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Kat’s Naturals CBD Reviews & Ratings
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  1. Overall product rating

    I tried a sample (5ml) bottle of Kat’s Naturals Heal.

    I started slow, 1 drop 3xs daily for one week then increased to 2 drops 3xs daily for another week. I ran out when I was up to 3 drops 3xs daily.

    I take CBD oil for a tic, anxiety and restless leg syndrome.

    Heal took a very, very slight edge off my uncontrollable tic and anxiety. I had zero pain from my RLS which I didn’t really take much notice of thinking that my RLS pharmaceutical meds were working.

    When I ran out of Heal, I was in excruciating, bone deep pain from my RLS. I was crying and shaking from the pain. I was able to get a little more out of the bottle and my pain went away within 20 minutes.

    I am happy and sad Heal worked. I’m happy to have pain relief but I’m sad Heal is 2 and 3xs the cost of other reputable brands. I cannot afford to continue taking Heal and will need to try again with a more cost effective brand.

    + PROS: Taste is pleasant with a hint of mint. Does not taste like plant. No aftertaste. Relieved symptoms of severe Restless Leg Syndrome
    - CONS: Little to no relief from anxiety. Cost prohibitive
  2. Overall product rating

    I’ve been using Heal for a little bit. I can’t say I notice too much of anything. I’m taking a very little amount, low and slow is what I hear is best. It tastes much better than other cbd oils I’ve tried.

    + PROS: Tastes good
    - CONS: The cap loosens constantly which causes it to leak out. I've tightened it and then literally watched it loosen back.
  3. I got my Kats Heal and i truly LOVE it!! I also use the Sleep for my insomnia and it works wonders! The website is easy to order from and if you need to ask a question they get to you soon!! TY to Kats for making my Life better!!

  4. Overall product rating

    I ordered a trail of Kats sleep used it and i Love it!! So i ordered a FULL Bottle yesterday!!! I highly recommend it for people who have sleeping problems…Next i want to try Kats Heal

    + PROS: Helps with sleep and the taste is better then most others i've tried
  5. Overall product rating

    Just finished Heal trial size and my arthritis pain in hip, knee, shoulder and hand is gone..i use 5 drops in morning and 2 drops at nite to keep pain at bay. No thc in it as I am sensitive to that. also have panic disorder and have cut xanax and antidepressant usage in half…so grateful to find this product. Got our fullsize product now.

    + PROS: NO PAIN! taste is ok great customer service
  6. Overall product rating

    Getting amazing relief from Kat’s relax, sleeping much better

    + PROS: Tastes fine
  7. Overall product rating

    Love Kat’s! Great for my anxiety. Used Relax and Balance. Customer Service is awesome. Taste’s great as well! What stops me is the price, I can’t afford a full months supply.

    + PROS: Tastes Great!
    - CONS: Expensive
  8. Overall product rating

    I got a 1500mg 30 ml “heal” and enjoyed it immensely. I am extremely sensitive to THC and can tell that this one has a significantly smaller amount of it in there. Thanks!

    + PROS: Zero THC!
    - CONS: No tracking #
  9. Overall product rating

    I received my sample of Heal very quick. And it’s Christmas season. Not much pain to talk about. And that’s a good thing. I suffer neck, back and knee pain plus fibromyalgia and migraines. This is my first day taking it. Thank you KAT’S NATURALS…

    + PROS: Pain relief and relaxed
  10. Overall product rating

    Love the Heal product. have tried others and this one helps with my Fibromyalgia. I have problems at times here in California getting this delivered and not sent back by the post office. But I keep trying and am happy when it finally is able to get through and I find it in my mailbox. Wonderful product and highly recommend to try it.

    + PROS: Love the mixture of the ingredients. It's wonderful to be able not rely on so many pills now and use the Heal.
    - CONS: Wish these products were more affordable and excepted by the medical community.
  11. I just started using Kats natural hemp oil balance so far I seem to be feeling pretty good I am lacking in sex drive I have headaches and I’m have fatigue due to hysterectomy from the past I’m hoping this will correct my problem I’ve tried different prescription drugs hormone pills and so far nothing has worked so if this works without any prescription drugs I’m all for it so far if I’m doing well with it thanks for the sample at the Chattanooga Market I received yesterday I appreciate it and we’ll see where it goes from here peaches

  12. Overall product rating

    Finishing my sample bottle and it works great on my chronic back pain, depression and fibromyalgia and the ailments go on. My question is does HEAL offer a discount for those of us are on permanent disability with proof of benefits?

    + PROS: Great product!
  13. Overall product rating

    I tried a sample of Heal 5ml 2 weeks ago. I got an immediate effect and the first day I started it I went to sleep without an antihistamine required for me to sleep at night. This was a first for me in a long time because I am in withdrawal from benzodiazepines after a 20 year addiction at the 1 year mark and have suffered terribly with insomnia.

    I suffer from pain secondary to Lyme disease. It decreased my pain from a 7 to a 4 on a pain scale from 1 to 10. The next week I tried their product called Relax 5ml. This product was also helpful for me but not as helpful as the Heal sample was overall for my pain and sleep. I also spoke with the company owner over the phone who was very knowledgeable and helpful. The business transaction was prompt. I would recommend her products.

    + PROS: product reliability good customer service nice label
    - CONS: none
  14. Overall product rating

    This brand is the most effective for my Fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, and nerve pain this far. I ordered the HEAL. I couldn’t get over how it switched my pain from 8 to 10 to off within approximately 15 to 30 minutes, and lasted anywhere from 4 to 6 hours. This far, this brand (heal) has been the most beneficial for my pain. I also used balance, but it is not for pain. It is for the health and wellness of the body. The FDA and your bank doesn’t always make ordering go smoothly. This is one of the few brands that I have very little trouble with.

    + PROS: Effectiveness Ease of ordering Website friendliness Variety of products Staff knowledge, courtesy, and friendliness
    - CONS: I wish there was a tracking number
  15. Being pain-free for the first time since 2009 says it all.

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