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4 Corners Cannabis CBD Vape Oil Review

I began using CBD oil about 3 months ago for fibromyalgia and related side effects including arthritis, depression, anxiety and nausea. I tried a couple different brands of CBD oil drops with mixed results and decided to try the CBD vape oil because the drops were making me sleepy during the day. I liked that you can get the same beneficial effects with a smaller amount of CBD by vaping and that the effect is faster than the drops. The drops took about 30 minutes to feel any effects but when I vape it starts to work within a few minutes.

I chose the 4 Corners Cannabis CBD vape oil based on the recommendation of the CBD Oil Users Group on Facebook. I’ve been very pleased with the product and I’ve definitely had the most success with it versus the other CBD oil products that I’ve tried. When the nerve pain hits, I can use the vape and it calms it down almost immediately.

I have a hard time walking because I need two knee replacements but the 4 Corners Cannabis vape oil has helped me manage my pain so that I can walk. It has also helped reduce my anxiety and nausea. I keep the vape next to me and I can now stop those quickly when they come on unexpectedly. I’ve also been sleeping much better since starting the vape oil from 4 Corners Cannabis.

The 4 Corners Cannabis vape oil is definitely heavy duty and it’s very thick. It is 100% VG and can also be taking sublingually so you have both options unlike most other CBD vape oils.

I have been super happy with the customer service from 4 Corners Cannabis. Justin Jasiewicz, one of the two brothers who own and run the company, has personally answered all of my questions with a very fast response time. The $5 flat rate shipping cost was very reasonable and I was able to take advantage of a promo code to reduce the cost.

I have been so happy with the product from 4 Corners Cannabis that I also purchased their CBD hemp oil drops for pets that I give to my large german shepherd that has a bum leg.

I use an Eleaf iStick Pico mod to vape the CBD oil. I’ve concluded that it’s more cost effective to vape with than the smaller vape pens.

I would also tell others that I’ve found that CBD oil is not an immediate fix. I have had to use it continually for a few weeks before I really noticed much of a difference. It’s my understanding that it needs to build up in your system and then maintained to get the beneficial effects.

Review submitted by M. Esper on 8/28/2017


4 Corners Cannabis is a Colorado-based company known for their high-end CBD hemp oil products. They grow and extract the organic hemp used in their products on their own farm in the Four Corners region of Colorado. For more information about their products or to place an order, please visit the 4 Corners Cannabis website. Be sure to use promo code “cbdoilusers” for 10% off your order.

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  1. Hi Teresa, to clarify…that product review was written by a member of the CBD Oil Users Group on Facebook. I just post the reviews on the website. 4 Corners Cannabis does give our group members 10% off with promo code “cbdoilusers.” You may want to join the group to communicate with others with similar conditions.

  2. Hi Brian….Wow you and I suffer from the exact same health problems. My DR gave me the go ahead to use CBD oil. I tried the BB sample pack.It took 2 weeks for me to tell it was helping a little.I know I need something alot stronger.I want to stay away from the vaping .I am a 25 year ex-smoker. What strength of the 4 corners do you think I should try? I may still vape if I need to get more relief. Are there oils you can take sublingually and vape? Does 4 corners give discounts if you are disabled? I really would like to communicate with you more being that we have all the same health problems. I am sure we could both give each other some useful tips. Thanks so much

  3. Brian, I came to this party late and ignorant. I don’t even know how to vape an oil. Is there an explanation somewhere?

    • Sure no problem. Vaping CBD oil is really no different that “normal” vaping. There are numerous ‘how to vape’ articles that you can find online through a Google search. Or better yet, you can visit a local vape shop and have them walk you through it personally. They will also be able to recommend a vape pen or mod that might be best for you. Here’s an article that you may also find useful: http://herb.co/2017/04/04/vape-cbd/. Good luck and if you have other questions, don’t hesitate to post in the Facebook group because I’m sure others have the same questions.

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