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CBDPure Reviews & Coupons
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  1. Overall product rating

    So far company has not been reputable in refunding money for returned product, nor will they respond to requests for confirmation of refund status. USPS has confirmed CBDPURE has received the return of the product.
    CBDPURE refuses to give anyone a return RA number, they state, ‘Just mail it back and you’ll get your money back.” Well no money back and no response from the company.

    + PROS: None
    - CONS: Refund policy is suspicious. Company refuses to confirm receipt of returns, ignores requests for confirmation of refund status. Also will not provide RA number.
  2. Overall product rating

    I have had amazing results from CBD Pure. Even being in the UK the product arrived fast and i am having amazing results for my depression.

    + PROS: Fast shipping and reasonable price
    - CONS: No measurement on the dropper
  3. Overall product rating

    I’ve tried CBD oil since March 10 2018, and I have been pain, anxiety, Inflammation and pill free since ..❤

    + PROS: It works, it really really works!
    - CONS: I have no cons
  4. Overall product rating

    I had such hopes for the product but I had zero help from it.

    + PROS: They refund quickly.
    - CONS: It did not help me at all and I worked up to a full dose twice a day. I felt no benefits.
  5. Overall product rating

    I am currently on my 5th bottle of CBDpure. My purpose of using it is for anxiety and insomnia. In both areas it has helped, the most is wihl sleep. I have been taking prescription sleeping pills for a few years and was becoming immune to them. I found relief and success with CBDpure from the start and have continued to get a good nights sleep. I am very please, but concerned about some reviews I have read stating CBDpure will send you less effective bottles if you use the auto ship. Can anyone help shed some light on these allegations? On the fence trying to find a good brand that will help me keep sleeping and with my nasty anxiety.

    + PROS: Has helped me with sleeping, and some with anxiety.
    - CONS: Concerned about the reviews where they start sending inferior product when on autoship.
  6. Overall product rating

    I am a relatively new user to CBD oils. I’ve tried a few different ones now trying to figure out what is best for me. I have tried CBDpure brand a few time now and just ordered more. I think it works but can’t say 100%. I am also going through some chiropractic visits and accupuncture. Overall I feel less pain etc. I’m just not sure if it’s one or the other or a combination of all.
    In a scam warning I see PureCBD brand as being a scam. Is that the same brand as CBDpure ? I chose them ordering online cause they didn’t try to stick me with any reoccurring billing and orders.They were straight forward with my order.
    Also the label is confusing. The label brand is CBDpure, but it says hemp oil. So, does it have CBD oil in it I ask ?
    I’m curious if anyone else is using this brand and pros and cons with it. I can’t say myself yet. Should I keep ordering from this company ?

    + PROS: Not sure yet
    - CONS: Not sure yet

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