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Populum CBD Reviews & Ratings
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  1. Overall product rating

    I started using Populum for depression and anxiety. I started small, .25ml twice a day, and that seems to be all I need as I can tell a complete 180 in my attitude when I forget to take it. I used to get irritated easily, feel lost or lonely, have anxiety over small situations (did I leave the garage door open?), and I used to have to double and triple check everything I did. I noticed a difference within the first day honestly, and I went into it believing it would not work. It took about a week for full effects.
    The oil tastes great.

    + PROS: Works Tastes good
    - CONS: Expensive
  2. Overall product rating

    This is wonderful. Took about three weeks to work, but sleep much better, anxiety is a lot lower. Helps some with pain. I love the 30 day money-back guarantee and that is why I tried this company – what did I have to lose? So happy I tried it. Very happy.

    + PROS: Works great - 30 day money back guarantee, auto ship
    - CONS: none
  3. Overall product rating

    I’ve been using Populum Signature 500mg for about 5 weeks now. I began using it for Essential Tremor, which is a neurological condition that causes tremors in hands, arms, voice and head nods, as well as internal resting tremors, which I mostly experience. I have been very conservative in my doses, building up slowly after beginning with a very low dose. So far, I do feel it is helping to calm the tremors, and hope as I continue to build up my dosage, there will be even more pronounced results. I am sleeping better and feel calmer, as well. I love the taste and feel it is a great quality tincture.

    + PROS: Definite results, great taste, and great quality.
    - CONS: A bit pricey.
  4. Overall product rating

    Populum CBD oil was the first CBD oil that I tried after a patient’s wife in the waiting room of the neurologist’s I was about to see for my sciatica told me that I reminded her of what her husband had looked like a few weeks earlier and asked me if I had heard about CBD oil. She went on to showing me pictures of her husband bent over a walker like the one I was using that day. Then she told me about some oil that they bought out of desperation after someone told them about CBD’s. They bought it from Populum and after just a week of placing a dropper half full of this oil under his tongue 3 times a day. Soon her husband came out of the exam room standing up straight and he asked me if I had heard of CBD oil! They showed me their bottle of CBD oil and I made note of the company. The neurologist performed several tests and told me that I had severe neuropathy and sciatic nerve dystrophy. She said that I must be in a lot of pain. I went home and googled Populum and decided to order an ounce of CBD oil. I followed the instructions and by the 3rd day the pain had subsided somewhat but on the 4th day I could feel a huge difference in my pain! I probably used too much but I was just focused on getting rid of all of the pain which I did by the end of the week! I’m a disabled veteran and I was in a chronic pain support group at the VA. There are now a dozen vets that have seen great reductions in their pain and even more are trying it especially after Populum just added a “Veterans’s Program” by giving us a 25% discount! I’ve tried several different companie’s CBD oil products trying to find the best product at a price that I can afford and with the discount Populum has risen to the top! They have a 30 day no risk trial with a no questions asked money back guarantee! Then to top it off their customer service is second to none! Thank you Populum for giving me my life back!! P.S. Their products are all lab tested for purity and quality!
    Give them a try!

    + PROS: Great Products and great customer service!
    - CONS: I really don’t have any! I wish they had more products?
  5. Overall product rating

    Taste good and works great. Still trying different accompanies so far this ones the best

    + PROS: Great pain reducer and less expensive than many others.
    - CONS: None

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