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American Shaman CBD Reviews & Ratings
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  1. Overall product rating

    I made my first CBD oil purchase approx. a month ago. I purchased the American Shaman water soluble, full spectrum Natural (flavor) 300, a 30 ml bottle. So, there is 10 mg.hemp oil per1 ml. It comes in flavors, but, upon the free sampling at an American Shaman store, the flavors were stronger tadting. So, I prefer the “natural”. I use 0.5 ml twice daily, under my tongue x 30 sec. then follow with water, tea, or, juice. I feel this brand is of highest quality & purity, or, I would not be using it. I experienced almost immediate results from the time I started using it! My headache was relieved, I feel less anxious & more relaxed, & in general, simply feel better! No more migraines since using, & only an occasional vague headache, no more Excedrin needed!
    I truthfully wouldn’t have believed the remarkable results if I haven’t been experiencing them! I also purchased the Equine Ointment 500 (topical cream). Also contains DMSO. Pricey, however, a small amount covers 4 sq.inches of skin. I had a severe, crippling pain in my kneecap (probably arthritic) that nothing else has phased. The pain occurs every few months. I used the ointment/cream twice, & the knee pain (usually lasting a couple of weeks), never returned! This was unbelievable!
    Is American Shaman CBD oil “a good one”? The results speak for themselves! I like their Gummy Bears ,too! They gave me free samples, & I took them in between my twice daily 0.5 ml of oil.

    + PROS: Bye bye migraines & tension headaches. Only a mild headache with weather pressure changes, no longer requiring Excedrin several times daily! Overall comfort from pesky aches & pain. Significant reduction of stress/anxiety/depression. Sleep improved.
    - CONS: No cons experienced! ūüėÄ
  2. Overall product rating

    I use the 450 tincture and have had remarkable results on the very first day.. i also use the 900 equine strength when i am having really bad days, i put it in a water bottle and sip throughout the day along with my 450 2X aday. I have used the equine strength ointment also on those spots that need an extra boost and within 20 minutes i have releif… i cannot say enough about this company… i have had tremendous pain for over 28 years and now i can say my pain level is at a level of very tolerable… cannot complain a whole lot, can’t say 100% pain free but very tolerable compared to what is was before CBD… i have tried a few others but they did not help at all so why quit a product that works… i recommend American Shaman to everyone i meet and give them my testimony of the products…

    + PROS: this helped my pain and anxiety.
    - CONS: can't say anything bad..
  3. Overall product rating

    I started using American Shaman water soluble CBD and equine ointment 1 week ago. As this is my first venture into CBD I cannot compare it to other brands. That said, so far I am receiving relief from my plantar fascitis. A little more each day and am hopeful to cut the flares of it, if not eliminate it. I am also noticing a marked reduction in my irritability and seem to be regaining my good humor at life. I am diabetic and this week my blood sugar levels have been much more stable and my BG readings are lower as well. It’s only week one so we will see if there is continued improvements over time. I ordered on a Monday and received my order on Friday. Very pleased so far.

    + PROS: Easy to use product with clearly marked label and easy to read dropper. Good shipping, US company.
    - CONS: None so far.

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