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Myaderm Brand Review

Myaderm offers a unique product in the CBD hemp oil industry in the form of transdermal pain creams. Their pharmaceutical grade, all-natural product is formulated to reduce inflammation and pain without having to worry about negative side effects.

Those suffering from joint, nerve or muscle pain may be particularly interested in trying this product. Myaderm’s pain cream is made from pure CBD isolate so contains 0% THC.

Unlike other topical CBD products, Myaderm’s pain cream delivers the CBD into the bloodstream and deeper into skin tissue. This transdermal form of application means that this product can be faster acting and longer lasting than traditional topicals or sublingual drops.

In addition to their flagship CBD pain cream, they also offer a specialty foot cream, sport cream and blemish control cream.

We love that Myaderm stands behind its products with a 30-day money-back guarantee. And we also like that they have fast and free shipping of their products.

  • Popular products: Transdermal CBD pain cream
  • Source of hemp: Pure CBD isolate
  • Prices: Low (as low as $0.03 per mg of CBD)
  • Shipping cost: Free shipping on all orders
  • Countries served: U.S. only (all 50 states)

Click Here to Visit the Myaderm Website [10% Off Coupon: cbdoilusers]


Includes free shipping to all 50 U.S. states and 30-day money back guarantee

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Myaderm User Reviews

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Myaderm Reviews & Coupon Code for 2019
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  1. Overall product rating

    I love the Myaderm double strength.
    I use 1 pump 3x/day for my OA back pain. 1 pump gives me a pain relief of 4 hours. I feel that the inflammation dropped a lot as well. I’be been using for 3 days only.
    It’s not a cure, but now my
    Pain is way manageable. I’m very happy!

    + PROS: Effective for my OA back pain It works in minutes Smells good Fast shipping
    - CONS: Pricey
  2. Overall product rating

    I cant say enough about Myaderm products! The Double strength cream works amazing for my Fibromyalgia pain and Osteoarthritis pain as well , their foot cream works better then I could have imagined, I cant say enough about the blemish cream it has done wonders for my skin , now I have started their night time capsules and they are extremely soothing they do not make you over sleepy and they help me sleep. My whole family is using Myaderm now, my daughter the double strength cream and blemish cream my husband the foot cream and the regular strength pain cream.

    + PROS: It does what it says it will do , it works!
    - CONS: None
  3. Overall product rating

    I suffer from 7 different ailments in the lower back. The doctors won’t consider surgery b/c none of the 7 are bad enough yet. BUT, together, the 7 small problems cause MAJOR pain… all day, all night. This cream works instantly on me and it will last 3-4 hours. I use it often. I highly recommend it.

    - CONS: I can't afford to buy often because of the amount I use on my lower back. I'm so sad, I finally found something that works. I have them in my purse, vehicle, desk at work, and desk at home.
  4. Overall product rating

    I am writing another review from my personal perspective. Myaderm works wonders for my substantial osteoarthritis pain. I cannot take NSAIDs due to a previous GI bleed and I refuse to consider opiods or the amount of acetaminophen it would take to dent my pain and consequently compromise my liver. Myaderm has transformed me from a hobbled old lady into a 64 year young hiker and kayaker. I am beyond grateful and feel enormously blessed to have found this product. It’s a lifesaver.

    + PROS: Effective, easy to use, low price per mg CBD when purchased in bulk, wrapping removes easily for public use and air travel
    - CONS: None
  5. Overall product rating

    Used the pro cream, the cream worked great on low level pain, ie headaches back pain as long as pain was in the 1 to5 area but with severve pain it didn’t work, even used a quarter size of creme!!

  6. Overall product rating

    Sorry to say I purchased the Pro for all that money and absolutely no results at all. In fact, it seemed like maybe it enhanced the pain instead of reducing it. Not a happy person at all. Yes, the sample did nothing either but after reading reviews just figured the samples were too mild. When in pain, you try things. I do not recommend this unless you have received results from the samples.

    - CONS: No effect
  7. Overall product rating

    I bought this in the hope that it would help my rosacea and it really did. Redness and bumps are gone. I’ll use this for acne breakouts too. ❤️

    + PROS: This product is creamy and smells wonderful. Very fresh and clean.
    - CONS: Size of container is small. Guess I'll order two at a time from now on.
  8. Overall product rating

    After being very skeptical of using the topical cream because I have such chronic pain from nerve damage I was very surprised when it alleviated a substantial amount of my pain from being on my feet all day working. granted it’s not a miracle cure and I do still have pain but it has been decreased amazingly and I am shocked by the results.

    + PROS: Easy to apply not greasy smells good and most of all gave me the results I was wanting
    - CONS: A little pricey more than I can afford will have to use very sparingly
  9. Overall product rating

    I ordered Myaderm for some severe pain I have been experiencing in my hands. I ordered on a Tuesday and received my order on Saturday. Myaderm kept me updated on my ordered even telling me when it was delivered to my mailbox. The relief I felt was amazing and within an hour of use. THANK YOU MYADERM!!

    + PROS: Fast service and amazing relief.
    - CONS: Wish I would have tried it sooner.
  10. Overall product rating

    Myaderm transdermal cream helps more for my mother’s nerve pain from her herniated disc than the hydrocodone the doctor gave her! The Pro strength helps her with the pain about the same as the regular strength, but lasts 6 to 8 hours where the regular strength lasts her about 4. She isn’t pain free, but this is the best help we’ve found while we wait for surgery! It also helped her friend with her arthritic knee pain. The friend is waiting to get her knee replaced, and it hurts her greatly. One small pump of the regular strength, and within minutes she could push on the knee with no pain! Was stunned when she stood on it with no pain! She’s now a customer.

    + PROS: Fast pain relief. No need to wait to space it out with medications. Can apply as often as needed. Free shipping in the continental US (unless you pay for faster shipping.) Can also pay with Paypal, at least last time I ordered!
    - CONS: None, except maybe cost. This is worth it!
  11. Overall product rating

    Game changer. I ordered the Myaderm sample pack on Thursday and received it today. Rubbed one on my lower abdomen to knock out unexpected cramps of the feminine kind and within 60 seconds – gone!!!!!! Game changer. Love this stuff.

  12. Overall product rating

    I started with sample, loved results so much I purchased the double full bottles. I have cronic pain, RA, osteo, fibro and use Myaderm daily and am impressed with results. Since my pain is all over, I love that it helps area applied and goes into blood stream ro help my whole body.

    + PROS: Easy to use. Great to carry in my purse and travel with. Works fast!
    - CONS: Price is only ???? I wish it was less so I could use it as my primary cbd.
  13. Overall product rating

    I first tried the sample pack and was impressed. Now I’m using the “Pro” version for a seemingly pinched nerve in my lower back which caused debilitating pain down my leg. WOW! RELIEF for HOURS! Using 2pumps on the one area of my butt (coming from my spine). YES it works better than any other OTC product!

    + PROS: It works. NO menthol smell! Absorbs quick enough. I've been fortunate that my Dr added CBD oil to my med list for medical deductions, hopefully she'll add this cream also since it is CBD based. Give it a try!!!
    - CONS: Cost.
  14. Overall product rating

    I have been through one bottle of the 7mg per pump stuff and am thrilled. I have RA and generally have something that is randomly hurting. RX has never helped with severe pain. I was grateful that I had ordered the Myaderm Pro, which is 14 mg per pump, as well, last week because I fell, spraining my ankle, skinning knees, etc. The Myaderm Pro kept me in relative comfort for days. I am now using it because one foot is still swollen. It helps there too. I love the stuff and just ordered more. I almost feel like I don’t need to take the oil, but I do. Yes, it is expensive but worth every penny for me. Do order the samples first. It doesn’t work for some. I have never had a topical that lasted so long.

    + PROS: Fast working and long-lasting pain relief.
    - CONS: Expensive
  15. Overall product rating

    I love MyadermPro transdermal cream for muscle aches and pains. It’s been a huge help for me with 3 back surgeries, L2-S1 bone on bone and Rheumatoid Disease.

    + PROS: Relief in 15-20 minutes Lasts for several hours A little goes a long way
    - CONS: Expensive
  16. Overall product rating

    Sharing some positive information. My daughter has had surgery on one of her thumbs due to arthritis. She has been getting cortisone shots in the other. I sent her some of the Myaderm samples to try. She finally gave in a tried it, then called me. 10 minutes after applying the pain was gone. Before that she was sobbing with pain. Nothing has helped as much as the cream. Happy for her. ????????

    + PROS: Great results for pain relief.
    - CONS: Expensive
  17. Overall product rating

    I started using Myaderm Pro about a week ago on my shoulders at bedtime and have had wonderful results! I no longer have to keep changing from sleeping on one side and then needing to turn over to the other side because my shoulder was killing me. I would then have to turn back over to the other side because that shoulder was killing me. My needing to continually turn from one side to the other due to shoulder pain went on all night. Now that I am using Myaderm Pro, I have no shoulder pain at all at night and am able to get a good nights sleep every night!

  18. Overall product rating

    I only tried the sample packs of Myaderm. My impression is that it absorbs and penetrates deeper into the skin than I had anticipated. I liked the smell of it – it just smells fresh and clean. I’m not a fan of overly flowery or perfumed things because I get migraines, but I really liked the scent of Myaderm.

    It can seem a bit greasy until it absorbs, and since I used it on my face that could be an issue for me.

    The biggest con is that it wasn’t a good match for my pain. I have a nasal nerve pain that is deep inside my head, where Myaderm could never hope to penetrate (>4″ deep). The branches of that nerve do run to the surface of the skin, and there I could feel a difference using Myaderm. So I know that it does work, but the main source of my pain was just too deep, no fault of the product. I do highly recommend it.

    + PROS: Transdermal Bioavailability rates Scent
    - CONS: Can seem a bit greasy until skin absorbs it fully
  19. Overall product rating

    I was lucky to be gifted a bottle of this after a bad fall where I fracture my ribs. It was what really helped sooth and relaxed things in that area. I also have various other issues and areas I tried it and received relief. I often get cramps in my calves and especially at night. Hard to find anything to call them down enough to get sleep. This sure does it. I also use it on my hands and wrist area for nerve joint issues with good relief. Right now though the absolute best relief I am getting is from applying it to the back of my neck. I have a brain malformation, chiari, possibly facing brain surgery soon. Right now this cream is one of the only things giving me relief to the never ending fire that runs from the base of my skull down my spine to just at the bottom of my shoulder blades. It soothes calms relaxes things there for a while. I was thankful to have been able to try this product and highly recommend it!

    + PROS: Great relief and a little goes a long way.
    - CONS: The only con I find is the price.
  20. Overall product rating


    + PROS: Fast acting Works well for pain
    - CONS: Effects only last a few hours for me
  21. Overall product rating

    I tried the sample packs go $10.00 figuring it was worth a try, right? I have to say it works better than any other topical pain relief I’ve tried including my Prescription Voltaren gel and even a special compound transdermal cream I used to get.
    I have bulging discs, arthritis, hip, back and neck pain, etc, etc. I use it on my neck and lower back where the pain is very sharp and it provides good relief for several hours.

    + PROS: Works well for pain Long lasting
    - CONS: Expensive
  22. Overall product rating

    I like the lotion. I bought the samples first which I recommend they any new user try. I ordered a bottle on Valentines Day not knowing about their special until after I submitted my order. I left a message asking if I could add the second bottle to my purchase. I received a quick reply with a link that made it simple to do. Great customer service!

    + PROS: Lotions is absorbed quickly No offensive smell Relieved my pain in under an hour
    - CONS: None
  23. Overall product rating

    After reading several reviews I decided to order a sample pack to try it. Unfortunately they were sold out, however, they offered to notify me when they became available-which they did! I placed an order for the sample pack–shipping was super fast.

    I have pain in my elbow that my tincture and vape doesn’t touch, so was hoping that this would help. I applied a small amount to my elbow and to my surprise, with-in 10 minutes the pain was gone.

    After using 3 of the 6 sample packs and getting good results each time, I decided to order the full size and was pleasantly surprised to discover they were on sale. Their sale, combined with your discount code landed me 2 regular size for $80!

    + PROS: Quality Absorbs Quickly Price Fast acting Pleasant Smell
    - CONS: None
  24. Overall product rating

    I had dental work the day before Thanksgiving. The pain in my jaw has been excruciating. I rub Myaderm on my wrists (just 1 pump) with a little on the jaw itself, and the pain goes away almost immediately. Myaderm has saved me. I also have had some upper back and knee pain which went away with Myaderm. I’ve had better luck wth Myaderm than CBD Oil itself.

    + PROS: Works quickly Absorbs completely Is not greasy
    - CONS: Myaderm PM doesn’t seem to work as well
  25. Overall product rating

    I have nerve pain from an injury, bursitis in my shoulders, and fibromyalgia. Myaderm has been wonderful for relieving my pain. It takes the pain from a 9/10 to a 2/3, which I can live with. Sometimes it reduces it even more.

    + PROS: Relieves my pain! Not greasy Ships fast Absorbs completely Pleasant scent
    - CONS: Price
  26. Overall product rating

    I have AS, and only have pain at night. I usually wake up at 3 am and can’t go back to sleep. I use this and pain is gone until the morning. I love this! Wish I had gallons!

    + PROS: Pain goes away quickly, and lasts about 3-4 hours for me. Order less and easy to use! Love it
    - CONS: Price is high, but it works so well, I’m sure it’s the quality that drives the price up.
  27. Overall product rating

    Relieved DDD and fibromyalgia pain almost instantly and allowed for a good night’s sleep, something I haven’t gotten in almost a year! I love that it’s scent free so I don’t have to smell like a nursing home and that a little bit goes a long way! Worth the price IMO ????

    + PROS: Scent free, immediate pain relief, no side effects, PM works great for a good night's sleep, a great alternative to opiate use!!!
    - CONS: The price but its definitely worth it!
  28. Overall product rating

    I found this product really helps relieve my pain from OA and RA. I use it on my feet, ankles, knees, hands, wrists and back. I am able to sleep with the relief gives me.

    + PROS: It works!
    - CONS: It is expensive!
  29. Overall product rating

    Purchased the sample pack to try for my neck, carpal tunnel and plantar fasciitis pain. Sadly, didnt work for any of my issues. Gave packets to friends with a muscle strain and sciatica and they were fans. ????‍♀️

    + PROS: Reasonable price.
    - CONS: Didnt work for my issues.
  30. Overall product rating

    I suffer with Trigeminal Neuralgia 2 (atypical Trigeminal Neuralgia). I bought the sample pack a month ago and haven’t tried it until yesterday. I had a severe attack that caused burning and pressure around my ear and down my jawline. I applied just a small amount and the results were amazing!!! I couldn’t believe it! Within a minute, the pain, burning and pressure started to subside and completely calmed down! Usually an attack can last from hours to days at a time .. I am a true believer and can’t wait to purchase my first bottle!

    + PROS: Life changing !
    - CONS: I would say the price, but after my experience, it's worth it!
  31. Overall product rating

    I was in severe pain 2 nights ago from my fibromyalgia. My samples had arrived that day so my husband applied to my legs and feet. Almost immediately, I could feel relief, enough to actually sleep through the night!

    + PROS: Quick shipping
    - CONS: Expensive
  32. Overall product rating

    After hearing about Myaderm from the CBDoilusers group I decided to order the reasonably priced samples for my back pain. Once I received the sample packets I tried one packet on an area that was bothering me. I really didn’t expect much. To my surprise about 30 minutes later the pain was gone. I have since tried it 2 more times and again it relieved the pain. . I have since ordered the full size and will continue to use this as needed. It is definitely worth the price of the trial samples.

    + PROS: Easy to apply, no significant scent and absorbs well.
  33. Reply
    Blakeley Johnson-Taylor November 16, 2017 at 6:51 pm

    Bummed, did nothing. Thank God I got the sample pack. I was so excited, but nothing changed.

  34. Overall product rating

    I was looking for a THC-free pain relief topical for my husband and ordered Myaderm based on the many positive reviews. Didn’t tell him what it was…just asked him to try it. I wanted as much of an unbiased opinion as I could get. He had tried arnica cream with no success. The votes are in…he wants to keep using it!

    + PROS: Effective, easy to use, THC-free for drug testing concerns
    - CONS: None
  35. I can’t recommend this product more. It has changed my life. My shoulder pain is gone! Love it!

  36. Overall product rating

    I was really excited to try this product after reading the testimony on the website. After trying the product for 3 straight days I wasn’t impressed. It did nothing for me.

    + PROS: Fast shipping
    - CONS: Didn’t do anything for my pain.
  37. Overall product rating

    I suffer from severe debilitating nerve pain. After multiple surgeries following a car accident I was left in horrible 24/7 pain. I have been on over 50 medications, had multiple “nerve” pain transdermal compounds with NO relief. I received my sample of myaderm and after applying to my neck, left shoulder and arm I was in total shock. I actually FELT it working. This is a must have in my CBD toolbox.

    + PROS: Excellent customer service Fast shipping *Isolate for those who can not have THC

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