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Green Mountain CBD Reviews & Ratings
8.4 Total Score
15 reviews
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Overall product rating

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  1. Overall product rating

    I have been taking Green Mountain CBD 4 months now. It is working great for me. I take two 20 mg capsules a day. One in the morning and one at night. I broke my ribs years ago and have bone spurs causing inflammation and pain this product is working for me. Better than ibuprofen my doctor prescribed. I also like the mellow effect it gives me. The price is right. And their service is excellent.

    + PROS: It works for me. Capsules make it easy to take.
    - CONS: My wife started taking my capsules now I have to purchase twice as often.
  2. Overall product rating

    Im sorry to say this is the worst CBD product I have ever tried. I get sick every time I take a pill. Sure its cheap, but in this case you are getting what you pay for.

  3. Overall product rating

    Fell in luv with the 20 mg capsules for joint relief due to Lymes…anxiety cure a plus as well. But after reading the drug test failures (was under the assumption cbd was the free) now I have to give it up. Back to being a slave to Big Pharma and their killer side effects….sad.

    + PROS: Cures with no debilitating 20-30 side effects.
    - CONS: Govt still apparently controls all.
  4. Overall product rating

    I’ve taken several brands. Green Mountain is my favorite! Stumbled upon it when visiting Burlington, VT. I have TMJD so clenching my jaw/ grinding my teeth at night we’re a regular part of my life, Green Mountain CBD has made this almost non existent now. Also helps to manage my recently diagnosed anxiety without pills prescribed by my doctor.

    + PROS: Controls muscle tension Controls anxiety Helps focus Increases Energy Most bang for my buck! Super affordable Quick shipping. Shipped same day!
    - CONS: None
  5. Overall product rating

    Tried this for the first time on recommendation from a Friend , took it for a week (for pain) had my boyfriend try it. Whole it helped a bit getting to sleep , it Wasn’t that effective on pain management. We also both tested positive on a marijuana test. 🙁

    + PROS: Did help to get to sleep ,
    - CONS: Still woke up after 4 hours with same pain. Tested positive on a drug test. Chocolate mint flavor not that great.
  6. Overall product rating

    The green mountain 20mg capsules don’t work as well as the Charlottes Web 15mg let alone the Lazarus 25mg. Not near as effective calming me down. I was really hoping that it would because it was slightly less money.

    + PROS: Capsules easy to take price
    - CONS: Doesn't work as well as Charlottes Web or Lazarus which were my go to CBD's prior to trying Green Mountain.
  7. Overall product rating

    Green Mountain CBD oil with the dropper was my first attempt at relief through cannabinoids. I was comparing it to 2 other kinds and vaping CBD. I found myself always gravitating toward the Green Mountain CBD. It takes the edges off of pain, relieves the anxiety associated with pain. It works very well in conjunction with other drugs like Ibuprophen. I like the CBD oils with a fruit flavor better, but that would not drop the star rating for me, because the GM stuff is a blessing. It works for me with this mysterious joint pain and stiffness I am trying to figure out. The price is right, and I am anxiously awaiting my next bottle.

    + PROS: Easy to use and adjust dosage. fast shipping takes the edge off of pain and anxiety organic and processed in the healthiest way Full Spectrum
    - CONS: I personally don't like to mix chocolate mint with anything medical. A dental assistant once cleaned my teeth with a chocolate mint toothpaste and it was gross. Like who rubs chocolate mint into their teeth?
  8. Overall product rating

    My 71 year old husband is a paraplegic with chronic pain. He started taking these capsules last summer while home in VT. When we went to FL for the winter it wasn’t available locally so he tried drops from another brand. That brand gave him no relief so he decided he didn’t need it. The pain increased over the winter and spring and he agreed to try it again. Such an improvement! He used to get very little sleep. He now is able to get a decent night’s sleep most nights and his days are much more comfortable. I hope he continues! We stocked up with a supply to get us thru most of our upcoming FL winter. He takes a capsule 3 times a day, 7am, 2pm and 10pm.

    + PROS: Easy to take, price is excellent when purchased on supplement day at our local health food store. Another plus is that it is produced local to us in Vt.
    - CONS: n/a
  9. Overall product rating

    I used to have migraines with Vision and speech problems. I would have these every 3 to 4 weeks since I was a teenager. I am now 45. I started taking the green Mountain capsules, 1 per day every evening with dinner. I have not had a migraine in 20 weeks! This is the longest I have ever gone without a migraine attack. Green Mountain is the first and only CBD I have taken. Works great for me and am very pleased.

    + PROS: No side effects. Has stopped my migraines. Convenience with the capsule form.
    - CONS: None
  10. I live with extreme chronic pain, anxiety & insomnia. This product is the most effective cbd I have tried, of many. Price is great! Please do not change!

  11. Overall product rating

    I’ve only tried two CBD products. I’ll stick to what works for me, Green Mountain! Originally I chose them because they’re local to me (hello from Winooski!) Helps me with muscle aches and pains, cramps and I was surprised to find it helped with anxiety too. The price is great, the most competitive I’ve seen for excellent quality. I take capsules. I’ve used the pure coconut oil version but I didnt like how it tasted. I did use it once topically and it worked amazing but the smell was a bit too much.

    + PROS: Great price. works great. local company that grows its own product.
    - CONS: nada
  12. Overall product rating

    I’ve tried oil from a few other companies but so far Green Mountain is my fav. I take 1-2 capsules per day. I love the convenience and it has been so helpful for my anxiety! I like it better than other brands because of the super low THC content (I’m extra sensitive).

    + PROS: good price, high quality product, super fast shipping, lower THC content works better for my needs
    - CONS: none that i can find!
  13. Overall product rating

    They shipped my product out 3 business hours after I placed my order, got here in 3 days! Grown in the USA and the price is extremely competitive for such a potent product. They got my business, good deal.

    + PROS: Very potent, lightning quick shipping, awesome price. GROWN IN THE USA.
    - CONS: Would like to see a bulk option of like 300 capsules or more.
  14. Overall product rating

    I started CBD from Green Mountain over a year ago and I love it. My massage therapist and I did a trial last week to see how much I really need and to see if I was taking too much. I usually take one 20mg capsule morning and night and I use the Chocolate mint tincture as need during the day. I don’t have anxiety or pain, I just love the upbeat feeling I have when I take it. Oh, I should mention that I have Multiple Sclerosis and I’m in a wheelchair. I have my medical marijuana license and THC has done wonders for me too! I developed into secondary progressive but with my medical marijuana license I am stable and doing very well!
    I actually had withdrawal symptoms a couple of days after I stopped CBD cold turkey. I was very irritable and antsy! I tried to sit with for a half day and discovered that I really do benefit from CBD. I do not have any trouble sleeping so my daily dose of CBD is now a 20mg capsule @ 8:00am and then a tincture of Chocolate mint CBD and my day is perfect! I have never tried any other brand. There is no need to try anything else, this works perfect for me.

    Another thing I might add. One of my kitties developed Large cell lymphoma last 7/31/17 She went under the CHOP chemotherapy protocol and is now in complete remission and happy and healthy as can be. Through out her treatment and still to this day, I smear about a 1/2 ml of CBD oil on her paw every. I. truly believe this has helped her and has kept the Lymphoma at bay!

    Thanks for your awesome products! I am a lifelong customer!


    + PROS: Sense of well being Very happy Very upbeat Very energetic
    - CONS: I have no cons
  15. Overall product rating

    Using the oil twice a day for a nagging ache in my leg/knee due to swelling/varicose veins, and am happy to say that it has helped tremendously in a short period of time. Flavor was great, and the shipping speed was next day!

    + PROS: Works, tastes great, fast shipping
    - CONS: None to speak of yet!
  16. Overall product rating

    I have tried the mint chocolate oil 600mg, the topical ointment that may also be taken internally and 20mg capsules. My favorite is the mint chocolate oil, as it tastes good and dosaging is easy to control. I don’t care for the smell of the topical, but my wife likes it for fibromyalgia pains. The capsules are effective as well…just not my favorite way to take the oil. It has helped my anxiety. Good luck!

    + PROS: I love the mint chocolate oil because the doses are easily controlled and the flavor is nice. Works well for my anxiety.
    - CONS: Smell and taste of topical is a bit strong. It reminds me of fresh hay, to which I'm allergic, however. My wife likes the smell.
  17. I have been taking the capsules 1000 mg per bottle and find it very effective for my anxiety. Also works good for my back pain and I have recommended it to friends and family members. A great product!

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