Myaderm CBD Review

Our Myaderm CBD review is based on research by our group administrators and feedback from those who have used Myaderm’s CBD transdermal pain cream products.


Myaderm offers a unique product in the CBD hemp oil industry in the form of transdermal pain creams. Their pharmaceutical grade, all-natural product is formulated to reduce inflammation and pain without having to worry about negative side effects.

Those suffering from joint, nerve or muscle pain may be particularly interested in trying this product. Myaderm’s pain cream contains 0% THC which also makes it an attractive option for those subject to drug testing.

Unlike other topical CBD products, Myaderm’s pain cream delivers the CBD into the bloodstream and deeper into skin tissue. This transdermal form of application means that this product can be faster acting and longer lasting than traditional topicals or sublingual drops.

We love that Myaderm is standing behind its products with a 30-day money-back guarantee. And we also like that they have fast and free shipping of their products.

Sarah recently did a full product review of Myaderm’s products. Click here to read Sarah’s product review of Myaderm CBD Transdermal Pain Cream

  • Pharmacist formulated to reduce inflammation and pain
  • Only product of its kind currently available
  • Free shipping
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

  • Currently only ships to U.S.
  • Not full spectrum (a positive for those who want a product with 0% THC)


You can get 6 single pack samples of Myaderm transdermal pain relief cream for $9.99 (includes free shipping). U.S. residents only. There is NO auto-ship or commitment to buy again as part of this sample offer from them.

Click here to order the 6 single pack sample for $9.99

Myaderm CBD Transdermal Pain Cream Sample Pack from MyadermCBD

Popular Products

MyadermCBD Sample Pack – 6 single dose packets of Myaderm transdermal pain cream (23mg of CBD in each single dose pack).

Regular Strength MyadermCBD Pain Cream – Transdermal pain cream with 700mg of total CBD (100 pumps per bottle; 7mg of CBD per pump)

Extra Strength MyadermPRO Pain Cream – Transdermal pain cream with 1400mg of total CBD (100 pumps per bottle; 14mg of CBD per pump)

MyadermPM Pain Cream – Night time formula of transdermal pain cream with 700mg of total CBD (100 pumps per bottle; 7mg of CBD per pump)

MyadermPM Softgels – Formulated to promote relaxation and sleep. Softgels with CBD, melatonin and chamomile. 750mg of total CBD (25mg per softgel)

MyadermPET – Special formula of transdermal pain cream for pets with 400mg of total CBD (100 pumps per bottle; 4mg of CBD per pump)

CBD Blemish Control Cream – Daily moisturizing cream with pure CBD and all natural ingredients for clear skin.

Product Quality

Myaderm’s products are formulated by a licensed pharmacist and utilize 100% pure CBD in a transdermal cream.

Third party lab reports available? Yes (available upon request)

Click here for a third party lab report for Myaderm

Company Information

Location: Centennial, Colorado

Year founded: 2017

Countries served: United States only (all 50 U.S. states)

Customer Service

Live chat, phone number, email address and contact form on website. Facebook messenger on their Facebook page.

Special Deals

Free shipping (U.S. only)

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What Our Group Members Are Saying About Myaderm

“I have scoliosis and severe nerve damage down my left leg after 3 surgeries. Didnt walk at all and was homebound. I used one or two pumps onto the most severe places. Worked immediately for me. Took the most pain away. Great stuff. I wish the great results would last a bit longer, though.” – C.Marks 11/12/17

“I have used it and gave a friend a sample when i got mine and i have to say im going to be a long time customer it really did wonders for my knees and neuropathy in my feet.” – J.Harsche 11/12/17

“My right hip hurts like hell and is getting replaced at the end of the month. Myaderm is saving me. I don’t know why it doesn’t work for everyone, but I am beyond grateful it works for me and lasts several hours so I can get things done.” – A.Heath 11/12/17

“Love it! I have a bad injury to one of my knees and also a shoulder replacement that’s not good, I am in chronic pain with both. This had helped a lot!” – P.Young 11/12/17

“My husband has had 7 surgeries to his knee and needs to have a knee replacement but can’t find a dr to do it because he has had staph infection in it nothing really had helped with the pain until he tried Myaderm…..the relief lasted for hours. I will be purchasing more!” – K.Rose 11/12/17

“I purchased the samples twice as I was hesitant to spend over $60 on the bottle. It worked so good even with headaches I jumped in and bought the bottle. I’m so glad I did.” – P.Mitchell 11/12/17

“It has helped me with my fibro and Lumbago and neck issues.I have nerve pain and sciatica as well. I have been off my pain pills now for 2 weeks.” – H.Carpenter 11/12/17