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American Shaman CBD Reviews & Coupons
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  1. Overall product rating

    I’ve used many traditional CBD oils from many different companies over 2 years; it’s part of the learning curve. I was skeptical about the nano-processing, just because it was unknown to me, but took the leap and tried it.

    The faster onset of relief was noticeable to me in the first few doses. I returned quickly for the 30ml bottle of H2o soluble Natural 300mg. The next products I purchased were body lotion for skin care and Topical Serum for pain management. I’m very happy with both products, a little goes a very long way!

    As a trained and certified medical cannabis dispensary agent and average person with chronic pain, inflammation, and IBS, I was impressed immediately by being able to review third-party lab reports of American Shaman products. I believe in the healing power of CBD and love CBD American Shaman’s product so much that I’m now staff at the store in my community💚

    + PROS: Easy to understand dosing of tinctures. Rapid relief due to nano-processing. Controlled pain and inflammation WITHOUT synthetic pharma is really working well for me. Love, love, love hemp-based wellness💚
    - CONS: Affordable tinctures; topicals for pain are a bit more expensive. I hope to see a more affordable, sample size of the Anti-Inflammatory/Equine Ointment made available.
  2. i have been taking cbd from american shaman for 5months it is keeping me working i have four herniated disk and a lot of arthritic .was in a bad car wreck that reinsured my back . i would not be working today if a friend had not told me about it. i told other friends and family that it is also helping now. thank you god and everyone for bringing it into my life

  3. Overall product rating

    I use their topical ointment, and it’s really amazing. The pain (I have fibro and also repetitive strain in my hands) disappears within less than a minute. I was shocked. I’ve never tried anything that works so well. I didn’t try their water-soluble because I had a long-term supply of my go-to brand, but this has worked so well that I’m definitely going to give it a try next time I need to supply.

    + PROS: Easy to use Works very quickly No bad odor
  4. Overall product rating

    I decided to give the water soluble formula a chance for pain management. It seems to be doing a good job on inflammation issues and subsequent pain levels. A surprising side-benefit is markedly decreased anxiety levels. For that alone I am a big fan. Interestingly enough, I’ve also lost a few pounds just in the 5 days I’ve been using it. Awesome!

    + PROS: Pain management Anxiety Inflammation
  5. Overall product rating

    I love these products! I was finally curious about what the fuss is all about with CBD oil. I have suffered from severe anxiety and depression for years now. I had a knee replacement surgery 4 years ago and the after math pain post surgery has been horrible. Many days the chronic pain shooting up my leg would cause me to be bed ridden. While visiting my parents I stopped into the Broken Arrow location to get some information and I instantly just fell in love with one of the owners Molly. Her knowledge was so fantastic, she was able to answer every question I had in a way that I actually understood, she wasn’t ever “salesman pushy” you could see it on her face that she truly cared so much, and her passion for the products and the franchise was just incredible. I took her advice and started taking the Water Soluble twice a day and for my inflammation on my knee I use their topical ointment. I can proudly say this is the best I have felt in years. I have now recommended it to my entire family, my friends, even my dogs use their pet line. I’m very happy I decided to let my curiosity take me for a stroll into her shop that day because that was the first day of the best days of my life. Thank you Molly and the Broken Arrow group.

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    Anne Lucero Korssjoen August 6, 2018 at 5:44 am
    Overall product rating

    I’ve had a problem with a little toe for years after having a bug bite. I’ve used recommended Vick’s, oregano and nothing has helped like CBD topical. It is taking time and diligent use, but the toe is consistently improving . One of my clients had spider bites and the CBD topical cleared it up in few days. Love all the products and consume them daily.

  7. Overall product rating

    Review……..I cannot say enough good things about American Shaman customer service. First it’s super easy to get a person on the phone and they have handled an incorrect product I recieved super fast! Within 5 minutes of said call a new one was shipped and I was told to keep wrong item to try!

    + PROS: Customer support and taste!
    - CONS: Price....even with discount pretty costly.
  8. I just purchased your water soluble oil..I mainly went there to see about relief for my husband who has bad essential tremors. The gentleman who helped me talked about depression that I take meds for.
    I ended up with 2 bottles and hope that we will get relief. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  9. Overall product rating

    Rachel has been extremely kind and helpful with product information and instructions on using the water soluble drops along with the cloud vape. I have felt much relief from muscle pain and tension in my neck. The vape has helped relieve anxiety!!

    + PROS: Fast acting Strong pain relief Lasting relief from anxiety Lasting relief from depression
  10. Overall product rating

    This is my first company to try, so I can’t make comparisons. But I have noticed a marked difference in both my pain and anxiety. My doctors office failed to get a refill in before this weekend, plus we had storms. But I was able to manage by upping my CBD and taking some sublingual in addition to vaping it.
    It’s not a miracle, I don’t expect that. But it makes a noticeable difference.

    + PROS: -convenient, shop is right in town -great customer service -lots of flavors and options
    - CONS: -none so far
  11. Overall product rating

    I got turned onto American Shaman from my SIL – and there’s a shop in my parents town – and have instantly fallen in love! I use it for anxiety, and haven’t felt this good in a long time! I sleep better, and am just happier. I can’t wait try their other products soon!

    Cloud Cool Berry 150 – 1/2 dropper twice a day
    Cherry Limeade Vape – as needed usually in the afternoon

    + PROS: helps my anxiety so much!
    - CONS: nothing bad at all!
  12. Overall product rating

    I tried the product in January of this year. I now have a quality of life. Many focus on one ailment which prevents them from using the product longer. Also sometimes your pain if from something that needs medical treatment. “You have to remove the axe in your leg before CBD will help with the pain.” Sometimes people don’t drink enough water or adjust the dosage properly. I see complaints about the taste. It’s not about the taste it’s the benefits you get from the product. Journal for 30 days the dosages and how you feel all over not just the one ailment.

    + PROS: Off 6 Meds I can actually sleep at night I can walk with little pain No more panic attacks day or night I can take care of my horses and ride I can hold my grandson
  13. Overall product rating

    I’ve tried several of their products.

    The Equine 500mg salve– love it. There have been days that I would’ve given up without this. It really helped with my arthritis and fibro pain. It never made me break out, was easy to apply where I needed it, sank into my skin quickly, and wasn’t sticky or oily.

    The 300mg Watersoluble Tincture didn’t really do anything besides lift my mood a bit. I just don’t think it was strong enough, and it tasted terrible.

    The hand lotion left my skin soft for days, but it took a while to sink it. I really liked it for skin care, but obviously not for pain relief.

  14. Overall product rating

    Where do I start?!

    Lotion – AMAZING!! My Excema? GONE. & The face cream soothes the red in my cheeks.

    Water soluble- best ever- simple, easy, EFFECTIVE! potent! No doubt there’s something special there 😉 I use this for stress anxiety energy migraines pms & topically (yes, topically) for acne, swollen ankles/sore knees, sore muscles & muscle cramps, warts, pre-cancerous AND age spots. I’m not kidding, it’s amazing

    I love the concentrate in the vape pens, the cookies are delicious. I seriously have both parents my grandma and my dog on this stuff it’s so great.

    + PROS: Seriously can't say enough about these products!! Affordable quality products I can trust made in the USA and backed with a guarantee. How can you go wrong?
    - CONS: Sublingually, the nano technology products are a bit potent! Dilute!
  15. Overall product rating

    I purchased in a local store American Shaman CBD & Terpene Hemp Oil tincture, 300, 15 ml bottle. Used 20 mg daily till it ran out after a little over 2 weeks. First CBD I ever tried. I wanted it for pain relief. Sadly, didn’t notice any difference at all. So trying another brand now.

    + PROS: None for me
    - CONS: Wasted $60.00
  16. Overall product rating

    I bought my first CBD from them and the equine ointment. Both really helped by fibro and arthritis.

    + PROS: It reduced by chronic pain. She was really helpful
    - CONS: The flavored ones didn't taste very good. Their prices are higher than for what my son bought me that works just as well.
  17. Overall product rating

    I purchased American Shaman water soluble, the hemp oil tincture, and the infused edibles while in Florida a couple weeks ago. I have many autoimmune diseases including fibromyalgia and interstitial cystitis/bladder pain syndrome. Did not try immediately as I was scheduled for a surgical procedure and didn’t want to introduce an unknown beforehand. The anesthesia they used this time left me with a wicked, unrelenting headache. It hurt to even have a pillow touch my head. My normal pain pills didn’t relieve it, so I tried one dose of the water soluble and within 15 minutes my headache that I had had for over 30 hours was completely gone!!

    Yesterday I was with my niece who suffers from debilitating migraines. Her son was in a school play, and she looked in serious pain. None of her medications was touching this migraine. I gave her one of the infused edibles, and she texted me and said her migraine was completely gone within 30 minutes! In addition to my auto immune diseases, I am allergic to a lot of medicines, most particularly anti-inflammatory. I’m excited and hopeful that this CBD oil will be the answer to my prayers! I would not have believed that such intense headaches could disappear so easily.

    + PROS: Easy to read dropper levels. Taste is good. Works quickly
    - CONS: None that I can find yet
  18. Overall product rating

    CBD American Shaman Hydrating Body Lotion.
    According to the bottle 15mg CBD per once. I have a 8 once pump of this lotion and will just use it up on my back.I will also mix it with my everyday lotion.
    I personally don’t like the lotion , it says it’s non greasy on the bottle. But the lotion is very greasy. I don’t feel it’s absorbing into my skin at all, it remains wet for a long time.I’m not sure if it helps the skin as I don’t find myself using it much because of the cons.However with that being said the lotion doesn’t have a strong smell. But I wouldn’t recommend the lotion product at all.

    + PROS: Doesn't smell bad
    - CONS: Greasy , and doesn't dry well on the skin
  19. Overall product rating

    I cannot speak high enough of American Shaman oil.
    For years struggled with debilitating chronic fatigue that eventually was diagnosed as Lupus. I began talking
    American Shaman’s 300 mg CBD & Terpene Rich Hemp Oil Tincture in the midst of a severe Lupus flair. I took it twice a day and in three days the flair was gone. Before this CBD a flair could last months. After finishing the first bottle on a regular twice a day schedule which last about 3 weeks purchased another one. Then i began to take the oil only when a flair would start and in a day and half the flair is gone. For the last couple of years have used it for as need basic and i now go months without an initiating flair. My most recent testing for lupus indicators are the lowest i have received and if they go any lower will no longer be in the range for lupus. American Shaman also has a compassionate care discount of 30% for those with chronic illness. I am so very grateful for this company and this oil which is pure grace is in a bottle.

    + PROS: all pros
    - CONS: no cons
  20. Overall product rating

    I made my first CBD oil purchase approx. a month ago. I purchased the American Shaman water soluble, full spectrum Natural (flavor) 300, a 30 ml bottle. So, there is 10 mg.hemp oil per1 ml. It comes in flavors, but, upon the free sampling at an American Shaman store, the flavors were stronger tadting. So, I prefer the “natural”. I use 0.5 ml twice daily, under my tongue x 30 sec. then follow with water, tea, or, juice. I feel this brand is of highest quality & purity, or, I would not be using it. I experienced almost immediate results from the time I started using it! My headache was relieved, I feel less anxious & more relaxed, & in general, simply feel better! No more migraines since using, & only an occasional vague headache, no more Excedrin needed!
    I truthfully wouldn’t have believed the remarkable results if I haven’t been experiencing them! I also purchased the Equine Ointment 500 (topical cream). Also contains DMSO. Pricey, however, a small amount covers 4 sq.inches of skin. I had a severe, crippling pain in my kneecap (probably arthritic) that nothing else has phased. The pain occurs every few months. I used the ointment/cream twice, & the knee pain (usually lasting a couple of weeks), never returned! This was unbelievable!
    Is American Shaman CBD oil “a good one”? The results speak for themselves! I like their Gummy Bears ,too! They gave me free samples, & I took them in between my twice daily 0.5 ml of oil.

    + PROS: Bye bye migraines & tension headaches. Only a mild headache with weather pressure changes, no longer requiring Excedrin several times daily! Overall comfort from pesky aches & pain. Significant reduction of stress/anxiety/depression. Sleep improved.
    - CONS: No cons experienced! 😀
  21. Overall product rating

    I use the 450 tincture and have had remarkable results on the very first day.. i also use the 900 equine strength when i am having really bad days, i put it in a water bottle and sip throughout the day along with my 450 2X aday. I have used the equine strength ointment also on those spots that need an extra boost and within 20 minutes i have releif… i cannot say enough about this company… i have had tremendous pain for over 28 years and now i can say my pain level is at a level of very tolerable… cannot complain a whole lot, can’t say 100% pain free but very tolerable compared to what is was before CBD… i have tried a few others but they did not help at all so why quit a product that works… i recommend American Shaman to everyone i meet and give them my testimony of the products…

    + PROS: this helped my pain and anxiety.
    - CONS: can't say anything bad..
  22. Overall product rating

    I started using American Shaman water soluble CBD and equine ointment 1 week ago. As this is my first venture into CBD I cannot compare it to other brands. That said, so far I am receiving relief from my plantar fascitis. A little more each day and am hopeful to cut the flares of it, if not eliminate it. I am also noticing a marked reduction in my irritability and seem to be regaining my good humor at life. I am diabetic and this week my blood sugar levels have been much more stable and my BG readings are lower as well. It’s only week one so we will see if there is continued improvements over time. I ordered on a Monday and received my order on Friday. Very pleased so far.

    + PROS: Easy to use product with clearly marked label and easy to read dropper. Good shipping, US company.
    - CONS: None so far.

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