NuLeaf Naturals CBD Reviews & Coupons for 2019

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NuLeaf Naturals Brand Review

NuLeaf Naturals is a highly reputable seller of high-quality CBD hemp oil drops. Their product is whole-plant extract with a full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes from the original plant.

They only use specially bred therapeutic hemp (Cannabis Sativa) plants grown on their licensed farms in Colorado. And they oversee the entire process of creating their CBD oil from cultivation of the organic hemp through extraction using CO2 extraction systems.

NuLeaf’s prices are mid-range for the market and reflect their quality. Many users have commented that their drops are much better tasting than the non-flavored drops from other companies. They have earned a high rank on our recommended list.

  • Popular products: Full spectrum CBD oil drops
  • Source of hemp: Organically-grown on licensed farms in Colorado
  • Extraction method: CO2
  • Tincture carrier oil: hemp seed oil
  • Prices: Mid-range (as low as $0.09 per mg of CBD)
  • Shipping cost: Free shipping on U.S. orders
  • Countries served: All 50 U.S. states and also ships internationally

Click Here to Visit the NuLeaf Naturals Website [20% Off Coupon: cbdoilusers]


Includes free shipping to all 50 U.S. states. NuLeaf also ships internationally.

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NuLeaf Naturals User Reviews

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NuLeaf Naturals CBD Reviews & Coupons for 2019
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  1. Overall product rating

    Greeting CBD Famila, what a great group you are! I find you helpful and appreciated with much knowledge!

    I’ve researched alternatives to BigPharma since doctors got me addicted to being on Opioids for 2.5 years…I begged to get help getting off these dangerous drugs with no help! Yes,,,I Wanted My Life Back and proceeded on my own.
    The Addiction was much worse than I ever imagined!!

    I GOT PAST THE STRUGGLE and found myself struggling with Depression, Anxiety and Chronic Pain! My PTSD Was Out Of Control.

    EO have help some in the past two years but I NEEDED MORE!
    I’ve researched CBD’s for 6+ months. I got on board since The Farm Bill passed;) I found the page recently and dived in.

    I have found more relief than injections in my back have offered.
    Lower Back Pain, Piriformis and Sciatica along with my PTSD have finally calmed down!! Woot-Woot

    I think I found my “Sweet Spot”!
    Currently at 5 drops sublingual 3-4 times daily. My NuLeaf is 2425 mg 50mg/mil of High Grade Full Spectrum High Grade Hemp Extract.

    Sorry for the long read…I’m Excited!

    + PROS: Great Customer Service with Super Fast Shipping! Product truly works for me! Excited to see how much better it works with further use! Better Alternative To BigPharma!
    - CONS: Very earthly does get better in time especially knowing it helps! Expensive!
  2. Overall product rating

    I love this product. As other’s have said, a bit pricey but I appreciate so much the discount for those of us who are on disability and are under the poverty level . If I buy a big bottle that discount really makes a difference . I love the taste. To me it’s a natural taste . I don’t like it when companies add peppermint and mint to the products . That ruins it for me . Also this company is great about getting back to you by email . I”m trying to figure out now about does this have THC in it or not . I sure hope not because I would hate to have to discontinue this product because it is the best I have tried .

    + PROS: Great customer service by phone and email. Great product as well .
    - CONS: Wish they would be more direct about does this product have THC in it and if so , how much . My urine test came back with .58 THC , but I"m sure it's from another product I had bought and not this one .
  3. Overall product rating

    NuLeaf is far better than another CBD oil I tried. It has relieved my arthritic pain and alleviated my anxiety and depression. I do love it. I’ve had no side effects from it.

    + PROS: Excellent
    - CONS: High cost
  4. Overall product rating

    I really wish I had tried Nuleaf first. I bought a bottle of the pet formula during the Black Friday sale. The website says it is fine for humans too. I put some of the oil in a recycled, clean cbd oil bottle for my dog and it’s helping both of us. Helps me with insomnia and anxiety. It hasn’t helped chronic migraine and arthritic pain yet but I started really slow and haven’t found my sweet spot yet.

    + PROS: Very high quality. So far, it helps with insomnia and anxiety.
    - CONS: Very pricey for my budget
  5. Overall product rating

    This hit it for my pain, and that is a miracle. Have been trying various brands & products for a couple months now. Had found two creams that helped some for pain. About 3 brands of drops that helped for mood. But no drops that I tried before NuLeaf gave me any respite from pain. I have FBSS *Failed Back Surgery Syndrome”- two 13″ Harrington rods maybe 16-18 3″ screws, then there is the plate and bunch of screws in my neck. Screws pulling out, fusion failing, so I am bent over little old lady, several subluxations again, but can have no further surgery. Trial of pain pump failed; morphine into spinal cord space only made me vomit for 2 days. Didn’t even help. Since I took half dropper of NuLeaf, didn’t even have to use any cbd pain cream. NuLeaf is a total winner for me!

    + PROS: WORKS for my pain!! Hardly any taste, not offensive. Drops absorb nicely under my tongue Well made dropper. The product speaks for itself; no need for anything other than the drops. Fast, free shipping Discount code for disabled, veterans, low income. (THANK YOU!)
    - CONS: A little bit pricey, but worth it!
  6. Overall product rating

    My friend & I are now calling this the ‘Miracle Drug’ because it is! I’m now happy to say that I’m living pain free & feel better than I have in years… side effects, no addiction, just pain free living!

    + PROS: Fantastic, amazing product that relieves your pain
    - CONS: Tastes pretty awful, but the benefits totally outweigh that
  7. Overall product rating

    My son is 12 years old, severe ADHD, SPD, and dyspraxia. He is off all meds and only using Nuleaf Naturals. He is doing really well. We have seen improvements socially, academically, and behaviorally. We had success by microdosing (starting with 1 drop and adding 1 drop weekly). It took about 5 weeks to see any significant improvement but now so happy we stayed the course. Nuleaf has changed his life!

    + PROS: I want to should it from the rooftops... IT REALLY WORKS! Affordable too with coupons and promo codes always available. Shipping is fast and free!
    - CONS: The taste can be difficult for some children to take.
  8. Overall product rating

    NuLeaf customer service is amazing! I have been using this product on my son for his ADHD and the last bottle I bought was leaking. I sent a quick email and 1 day later they had a new bottle in the mail free of charge.

  9. Overall product rating

    I was a bit skeptical, even after reading all of the great results people were having using CBD oil internally. My NuLeaf orders, two now, have both arrived within 3 business days of ordering. I am astounded at how much these drops help my RA pain and also my anxiety. The best part is I’m not afraid of becoming dependent as I would if I took prescription medication. I do not want to be without it!

    + PROS: alleviates RA pain lessens anxiety
    - CONS: cost
  10. Overall product rating

    I just love NuLeaf I have tried 2 different ones and nothing
    This product is fantastic
    I have been thru breast cancer radiation shingles and was left with debilitating PHN which is dreadful
    I have been back on it for nearly 2 weeks and I improve daily I started with 9/10 pain am now at 2/10 only at night now ripping at my skin and screaming in pain
    And I love the help I get when I email the girls fantastic it’s very hard when you live in Australia ????????

    + PROS: Just fantastic awresome product so helpful
    - CONS: None
  11. Overall product rating

    This stuff is amazing quality. I’ve never felt such relief from my terrible muscle tension and crippling anxiety & insomnia. If I could give 6 stars I would.

    + PROS: Helps with anxiety, insomnia and muscle tension
    - CONS: None
  12. Overall product rating

    It works!

    + PROS: Started about a month ago with cbd. This is the first oil I have tried. With in the first week I definitely could tell a difference in pain and inflammation related to Thyroid/Hashimoto dx. I had to adjust dosage for about the first wk and a half.But I feel I have found the dose that helps my issues thus far. I plan on sticking with this one.
    - CONS: Made me a little cranky the first few days of taking it. But that was corrected by adjusting amount and dosing schedule. A bit pricey as well.
  13. Overall product rating

    I’ve only used it for about a month. Immediately noticed a reduction in arthritic pain in the hands, spine and joints. I take 25mg at night, and sleep like a baby, also 10mg in the morning of golf days. I’m 73 years old and haven’t felt this good in years. Seems to have all the anti-inflammatory benefits of marijuana without having to inhale it and deal with the psychotropic effects of THC. I’ll continue to use it. Very impressed so far.

    + PROS: Excellent service thru online ordering and quick delivery even using USPS snail mail.
    - CONS: A little pricey but well within the range of all others dealers I checked.
  14. Overall product rating

    I ABSOLUTELY love NuLeaf not only has it help my pain from arthritis and hemiplegic migraines , it has done wonders with my with my 2 dogs and cat. The customer service is wonderful and very prompt with returning emails or calls. They were very quick to approve my disability discount unlike other companies that either said they have no assistance programs or offered a 5% or 10% one time discount. Plus the free shipping is wonderful.

    + PROS: Everything in above statement
    - CONS: NONE
  15. Overall product rating

    This was the second brand that I tried — first didn’t work at all, this one did, but I’m now experimenting with a 3rd brand that is less expensive. As a single, retired RN, it’s too costly for my budget.

    A random little aside — I love that it smells like cannabis…

    + PROS: Worked well for anxiety and insomnia, which were the main issues that prompted me to try CBD. An added benefit is that it helped as well to lessen (not totally relieve) cervical spine pain.
    - CONS: Expensive
  16. Overall product rating

    Best stuff ever and their customer service is top notch!!

  17. Overall product rating

    I bought locally a very small bottle of NuLeaf and the first day I vaped another product and took about 4mg of this product, and I noticed a small difference (about 30% relief) and I was AMAZED because my pain has been so stubborn and non-responsive to other meds and treatments. The bad part was that I could not duplicate this result in the following days. So I suspect it was a combination of the two products or primarily the other product that pushed me over the top to get any pain relief.

    My impression is that is is a high quality product. The price reflects that. It’s good, I’d recommend people try a small bottle to see if it works for you, but it didn’t really work for me. When I stopped vaping the other product I couldn’t get any relief of symptoms from this product alone. This is one experience that falls under the category of “everyone is different”.

    + PROS: High Quality Ingredients
    - CONS: Not the right fit for me Cost is higher than average
  18. Overall product rating

    I am a first time user and was lucky enough to have started with this CBD oil, after a lot of research. I purchased this for my 8 yr old pit bull girl with a medical condition that started 9 months ago. From the first day of usage there was incredible improvement. No more hiding, skin coat is shinier than ever, not sleeping all day (because of Pain), barking and playing and running again. I almost forgot what she was like before! It’s only been less than 2 weeks since I started NuLeaf, and I still need to find her correct dosage, but I can honestly say this product is awesome and I am a believer!

    + PROS: I have emailed customer service twice about their product and service was very prompt.
    - CONS: None
  19. Overall product rating

    I have done alot of research before purchasing and although prices are a bit get what you pay for…Nuleaf was very prompt on fulfilling my order. The product itself is a very light oil with a nutty taste, which provides immediate relief from anixety without drowsiness ..helps with sleep..and joint and muscle pain..very happy with my purchase and will order again…

    + PROS: Fast and free shipping..full product disclosure..pleasant nut like flavor...great website..product totally relieves anixety...without drowsiness..helps with overall joint problems..snd sleep..i have researched alot of companies...and am totally satisfied..
    - CONS: No cons to list
  20. Overall product rating

    I really don’t like the taste of this product at all. I really didn’t notice that it helped with pain or anxiety either.

    + PROS: Helped with sleep.
    - CONS: Tastes awful. Really didn’t help with pain.
  21. Overall product rating

    Love it

    + PROS: Helps with my pain.
    - CONS: None yet
  22. Overall product rating

    Tried a lot of different CBD oils. This one has worked for me the best, by far. Helps calm my anxiety and helps me sleep. I highly recommend NuLeaf, CBD!

    + PROS: Calms anxiety, and aids in sleep quality. Also, you don't have to take very much to get the desired results.
    - CONS: It's a little expensive, but you don't need a large dose, so it's well worth the price!
  23. Overall product rating

    Incredible for anxiety in ADHD

    - CONS: Taste but add honey under the tongue or a gimmick vitamin
  24. Overall product rating

    Great products. They work really well on me for pain.

  25. Overall product rating

    So far so good, started my dog on Nuleaf CBD oil about 2 months ago, and it really has controlled his seizures, and his appetite has improved alot.

  26. Overall product rating

    Love this product! Took me several weeks to find my sweet spot, but since then have told everyone I’m in contact with about this has been a godsend for my Fibro pain that I’ve had for over 30 years with little relief! Can’t thank this company enough for creating such an amazing CBD!

  27. Overall product rating

    Nuleaf was my first experience with cbd oil. It helped me immediately with pain. I noticed I can sleep for 5-6 hours uninterrupted, which I haven’t done since my fusion in Oct 16. Highly recommend if you want a full spectrum.

    + PROS: Helps low back pain Reduced nerve pain in legs Helps me sleep Calming
    - CONS: None
  28. Overall product rating

    I love Nuleaf Naturals CBD oil and the results it gives my body! I highly recommend their outstanding CBD oil above all other! It has cured my IBS, eliminated inflammation in my joints and arthritis. A miracle! Thank you Nuleaf Naturals!

    + PROS: The best CBD oil on the market! Out standing purity! High quality full spectrum. Very potent full spectrum. I have tried other CBD oils and non compare to the results from Nuleaf's superior product! The customer service is excellent. Nuleaf Naturals dedication to suppling the highest quality CBD product on the market set them far and above all other!
    - CONS: None
  29. Overall product rating

    Helps control my Fibromyalgia, muscle spasms, and nerve pain.

    + PROS: It is concentrated and therefore you don’t need as much as other oils. Very calming
    - CONS: Can’t think of any
  30. Overall product rating

    I’ve been using NuLeaf since July and it’s helping my Chronic Pain in my knee and shoulder. This is the third kind I have tried. I use the 1450mg. Half a dropper in the morning and if needed at the same at night.

    + PROS: Very energizing and brought my Blood Pressure down to normal.
    - CONS: I get heart palpitations from it. If I take it at night I cannot fall asleep. When I do though, I sleep soundly.
  31. Overall product rating

    Ive used it for several months and find it works well for me. It’s also organic which is necessary as far as I’m concerned.

    - CONS: No cons!
  32. Overall product rating

    I don’t notice it helping as much as a product I bought locally (not on the list) – same mg.. It gives me the burps and tastes terrible. However, the company itself has excellent customer service and great shipping updates.

    + PROS: Great customer service and play by play shipping!
    - CONS: Tastes like rabbit food smells. Gives me the burps.
  33. Overall product rating

    No complaints. I think it is helping pain and anxiety after 1 week, but time will tell. The company was forthcoming when I asked for lab reports.

    + PROS: Exactly as advertised.
    - CONS: More expensive than some comparable products, and no date of mfg or batch # on bottle for traceability.
  34. Overall product rating

    I have used this nuleaf 725mg. I use .2 ml (which is 1/2 dropper) twice daily. I’ve been using it for 2 weeks now and it relieved my anxiety after the first dose.

  35. Overall product rating

    I started using nuleaf about 6 weeks ago it seems to be the only thing that keeps my sciatic pain and back pain at ease. I have been in pain for 14 years and tried everything I can to stop the pain nothing has ever completely fixed it but the nuleaf 725mg works well for me and I use 8 drops a day.

    + PROS: Great for pain. Non drowsy and tastes similar to if you placed a black tea bag under your tongue. Just kind of earthy.
    - CONS: Possibility of a positive on a drug test

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