4 Corners Cannabis CBD Oil Review

Our 4 Corners Cannabis CBD oil review is based on research by our group administrators and feedback from those who have used 4 Corners Cannabis CBD hemp oil products.


4 Corners Cannabis is the Lamborghini of the CBD hemp oil industry. The company is run by 2 brothers in the Four Corners region of Colorado who have a combined 30+ years of experience growing cannabis organically. Their “Ma’at” strain has been bred for human consumption just like marijuana unlike the bulk of the genetics being used for CBD consumption that have been bred for fiber. The genetics of their flower not only boast high levels of cannabinoids including CBD, but also have high levels of terpenes which greatly increase the effectiveness through the “entourage effect.”

4 Corners Cannabis is one of the very few companies selling CBD hemp oil today that is truly a “seed to finished product” operation. They grow their own cannabis on their farm in Colorado and extract their product using organic sugar cane ethanol to ensure the fullest representation of the plant’s genetic chemical makeup.

Not unexpectedly, their prices are at the high end of the market but the saying “you get what you pay for” is very applicable here. For their loyal following of customers who love their exceptional product quality and passion for the CBD business, it’s more than worth it.

  • Superior product genetics
  • Boutique “seed to finished product” operation
  • Simple product options on website
  • Exceptional customer support
  • Orders shipped within 24 hours

  • High-end prices (but an exceptional product); 10% off with promo code “cbdoilusers”
  • Only ships to U.S.

Popular Products

4CornersCannabis Oral Tincture – CBD hemp oil drops available in 15ml bottle (250mg or 500mg of CBD) and 30ml bottle (1000mg of CBD).

4 Corners Cannabis Vape Liquid – CBD hemp vape oil available in 15ml bottle (250mg or 500mg of CBD) and 30ml bottle (1000mg of CBD).

4CornersCannabis Salve – topical CBD hemp oil salve with 100mg of CBD

4 Corners Cannabis Pedigree for Animals – specially designed CBD hemp oil drops for dogs, cats and other animals.

User Reviews

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Product Quality

Origin of hemp: 100% Colorado hemp grown on their own farm

Third party lab reports available? Yes (on website; recent lab reports are available upon request)

Company Information

Location: Four Corners region, Colorado

Year founded: 2013

Countries served: United States only (all 50 U.S. states)

Customer Service

Contact form on website, Facebook messenger on their Facebook page.

Customer Ratings

4 Corners Cannabis does not have public reviews on either Facebook or Google, but customer reviews on reddit and other public websites are overwhelmingly positive.

Special Deals

$5 flat rate shipping on all orders (no promo code needed)

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