way they made me feel. I’m officially off of those now. Thank you.

  34. Overall product rating

    I tried the Freeze on my back. In 5 minutes I was pain free. 2 hrs later I’m still pain free. I’d recommend Freeze. I’ll buy it again.

    + PROS: Worked fast. No bad smell. After 2 hrs I'm still pain free. Definitely recommend Freeze.
    - CONS: N/A
  35. Overall product rating

    I wasn’t sure about which product to get. I called and spoke with Becca and she was extremely helpful! Looking forward to getting results.

  36. I’ve been hesitant on trying CBD oil just because there really isn’t much information out there on it. I called to get a little more information about it and Becca was so helpful. I wish I had called sooner!

  37. I did something moronic and didn’t read before my purchase I accidentally asked for vape oil instead of tincture… I put in my questions to customer service and within the hour got a call from a sweet lady, who helped me with my dilemma… I have bought cbd oil from a few different places and cbdmd is by far the BEST customer service I have had the courtesy of talking to… Thank you and most definitely will be purchasing my product from here…

  38. Overall product rating

    I ordered a bottle of the 750mg and the order came in just a few days. I tried it for about a week, with not much of a change. So now I’m going to be ordering the next dose up to see if it is any more effective. However, I did give it to my dad and he hasn’t felt this great in twenty years! It helped with his gastrointestinal issues, chronic pain, and anxiety better than any of the medications he has been prescribed. I absolutely recommend this product for both the effects and the customer service.

    + PROS: Virtually tasteless Fast acting High quality Fast and free shipping
    - CONS: Lowest dose wasn't effective on me
  39. Overall product rating

    I recently ordered to get some help with sleeping. amazing! But I did mess up my order. Thank goodness for Becca. She was so so helpful and got everything straightened out for me! I didn’t expect such great customer service.

  40. Overall product rating

    The customer service is out of this world! Becca you are awesome, I hope I deal with her if I have any more questions or need help.

  41. Overall product rating

    I received my 1000 mg Mint vaping liquid last Thursday and I am now strictly a cbdMD loyal customer. I have never been happier with any cbd vaping liquid as what I am now. Excellent product, exceptional price and prompt, speedy delivery!
    Thank you, cbdMD!

    + PROS: Excellent product Exceptional Price Prompt, speedy delivery
    - CONS: Nothing negative to say about cbdMD.
  42. Overall product rating

    First, let me say that no other pharmaceutical or supplement could relieve my pain. CBD oil is the only thing that has helped. The bath bombs from cbdmd are incredible. Your bathroom will smell good for days. You will feel relaxed and possibly sleepy. I just started to be active again which means pain. I get in a cbdmd bath after activity and have no issues with sore muscles or achiness. I am a huge fan of these. I have used three other brands. So far, no one can compare to cbdmd bath bombs. What a wonderful gift for a woman in your life regardless of whether they have pain or not. CBD oil is healthy period. We have cannibinoid receptors in our body. Why would God put them there if we were not supposed to have CBD oil? Do this right with candles, a soft bath pillow or two, and some soothing music.

    I have used the CBDmd tincture at 3000 mg in the berry flavor. The taste is light and pleasant. I am used to no flavoring at all. The oil seemed lighter and absorbed under my tongue very quickly. I take 25 mg three times a day for pain from an auto immune disorder. I worked up to that. I started by vaping a 100 mg disposable pen and felt so relaxed I was surprised by it. I prefer the tincture delivery system because I don’t mind the taste and it can bypass the liver and start working immediatly. Highly recommend this product. You just have to find your level that you need.

    + PROS: 100 mg of cbd oil to be absorbed by the largest organ in your body - your skin. Essential oils which have numerous benefits and keep your skin very soft and hydrated. Smells terrific
    - CONS: Don't have time to take a cbd bath everyday.
  43. Overall product rating

    This product helped me to not use Norco & pain patch.

    + PROS: Less pain pill & pain patches
    - CONS: Nasty taste of oil.
  44. Overall product rating

    I was doubtful at first even after reading all the benifits. The customer service is out of this world great. The cbd does all that it claims to, and your not making it up. No side effects. It did take me couple weeks to notice changes, even I was amazed. Best sleep ever and weening off gabutenin for pain. The full spectrum is the way to go. And delivery is 3 days for me. I even got my mom and brother taking it.

    + PROS: Does all it says it does.
    - CONS: None
  45. Overall product rating

    Cbd soft gels i am currently taking seem to be a good quality product; helps with sleep; pain; stress, anxiety

    + PROS: Helps with pain ; stress; and sleep
    - CONS: none known
  46. Overall product rating

    I love this product . The amazing customer service and quality products make this a place I will be sure to order from again.

    + PROS: Excellent product worth every penny .With amazing customer service.
    - CONS: It does take a bit getting to you bit it's worth the wait.
  47. Overall product rating

    I ordered my tincture oil and bath bombs, then received them within days! I am always reluctant when ordering online items. I did read the reviews before making my purchase and I was pleasantly surprised. The reviews are true! They do have very quick and effiecent customer service reps. Becca responded to me within minutes and even sent me an extra bottle of tincture, even though it was my own fault that I fat fingered my order and pressed oringal flavor when I meant to click on mint flavor! Thank you so much! I can’t wait to actually try the product now 🙂

    + PROS: Quality Customer service Quick response times Quick delivery
  48. Overall product rating

    I’m so happy that I found this company! I had no idea what to get but I called and talked to Becca and she helped answer my questions. I wish I had definitely done it sooner.

    + PROS: It's great, taste good!
    - CONS: No cons
  49. Overall product rating

    Slightly confused as a newbie yet was confident after receiving to. Help me . So thankful with the order of
    cedilla. After 1st dose was at ease,2nd dose definitely feeling benifits

    + PROS: Quick response to question Ex plained dosage and methods of products use Very kind and knowledgable
    - CONS: None
  50. Overall product rating

    I have type1 prostate cancer. I have been using the capsules for 2 months(16.6mg first and 25mg for second month/twice daily). My PSA was 5.6 when I started the cbd. Just had it checked and it was 3.3!!!

    + PROS: It is working. PSA dropped 2 points. Chronic pains are less and I feel great
    - CONS: COST
  51. Overall product rating

    Got a surprise with a foreign charge on my credit card.

    + PROS: I like the product, it’s suttle, but I think it’s helping.
    - CONS: I was disappointed about seeing a foreign charge of 1.67 on my credit card. I went to my bank and they found out that the company uses a foreign bank to process our credit card. My bank called and they reversed the charge on my cc. Didn’t like not knowing about this when I ordered two bottles.
    • This is common for CBD purchases online. US banks and payment processors do not allow CBD products so the CBD companies have to use foreign payment processing solutions. The fee is charged by the credit card companies and banks, not the CBD companies.

  52. Overall product rating

    Ordered the orange CBD oil in 750mg, this was my first time using any cbd products. I suffer from anxiety and insomnia and had a family member suggest them. The taste is pretty good not too strong to where it leaves a bad aftertaste. I like the effects so far.

    + PROS: Great taste Fast shipping User friendly
    - CONS: None yet
  53. Overall product rating

    Love there cbd great taste and service

    + PROS: Great taste and very effective
    - CONS: Higher dosage in cbd vape oil
  54. Overall product rating

    I am using their 1000mg 60 ml bottle any flavor and it has helped with my chronic pain and other nasties I live with. Just ordered their vape oil, so will post again.
    Customer service is wonderful and their shipping times are great.

    + PROS: Ease of taking. Great customer service.
    - CONS: Nadda
  55. Overall product rating

    To start my customer service was the best I have ever had her name was Becca and she was so informative and I was a little reluctant to try the product at first but after speaking with her I felt totally confident in buying the product and I am so glad I did I really don’t think I could get through the day without it. The amount of pain relief is like day night I love love love it

    + PROS: Works amazingly the pain is gone within minutes
    - CONS: I didn't find it sooner
  56. Overall product rating

    I was having trouble sleeping, constant body aches and muscle spams and a friend of mine told me to give this a try. I’m so glad I did. I’ve slept well and have been feeling great for about 2 weeks now. Becca was amazing. She was able to answer all of my many questions being that I was a Newby and I had no knowledge of this product at all. Thanks Becca

  57. Overall product rating

    Great customer service. Becca answered all my questions and I look forward to getting my oil very soon.

  58. Overall product rating

    Love, love, love the product and customer service. I spoke with Becca and she helped explain CBD oil to me. I was nervous to try it but I’m so glad that I did!

  59. Overall product rating

    First time I tried it. Instantly approved. Great and slept great. I recommend to anyone who has chronic pain or trouble sleeping

  60. Overall product rating

    I tried cbd oil from a local store and it was really, really expensive and in a heavy glycerine that was difficult to both measure an take.

    This oil is light so it is easy and pleasant to take – and is much less expensive.

    I now look forward to going to bed because I know I will sleep – not toss and turn for hours.

    It ships and arrives incredibly quickly and customer service (Becca) is fantastic.

    I am now ordering for friends!

    + PROS: Fall asleep faster and have a restful sleep, relieves my chronic backache, losing weight (my favourite part), overall feeling of well being.
    - CONS: None
  61. Overall product rating

    So, on a whim I tried this product. I’ve been really looking for some kind of relief for my pain, I’ve tried just about everything. I started using it and it took about 2 weeks but I noticed a huge difference. I called their customer service to get a little information and they were so nice, I believe her name was Becca. I highly recommend this company!

    + PROS: Awesome customer service!
  62. Overall product rating

    Always willing to help you with your product or track your order. Very friendly !

  63. Overall product rating

    First off, I received a bottle that had spilled in transit. They replied back to me immediately and offered to replace the bottle. Their Customer service is Awesome and the product itself is amazing.

    + PROS: Great taste. It has improved my chronic fatigue, & my fibromyalgia symptoms such as; sleep, stiffness, headaches, digestion issues and my moods and I've only used half a bottle so far....
    - CONS: The cost.
  64. I am trying the berry flavor 300mg tincture and am so happy with the hip pain relief I have experienced from the first day.The pain isn’t completely gone but the reduced intensity makes it bearable. I asked customer service a question and received a prompt and useful answer.

    • I’m always a sceptic with EVERYTHING. I’ve been using the 300mg berry drops. I think it is actually helping my bad leg pain. I’m not limping as much!

  65. Overall product rating

    Wonderful customer service – had an issue, and Jerry from cbdmd took the BEST of care and resolved the issue that same day!!!

    Wonderful product – works very well on my Spinal Stenosis & will continue to use cbdmd!! This is a great company – and will continue my business with them in the future!!!!

    + PROS: Best stuff in the World
    - CONS: Not a damn thing!!!
  66. Overall product rating

    I’ve been using their tincture now for a while and really like the results. I rarely feel anymore pain in my knee at all. I highly recommend this brand!

    + PROS: Really good price for such a great product!
    - CONS: None !
  67. Overall product rating

    Been taking the orange 750mg for the past 2 months. Very smooth flavor and I highly recommend! Take it for anxiety and migraines. It’s my first cbd company but no reason to try another!

    + PROS: Great price for the quality you get
    - CONS: It’s not free
  68. Overall product rating

    A friend recommended Cbdmd to me, for my sleeping troubles. The products available on the site are just amazing to me. Drops, vape juice, creams and freeze are just amazing. Anything for anyone. Even pets 😀

    + PROS: -Free shipping anywhere in the US -High quality products -Great customer support/quick response time -Great prices for the products -Great flavors (natural is also very very good!)
    - CONS: Honestly, I haven’t had a bad experience
  69. Overall product rating

    I was told about this product through a friend said it should help with my anxiety and depression. I’ve had it for a few weeks now and so far so good. What other products are offered?

    + PROS: Everything
    - CONS: Nothing
  70. Overall product rating

    I’m a first time believer!!!

    + PROS: It actually works!!!
    - CONS: Little pricey!!!
  71. Overall product rating

    This is an amazing product. I am in constant back pain and never sleep well. With this product, I slept like a baby.

    + PROS: Best product and customer service ever!! Amazing!!
    - CONS: None!
  72. Overall product rating

    Tried the 1000mg CBD oil tincture drops for my wife’s fibromyalgia pain. Compared to another CBD product, this one did nothing for her pain. While they claim it is a full spectrum CBD oil, it really seems to be an isolate. The price was good, that was it.

    + PROS: Price is good
    - CONS: Didn't work. We went back to a more expensive brand that is working.
  73. Overall product rating

    This is the only brand I’ve tried for vape oil and I love it. Just reordered the mint and vanilla flavors and I’m happy with the results so far. It’s effective for my fibromyalgia pain, anxiety disorder and I have been sleeping well since I’ve started using it. I have always had trouble getting good sleep.

    + PROS: Tastes great and it’s effective.
    - CONS: Contains pg but it doesn’t seem to bother me. Some people prefer vape oils to be made with vegetable glycerin.

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