Palmetto Harmony CBD Reviews & Ratings

Palmetto Harmony CBD reviews by real users. User reviews and ratings of Palmetto Harmony CBD hemp oil products.

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Palmetto Harmony CBD Reviews & Ratings
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  1. Overall product rating

    We have been using Palmetto with our son for about 3 weeks now and the difference in him is amazing. Within about 15 minutes of giving it to him, his OCD stops and he completely calms. We are so happy with the results. Thank you Palmetto for making such a great product!

    + PROS: Calming, eliminates OCD with just 10 drops on my 15 year old son.
    - CONS: None
  2. Overall product rating

    Amazing! It’s very calming. I’ve only used their vape oil. It’s 100% VG so it’s very thick. My vape actually won’t tolerate 100% VG, so I use cbdMD vape oil (VG/PG blend) to thin it out. I’d love to try their tincture but it’s very expensive.

    + PROS: Very relaxing Has amazing cannabinoid/terpene profile Great customer service
    - CONS: Expensive, but it’s a very high quality product.
  3. Overall product rating

    Amazing product …I recently purchased the Aura Vape …and it not only met my expectations it exceeded them . This product is very calming and helps tremendously with my pain and inflammation from OA . Beyond Happy ! I will be purchasing again !

    + PROS: smooth vape very calming relieves pain and inflammation
    - CONS: None
  4. Overall product rating

    I first ordered from Palmetto Harmony because I was looking for a Kentucky grown strain, since it seemed what I had tried so far, Kentucky source worked better than Colorado source. I purchased the prefilled vape pen. The vape oil is whole plant and vegetable glycerin, nothing added. it’s main terpenes are Myrcene and linalool. They even provide a video to show how to use a pen, which was extremely helpful for me being a newbie to vaping. The taste is very clean, light and fresh. it definitely doesn’t need any of the fruity flavors I hear of. it seems calming to me and helps with pain.

    I also purchased the CBD infused Holy Cannacense ointment. I rub this on my lower back before bed, because I have a compressed nerve in my back that causes weird sensations in my right thigh during the night. When I apply the cream, it seems to lessen even eliminate the leg sensation, which would otherwise keep waking me up. It also has a nice incense type fragrance.

    Last but not least, customer service is amazing. They are available to answer any questions, and I always get a very fast reply to any emails I send. It also arrived quickly, and the payment processes in the US so no risk to your bank flagging your credit or debit card for fraud.

    + PROS: Good quality Prompt response from customer service Fast shipping Plant grown in rich Kentucky soil No Payment issues
    - CONS: None
  5. Overall product rating

    I’ve been using Palmetto Harmony CBD oil for a little more than 3 weeks. I take 1mL in morning and 1mL a little before bedtime. In January 2001, I was diagnosed with acute fibromyalgia & chronic fatigue syndrome. I also suffer from arthritis in my back and severe migraines. These conditions make falling asleep at night & staying asleep a challenge. Within a few days of using the CBD oil, I was sleeping through the night getting 8 hours of sleep. This is something that I haven’t had in over 15 years! The few migraines that I’ve had were mild instead of severe. Today I’ve been able to see big improvements in how it’s managing my overall pain as well as my anxiety & panic attacks. Palmetto Harmony makes an excellent product that does what it says it does. It’s a quality product and I highly recommend it to anyone that seriously wants help with pain, sleep, migraines, relief from stress, arthritis,….The list goes on. I’m grateful to the people that work at Palmetto Harmony as they have been extremely supportive, compassionate, and genuinely caring in my well-being—a trait that’s rarely found nowadays.

    I cannot think of anything negative about Palmetto Harmony or their products. The quality of my life seems to be improving daily!

    + PROS: Quality made products Excellent customer service Prompt delivery if ordered from company Variety of products to meet individual needs Value
    - CONS: None
  6. Overall product rating


    - CONS: NADA
  7. Overall product rating

    I just started using Palmetto Harmony’s CBD oil infused cream called Holy Cannacense. This product is wonderful !!

    When I first applied it I got a warm and tingling sensation on my stiff and painful neck. Then within 5 minutes my my pain was gone. I also felt much more relaxed too. I suffer from pain from Lyme disease and this is one of the best creams for pain I have ever used.

    The product is infused with frankincense, holy basil and sweet orange essential oils and the smell is luscious. I also love the product label and the way it is packaged. The delivery service was prompt per mail. I would highly recommend this product and I can’t wait to try more !!

    + PROS: great for pain and circulation wonderful smell pretty product label prompt service and delivery
    - CONS: none

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