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Verified CBD Reviews & Ratings
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  1. Overall product rating

    I used an hadchronic pain in back and Opiods weren’t working so I usrdcbd oils and now my pain has lessen and I sleep at night. also my friends and family use with there cancer treatments

    + PROS: It works no side affects.
    - CONS: Cost to high
  2. Overall product rating

    I currently order from this company and I am at the 750 ml dose, two droppers 2xday. The natural flavor is fine and it definitely helps me with my arthritis and blood sugar. The company shipping is very quick. I had run out of oil at one point and it took me about 2 weeks to get it replaced (another story) and I was so happy with Verified’s quick response.

    + PROS: Nice flavor, fast acting
    - CONS: None
  3. Overall product rating

    I usually do not leave reviews, but in regards to this product and how well it has helped my anxiety, I figured it would help others with their decision on if they should buy VerifiedCBD

    I ordered two bottles of the 1oz/30ml 500mg for $77 on sale.

    Let me start by saying this product is very potent! It is fast acting I followed the recommended dosage and within 20 minutes I would say I seen immediate relief and was feeling very clear headed, free minded of anxiety, aware, focused and somewhat energetic(may vary for others); I dose for anxiety and would HIGHLY recommend considering its potency and price point. If I had some sort of physical pain I would not be surprised to see this product diminish that pain as well, as it has done to my anxiety.

    They also have great customer service and reply quickly, they also have other products which I will more than likely be trying in the future.

    + PROS: Fast acting Solid price point Very Potent Clear headed Focused Aware Neutral taste Immediate relief Energetic(for me at least)
    - CONS: None I can thing of
  4. Overall product rating

    I ordered 3 bottles of the 500 mg CBD oil from this company (1 bottle my first order, then 2 more bottles). I received the products within 4 days of ordering them. I built my dosage up, and am only taking 10 drops twice daily. I’ve seen a significant difference in the pain I experience from RA. I highly recommend ordering from this company. Not only are they prompt on shipping, the price is right as well.

    + PROS: Fast delivery, effective results.
    - CONS: None noted.
  5. Overall product rating

    I have used this brand in the past and it worked great. The flavor was mild and the price was good.

    + PROS: Effective. Mild flavor. Good price and fast shipping.
    - CONS: None

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