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Green Roads CBD Reviews & Ratings
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  1. Overall product rating

    I believe all of the bad reviews on this site. I just recently purchased the 450 mg of Pineapple Express shatter from Green Roads. I wanted to try a CBD product so that I could sleep instead of drinking myself to sleep. I will say that I did feel something but I’m not sure if it’s the CBD’s. Something I noticed right off the bat was the taste. It was awful. It did not taste like pineapple or anything piney for that matter. I’m using a Glass Straw to inhale the shatter. This product tastes like some old school meth that I smoked in the 90s. It is also snowflaking the inside of my glass straw just like if I were smoking meth. Something is not right. Buyers beware if you go to someone site and they have nothing but five star reviews something is up. Even if you have the best product in the world you can’t please everyone. They have 44 pages of reviews. Of the 44, 40 are five stars the rest are four stars. I did review their product on their site and I gave it 2 Starz. I bet if you go to their site you won’t be able to find it. That should be a red flag rite there. Dummy me for buying into the hype. Flashy website and fake reviews.

    + PROS: I did feel something. Not sure if it was CBD's
    - CONS: Tasted awful(like meth) Crystalized glass straw
  2. Doesn’t help me at all as a person in severe chronic pain looking for relief.
    Used another brand it worked and the lady I got this from insisted this is better. This CBD oil has no benefit for serious chronic pain sufferers. In fact this oil gave me a headache- while I am told there are no negative side effects of CBD oil there was for me. No guarantee from the lady who swindled me and no refund on the oil that does not work. Waste of money

  3. Was having luck with reducing anxiety but somewhere the taste went from bad to much worse, it tasted like caustic household cleaner. My throat and esophagus were literally burned and it took weeks for them to heal. I contacted the co-founder who feigned concerned and had me send my bottle directly to him with a promise to send it to a lab for evaluation. I never heard another word from him and it has been weeks. I think they are so mass producing now who knows what is happening. I switched to Kat’s Naturals and have been satisfied so far. I agree with another reviewer that this oil will make you gag.

  4. Overall product rating

    I’ll never buy green roads again. I notice nothing for anxiety and it tastes so bad I gagged. It has the consistency of semen. No response from them yet but they have a return policy. Like the above poster said, the dropper is useless and it’s cheaply made. No point in having a dropper then! Keep looking!

  5. Overall product rating

    I purchased the Daily Dose 1500 mg at a local shop, after consulting with the manager, who had severe bone pain due to cancer & chemotherapy. She said it was the most effective treatment for severe pain. I have intolerable back, joint & muscle pain & severe migraines from a myriad of diagnoses. After putting the oil under my tongue I felt instant relief. My entire body relaxed and felt warm..I enjoyed a pain free, productive day for the 1st time in years. The downside is that I am on disability and it is quite pricey. My supply will run out in a couple days and I can’t afford to buy more.

    + PROS: Provides instant, long lasting relief from severe pain and promotes a sense of well-being.
    - CONS: Expensive
  6. I started my vaping journey with Strawberry AK terpenes. This terp has made my vaping experience smooth and rich, I actually don’t miss smoking at all. I usually mix this terp with CBD oil and then vape and it obtains a sweet and potent haze, for which I have acquired a love for. This product is for people who like a touch of earthiness in their vaping

  7. it took me about 2 weeks to decide the company to buy CBD oil and finally settled on Greenroads and I love it! Although I haven’t tried any other companies, I can say this CBD oil is potent, tasty and effective because I know good quality when I see it.

  8. It is with great disappointment that I write this review. I was truly hoping to find a natural way to help with insomnia. As I did order the product through my doctor, I initially had no contact with customer service at Green Roads Wellness. I was using the product 1-2 ml at bedtime and noticed no effect whatsoever. And the taste!!! It is beyond putrid! I did reach out to the company and spoke with not one, but two, fast talking, shamming, misrepresenting sales people! Not naming any names…I’m being kind! I was told by one of them that there was no money back guarantee and then of course the other sales person said he would look into getting a refund and I have never heard from him again. So basically, if you are not completely satisfied, you are out of luck. For me personally, it’s not the money. It is the terrible, awful customer service by these two particular people. I could have pursued these people, but have decided instead to write this review.
    If this product works for you, that’s great. But if it doesn’t BEWARE. No one there really has your back!

  9. Overall product rating

    I have try before 5 month its good and am using every day it give me good sleep

  10. Overall product rating

    I have been looking for something to help with my Anxiety for a long long time now so I can get off my xanax. I believe this is helping me. I only have 100mgso I am going to go up. Very impressed

  11. Overall product rating

    I started using this oil after Charlottes Web wasn’t very effective. I really loved the benefits and could absolutely tell it was really helping. I started at 100 mg then bumped to 350 mg….all was GREAT. Then the last bottle of 350 mg I purchased was very different…the consistency was clearly different and the taste was practically caustic. It was like I had just swigged a hit of bad household cleaners. My throat and esophagus were burning terribly after a few days of this…I tried adding mouthfuls of water when I swallowed it followed up by more water, but nothing got that horrible chemical taste out. I had to start using Prilosec of all things to try to help with the severe burning I had (it didn’t help). I don’t know what they did or added or how they are processing it, but it is truly awful. I have no choice but to find another brand, as I have zero faith in whatever it is that they have added to their product. Whatever it is, it cannot be good.

    + PROS: Very effective
    - CONS: The taste is literally caustic. I don't know what they changed in their compound, but it now burns your throat all the way down. It tastes like harsh, harsh chemicals.
  12. Overall product rating

    I have been using the 1500mg bottle if oil for about three weeks. It makes me feel drowsy within about half hour. Makes it easy to fall asleep. After two weeks I notice that sciatica pain is no longer waking me. However, the oil is so thick it rather oozes off the dropper in a continuous stream. My first lid seemed to be broken, had to pry it off. Customer service sent me a new one and it works fine. Even with the veteran discount, $100 a month for 50mg daily is pricy.

    + PROS: Works well Good selection of products Good customer service
    - CONS: Some bottle caps may be defective Oil too thick to precisely dose Rather pricy
  13. Overall product rating

    Husband had a massive stroke and nothing has worked for his pain. Purchased Green Roads CBD oil 250 mg 17 mil. From a smoke shop. Gave him 1.5 dropper full and his pain level went from and 8 to a 4 within minutes!

    + PROS: Works quick
    - CONS: Expensive for a disabled vet on disability. Need to remake the caps on the bottle, trying to open it is a mess. He doesn't want to take it as he should because he is worried he will run out too quick.
  14. Overall product rating

    I love green roads CBD oil. Started with the 250 and upped it to the 350. I like the cap and dropper. Not sure why people are having difficulty with it. Press down and turn folks. Helps with my pain and anxiety.

    + PROS: Easy access from local distributor Works great Pharmacy grade
    - CONS: A little pricey but not bad
  15. Overall product rating

    It sets in quick. I’ve tried about 5 brands and so far I like green roads the best. I’ve only had the 100 mg. oil and it worked better than the other’s by far. And extract equilibrium brand was 600 mg. and did nothing near this company. I think it’s the 99% potency of the cbd plus terpines and cbda , cbn .

    + PROS: Kicks in quick Works Moderate price Many items
    - CONS: Doesn't last to long Has a milky look for color?
  16. Overall product rating

    Green Roads has done wonders for my fibromyalgia pain. I started with the 550mg bottle and noticed results within 3 days. I don’t know what I’m going to do when I run out of my next bottle coming, as much as it helps it’s too expensive to continue on a regular basis. I’ll be saving it for when I get bad flares.

    + PROS: Works wonders!
    - CONS: Very expensive. Tastes horrible.
  17. Overall product rating

    Bought the 1500 mg sublingual oil for migraine, sleep and joint issues. 3 drops twice a day. No migraines but otherwise not impressed. Had been using CW advanced and wasn’t having much luck with that either, so wanted to try an isolate.

    The taste and consistency of the Green Roads is awful. It’s sickly artificial and yet also acrid tasting, and a gloppy gelatinous mess that makes the dropper dosing pretty much useless. CW uses an oil base and this uses vegetable glycerin. It’s so thick it sticks to the outside and then leaks all over. If it worked better for me I could probably make do, but sadly still looking for my sweet spot.

    + PROS: Fast shipping.
    - CONS: Taste, consistency and efficacy.
  18. Overall product rating

    300mg cream is fast acting and helps my anxiety. Still unsure of pain relief as of this writing. It’s been almost 2 weeks of use on the same 1.2 oz container.

    + PROS: 300mg cream is fast acting and helps my anxiety. Still unsure of pain relief as of this writing. It's been almost 2 weeks of use on the same 1.2 oz container.
    - CONS: Price is 70. Very expensive.
  19. Overall product rating

    Absolutely love Green Roads World!
    Excellant products without THC!

    + PROS: Great products! They have always responded to me quickly through messenger. I use pain cream, terpenes, and 350 mg pineapple. I use it as a sublingual as well as vaping. It works great for me. Original nectar sublingual to keep inflamation down first thing in the morning, blueberry terpene to sleep like a baby, pineapple terpene mixed with pineapple CBD oil for my vape pen for during the day use. My husband has pseudomungus on his finger in his nail bed from an infection from diesel fluid (he is a mechanic). Has had it for over 5 years. A couple of drops of pineapple 350 mg CBD oil covered with bandaide for a couple of days and no more symptoms. Pain cream when I had a head cold, I rubbed it on my face around my nose and sinuses and helped me breathe and feel better. Love the fact that it jas no THC so no chance of failing a drug test for random tests done at the job.
    - CONS: Would have given five stars but have to agree with other customer, cap is not only child proof, its adult proof! Also, it is pretty pricey. Would really appreciate discount pricing for regular users.
  20. Overall product rating

    I received 2 sample syringes from them. The 2nd one was Relax CBD Syrup. It’s 60 mg, with 10 mg of melatonin. It’s cherry flavored. I didn’t like it. I never use melatonin, and 10 mg is too high. The flavor is too strong. It’s both too bitter and too sweet. Very misleading. I thought I was getting a bottle of grape flavor, and they sent me this. The 1st syringe was also supposed to be a sample bottle, but they sent a syringe which had honey in it. It was far too sweet. Their customer service is poor. They don’t answer questions or deal with concerns or resolve problems. They ignore all of it.

    + PROS: I don't know of any.
    - CONS: Plenty. They bait a person by showing a photo of a 30 ml sample bottle of CBD. The shipping cost is outrageous. It was over $6. What they send is a syringe. This is deceptive and misleading. I felt lied to. Then they wanted to send me a sample bottle of grape flavored CBD syrup. What they sent was a syringe of cherry flavored. Dishonest. Bad customer service.
  21. Overall product rating

    Started with Green Roads 250mg and found it worked really well for my back pain and anxiety. Moved up to 350mg and it worked even better. I was able to stop my anti-anxiety meds.

    + PROS: Works really well
    - CONS: The texture is a bit off-putting
  22. Overall product rating

    Green Roads works really well for my Fibromyalgia but the cost was a bit much for me.

    + PROS: Great results!
    - CONS: Price
  23. Overall product rating

    I started with green roads and since the beginning it has been very helpful. From their candy to terpenes to oil. I would always recommend them

    + PROS: Customer Service is helpful. Terpenes are so relaxing in the evening. The oils help with pain
    - CONS: The frogs make me gag due to the thickness
  24. Overall product rating

    YUCK, I bought the sour diesel vape oil and it is beyond awful tasting and smelling. It actually caused a gag reflex. Its very thick (which isnt really an issue ) but there is something that always seems to float to the top of the bottle. I have another terpene vape oil and it does not float tothe top as much as this one . I dont really even notice an effect except foul taste . I also bought a Gummy frog and it also didnt help my DD who used it . I just think there are more effective products out there , at least from my experience with it . I havent tried any of the other products but so far its not been good so I doubt I will spend more money with them .

    + PROS: YUCK, I bought the sour diesel vape oil and it is beyond awful tasting and smelling. It actually caused a gag reflex. Its very thick (which isnt really an issue ) but there is something that always seems to float to the top of the bottle. I have another terpene vape oil and it does not float tothe top as much as this one . I dont really even notice an effect except foul taste . I also bought a Gummy frog and it also didnt help my DD who used it . I just think there are more effective products out there , at least from my experiance with it . I havent tried any of the other products but so far its not been good so I doubt I will spend more money with them .
    - CONS: Easy to find in Store near me .
  25. Overall product rating

    Difficult to get cap off. Dropper doesn’t work well. I could not tell from the 1000mg bottle I bought if it helped in anyway. I think I may have had a defected bottle. I don’t think the proper amount was in bottle. I emailed Green Roads but never received a reply.

    + PROS: No score
  26. Overall product rating

    I purchased the 100 mg oil and the vape. So far it has helped my anxiety and some of the back pain. It has only been two weeks, but it has been awesome for anxiety

    + PROS: Vape helps anxiety quick, great taste
    - CONS: Haven't seen a con yet
  27. Overall product rating

    I ordered the green roads 250 mg isolate tincture and I was using 1-3 drops like it said at night but it made me incredibly tired 😔 even the next day. So I wasn’t really able to keep using it. It also didn’t seem to work well enough for my back pain. I also have tried the green roads sour diesel terpenes and that seems to be good I wouldn’t say it’s incredibly energizing but it helps me not go for coffee or caffeine.

    + PROS: Terpenes seem good
    - CONS: Isolate made me very drowsy

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