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Hemplucid CBD Reviews & Coupons
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  1. Overall product rating

    I just got the vape/drip version of Hemplucid. This stuff is amazing!!!

    I have a cervical spine injury that causes severe muscle spasms and knots in my neck, shoulders, and upper back. After my first dose I felt instant relief. I am very relaxed and I’m only using the 150 mg strength.

    + PROS: Works great on muscle spasms. A very little bit goes a long way in a vape pen.
    - CONS: None
  2. Overall product rating

    I love the fact that your products are all natural/chemical free. I’ve only had the 300mg. full spectrum vape/drip for a couple days and I like how it calms me down and helps with my inflammation in my back. Thinking about buying a stronger mg. I wouldn’t buy from anyone else.

    + PROS: Not bitter tasting. Helps with anxiety/ not taking benzos anymore.
    - CONS: None
  3. Overall product rating

    Works almost immediately after first dose! Very impressed! Highly recommend for back pain and anxiety

    + PROS: Works fast for back pain and anxiety, taste isn’t bad at all
    - CONS: None
  4. Overall product rating

    If you’re dealing with pain/anxiety give this product a try

    + PROS: It just works. Simple as that. I couldn't be happier with this product, is changing my life. This is only the second month of using the 500 strength. Thank you
    - CONS: NONE
  5. Better than most for me.

  6. Overall product rating

    Hemplucid/full spectrum/ water soluble has worked wonders for my anxiety and depression!!!

    + PROS: Taste isn't bitter, works fast, not as expensive as other brands
    - CONS: 20 drops per recommend dose vs. most brands 3 drops
  7. Overall product rating

    Highly recommended! After just a week, 300 mg vape, my anxiety/panic attacks seem to be under control.

    + PROS: What can I say? The pro is it helped. To me it's reasonably priced compared to others, and the have a wide range.
    - CONS: None noted as yet.

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