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Koi CBD Reviews & Ratings
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  1. Overall product rating

    Bought Koi naturals, natural flavor. It’s not made to vape but to use sublinguely. It’s so pure and taste only of hemp. Best under the tongue CBD oil we’ve tried helps my mother’s pain at night. This bottle is 30ml and has 1000mg full spectrum CBD isolate but it doesn’t have terpenis which sucks in my opinion. It’s strong stuff at 34mg a ml. Don’t underestimate this koi naturals. I don’t believe in vamping. Thanks for reading

    + PROS: All natural, made in America, full spectrum, 1000mg CBD per 20 drops, no flavoring(taste like hemp)
    - CONS: CBD isolate, not made from hemp flowers, and price.
  2. Overall product rating

    My almost 6 year old, Ryker has always been above average when it comes to…well, everything cognitive. However, he’s also always been behind with everything behavioral/emotional. So much so that he’s been in therapy for 3 years.
    At our wits end, we decided to take him to a neurologist to see what the issue was exactly. (Going to get a second opinion to be sure) Long story short, we were told that starting him on medication would be a good idea since we’ve done everything we possibly can therapy wise.
    Anyone who knows me knows that im far from anti-medication, especially when it comes to mental health. However, after looking in to side effects and potential long term issues, we decided to hold off.
    Not long after, I was talking with a friend who’s son is autistic & has ADHD. I noticed one day that his behavior was drastically different BUT he was still himself. Not zombie-like, not tired, just… calm. I asked her what she did and she showed me CBD oil. I had never heard of it before but needless to say I was intrigued! I went home and did my own research. There are 2 kinds of CBD oil. One with THC (the chemical that gets you high) & one without. I couldn’t find any bad information or reviews, and the only side effect I found was nausea if you take too much at once.

    So I took ryker to the store and let him choose the flavor (lord knows the kids picky as all hell when it comes to medicine) and we started him on it Friday Evening. Heath & I were both skeptical and weren’t expecting much…
    Boy were we wrong. He takes it no problem & It’s only been a few days but Ryker hasnt had even one meltdown. He still runs around and plays like his normal self, still talkative and still shows emotion. But, no short fuse, no tantrum over the smallest things, no throwing himself on the floor and screaming when he doesnt get his way, no punching or throwing things when he cant figure it out…I pray that this continues to keep working for him and that he does well with it when school starts back up too!

    My heart is so happy right now I could cry. 💙💙💙

    + PROS: Everything. I've tried it too and it helps tremendously with my anxiety but I'm more flourished with the fact that my son is functioning as a normal child and doesnt seem at all "zombified"
    - CONS: Slightly cough medicine taste
  3. Overall product rating

    Bought a bottle of vape juice, 250 mg after reading a lot of good reviews. Can’t tell that it does anything. Can also be placed under the tongue. Still nothing. Tried doubling and still nothing. Does sting but is tolerable. Pretty pricey in my opinion at $48 for a small bottle that says it has about 30 servings. Wouldn’t mind paying that much if it worked.

    + PROS: Berry and dragonfruit does taste good
    - CONS: Had no effect on me even after a double dose of 250 mg. Too expensive for somethingto that didn't eork
  4. Overall product rating

    Great gummies! Have helped my insomnia and anxiety. Pain, not so much. I have Fibromyalgia, OA, Insomnia, Gastritis and Duodenitis, etc. Next, I will be trying KOI oil for sublingual use.

    + PROS: 😀 Great price. 😀 Fast delivery. 😀Works for insomnia AND anxiety.
    - CONS: 😟 Not much pain relief.
  5. Overall product rating

    First I purchased White (flavorless) Koi 500mg to use with sample terpenes (from True Terpenes) and that worked fairly well. I could taste the terpenes and smell them. The taste of the Koi white is truly flavorless when vaping, but if you use it sublingually it tastes and burns like a hard alcohol would.

    Then I bought (on sale) Pink, Red and Blue in the 100mg strength, mostly to taste flavors but I hoped to make a DIY concoction out of the Koi (that experiement failed miserably – so if you are thinking about doing this, think again). I think the 50/50 PG/VG solution was the main reason my experiment failed as it just didn’t mix properly.

    Some people love the flavors, but to me they weren’t very good at all. Especially when you compare to the wide variety of e-liquids out there for vapers (with no nicotine) that I could potentially use for creating my own DIY vape juice. The four Koi flavors I tried all had that sting and burn flavor to them that reminds me of hard alcohol. I also think that Koi is a pretty expensive way to get CBD when you look at $ per mg pricing. I’m not sure if I will use what I have or give it away, but I definitely will never buy again.

    + PROS: White Koi is useful for trying out terpenes or terpene mixes. Better as a vape than sublingual
    - CONS: Taste Cost per mg PG/VG 50/50 mix is not very pleasant Sublingual option isn't that good for this product
  6. Overall product rating

    I have tried several CBD oils and Koi has them all best so far. I use in a vape and have tried all the flavors Koi has to offer and they are all very good. It works great with my foot pain and has got my blood pressure under control. Awesome product.

    + PROS: Works great, Vape or Tincture. Price better than most. Flavors are awesome.
    - CONS: NONE.
  7. Overall product rating

    I love Koi. It works great for my migraines, anxiety, nausea, and depression. I put it under my tongue and I vape. It works so fast too.

    + PROS: -Fast acting - Taste great - Being able to use it under your tongue and being able to vape it - Great customer service
    - CONS: -None
  8. Overall product rating

    Love your products!

    + PROS: I started using Koi last year. I suffer from Parkinson's, irritable bowel syndrome, an anxiety. I started with the 100mg Watermelon Green Apple Sour and the Strawberry Milkshake. Both tastes great and offered some relief but only with my anxiety. I then tried the 250mg Pink Lemonade, again tastes wonderful! An seemed to give more signs of relief. I've now decide to go up in mg to 1000mg of the Blue Raspberry Dragon Fruit, it is again outstanding in taste and flavor. An I'm totally impressed with how going up in my dosage of mg"s has helped me tremendously! You have a very satisfied customer here!
    - CONS: I have none at all....
  9. Overall product rating

    Huge fan of Koi. Easy to use for cape or sublingual. Tase amazing and smokes nice. 3-5 puffs every few hours helps me with my anxiety and pain. Highly recommend this brand .I like Red and Jade the best

    + PROS: Easy to use and taste great
    - CONS: Non
  10. Overall product rating

    My first experience with CBD. Works very well for inflammation and chronic pain. Highly recommend

    + PROS: Great customer service. Quick shipping. Provide good info on product and testing. Different flavors.
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