4 Corners Cannabis Reviews & Ratings

4 Corners Cannabis reviews by real users. User reviews and ratings of 4 Corners Cannabis CBD oil products.

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4 Corners Cannabis Reviews & Ratings
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  1. Overall product rating

    Love, love, LOVE 4 Corners Cannabis. I’ve been vaping it as a rescue med for my migraines and it works remarkably well. I’ve also found that it helps me sleep at night.

    + PROS: *Relaxing *great pain relief for my migraines
    - CONS: None
  2. 4 Corners Cannabis is Amazing! It has given me my life back! I having been vaping for about 6 weeks now…its relieved the nerve pain in my leg, help me with depression and anxiety.no more back pain, given me energy…helps me sleep…flavor is amazing….taste of hash…..thank you guys amazing product…5 star

  3. Overall product rating

    Finally! 4Corners is the bomb! I noticed it working on the first 3-4 drops. I bought the Full Spectrum 1000mg Blue label. I suffer from spinal stenosis, hip, back & leg pain, along with IBSd and anxiety! It gave me a numbing feeling that I can equate to codeine. I’m so happy I ordered and after 2 other brands, I finally have one that works!

    + PROS: No taste
    - CONS: None yet
  4. Overall product rating

    Thank you to 4 Corners Cannabis for all there help! This product is really wonderful product! Not only that they even have their own Facebook page to help there clients!

    + PROS: Great customer service
    - CONS: None
  5. Overall product rating

    Hello, I’ve been using CBD for quit a while but I’ve never found one that has given me energy as well as pain relief at the same time, I have anxiety issues and was worried that the high uplifting feeling could may cause anxiety but I have had zero issues. I’ve been using the sublingual 5 weeks and have been more productive then I have been since being diagonused with multiple medical issues. The flavor is fantastic for me I taste the Citrius with a hint of pepper and it’s the fist thing I grab as soon as I wake up. Thank you guys for giving me many way less pain days and a more productive life without Fibro fog. Forever greatful. Suzi

    + PROS: I'm lucky I can get away with way less then the suggested dose.
    - CONS: That everyone is not trying it.

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